My Dog Ate Curry What Should I Do?

I was cooking Indian food for some guests, and my dog ate curry what should I do now? This is a common scenario, and be warned that it can be very dangerous for your dog.

Dogs are inquisitive creatures because they can eat anything. If your dog has eaten curry, then as new dog owners, you don’t know how to react and work. All of us old and new dog owners, at some point, succumb to the innocent faces of our dogs and let them have our food. 

If, by any chance, your pet dog has eaten some of your leftover Indian curries, then you might start thinking about what you should do. Curry can harm dogs. 

My Dog Ate Curry What Should I Do

The excess flavors and spices are not suitable for your dog’s health; this is why you will find most of the dog food available in the market to be pretty bland and straightforward. Moreover, curry might have substances like onion and garlic which are toxic for dogs. This article will discuss the steps you should take if your dog has some curry. 

Should You Give Your Pet Dog Curry? 

No, ideally, you should not feed your pet dog with curry. It contains things that are toxic for your dog.

As curry typically has excess spices that can be very toxic for the dog’s internal organs. You should not provide your dog with onions and garlic. 

According to the Pet Poison Helpline, there are some compounds in both garlic and onions that can damage the red blood cells in the body of the dogs and make them fall sick. This compound is thiosulphate, and if you add onions and garlic to your curry, you should not feed it to your dog. 

My Dog Ate Curry What Should I Do

What Does Curry Do To A Dog? 

Curry can harm the stomach and intestines of the dog. There is a high chance of your pet dog suffering from an upset stomach. A curry is full of ingredients that are not suitable for a dog. Some of these ingredients are:

  • Chilies(causes stomach irritation to dogs) 
  • Onion(is toxic to the dogs) 
  • Garlic (is toxic to the dogs) 
  • Salt (harmful for the dog’s kidneys) 
  • Fats (causes stomach irritation in dogs) 
  • Nuts (causes stomach irritation in dogs) 

After seeing these ingredients and learning about their effect on your dog, you’ll probably never feed your dog curry again. 

What Are The Adverse Effects Of Eating Curry For Your Dog? 

Eating curry can make your dog very sick. The ingredients that you add to a curry do not agree with the digestive systems of your dog. 

You should not feed your spicy dog food as it can hurt their intestines and cause stomach infections. Some of the common problems that can be caused by eating curry are:-

Nausea and vomiting

A dog’s stomach is not suited for consuming spices. You will find your pet dog vomiting if they eat something with too many spices as their digestive system will not simply agree with what they are eating. You should not play with their health and feed them food that you know will make them sick. 

My Dog Ate Curry What Should I Do

Dogs lack the intelligence to know and figure out what’s good for them. If you serve them a spicy dish, they will eat it. Dog’s also don’t have that restraining capability like humans, so they will not be able to control their vomit. 


Curry can contain spices such as turmeric, coriander, chilies, cumin, etc. The chilies in the curry have a compound called capsaicin. This compound is responsible for making the curry taste hot and spicy. Excess consumption of this compound can lead to digestive irritation in pets and humans. 

Diarrhea can also lead to weakness. Moreover, it will also create a sanitation problem for you. You’ll have to run after your dog, trying to clean them. 


This is a more severe condition that can affect your dog if you feed them curry regularly. Anemia can be a lasting health condition for your dog. Anemia in dogs can be due to the consumption of bulb plants such as onions and garlic. These plants belong to the allium family. Your dog’s number of red blood cells will start reducing once they suffer from anemia. 


Your dog will also lose out on many electrolytes and fluids if they suffer from diarrhea and vomiting because of curry consumption. Dehydration can also be fatal in some cases. When a dog suffers from severe dehydration, its body parts will not be able to function correctly. 

My Dog Ate Curry What Should I Do

Dogs can also choke on curry

Dogs have a tiny food pipe, due to which they can block while even eating smaller food items. There might be small vegetables, bones, and other stuff in the curry that your dog can swallow directly. Curries are usually full of nuts. These nuts can be present in a raw form or a ground form. If these nuts are present in a basic form, your pet dog can choke on them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does curry powder make dogs sick?

Curry powder is a mix of spices. It contains things that are harmful to your dog.

If you feed your dog curry regularly, then eating curry will have a long-lasting effect on your dog, and it is very likely to make them sick. Generally, all curries have onions and garlic in them. Both of these bulb plants are toxic to dogs. 

Even if your curry does not have onion and garlic, then it still might have other ingredients that are not good for pet dogs, such as chilies, spices, salt, and so on. You are indirectly poisoning your dog by feeding them curry.

Do Indian dogs eat curry?

Yes, they might. But it is not good for them.

Yes, Indian dogs eat curry but eating curry is not good for them. Even though the appetite of Indian dogs is different from other dog breeds, a curry still has spices, onion, garlic, and other items. 

You should not feed your dogs curry as they can develop serious health issues. Indian dogs are conditioned to Indian food as it is something that they have grown up eating. With time the body of Indian dogs has formed some sort of resistance to the negative effects of curry.

How much onion is toxic to dogs?

Even a 100 grams of onion for a 20kg dog can be toxic.

Onions are toxic to dogs, with just one hundred grams of onion (a medium-sized onion). If you serve this much onion per 20 kilograms of your dog’s weight, it can suffer from toxicity. 

For instance, if a 45-pound dog eats a medium or large-size onion, then it will experience toxicity at dangerous levels. Vegetables like onion and garlic are both toxic to dogs. Plants and fruits belonging to the bulb family are all toxic for dogs.

Can dogs eat Indian food?

While they can, it is not good for them, especially curry.

Yes, dogs can eat Indian food. But the correct question is whether dogs should eat Indian food and the answer to that question is no, they should not. We eat food that contains high quantities of salts and spices, but the digestive system of dogs is not designed in such a way. 

If your pet dog consumes salt in excess quantities, then he or she can suffer from salt poisoning. Salt poisoning also leads to water deprivation in dogs. Some common symptoms of salt poisoning or water deprivation in dogs are vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, etc.

A Few Final Words

In short, you must remember that eating curry for dogs is dangerous for them. Eating curry can upset their stomach as a minor implication and lead to some serious health conditions for your dogs. 

Even if the curry you are serving your dog has less harmful ingredients, you should still not feed your pet dog curry.  Thank you for reading. You might also be interested in learning things that are poisonous to dogs such as raisins and pecans.