A Look At The Most Durable Kevlar Chew Toys on the Market

Dogs are always great company, and we are constantly looking for new ways to keep man’s best friend happy. While taking care of their health is as easy as feeding them right and taking them to the vet’s office when the need arises, how do we make sure that they’re actually happy?


These lovable and loving animals simply love to chew on toys, however, most products rapidly deteriorate, especially when chewed on by larger breeds. Below, we’ll show you how to choose one of the new, highly Durable Kevlar Chew Toys that have recently started growing in popularity among dog owners worldwide.


Product Summary


[them_sp tieu_de=”Chuckit! Ultra Ball A durable toy for dogs of all sizes” ma_anh=”61A5lkj1eXL” sao=”4.5″ mo_ta=”A durable rubber chewing toy with a solid rubber core and great buoyancy. While it is great for both indoors and outdoors, special attention must be paid to the small plug that covers one side of the ball.

The Ultra Ball is just as durable as the other products on this list, however, it is easier to use and a better way to get some exercise by playing with your dog.” ma_sp=”B000F4AVPA”]

[them_sp tieu_de=”Goughnuts Chew Toy” ma_anh=”41SbJkRTxEL” sao=”4.5″ mo_ta=”The virtually indestructible chew toy is shaped like a donut, making it easy to bite into an extremely easy on the gums and teeth of little puppies regardless of breed.

Goughnuts’ shape makes it easy to transform into a variety of other play toys. We loved the idea of tying a length of soft rope to it and dragging it across the yard or throwing it and then pulling in a friendly game of tug of war with our dogs.” ma_sp=”B00K5Y497G”]

[them_sp tieu_de=”Westpaw Zogoflex Hurley Chew Toy” ma_anh=”71d3jCAD3AL” sao=”4″ mo_ta=”The virtually indestructible chew toy is shaped like a donut, making it easy to bite into an extremely easy on the gums and teeth of little puppies regardless of breed.

Goughnuts’ shape makes it easy to transform into a variety of other play toys. We loved the idea of tying a length of soft rope to it and dragging it across the yard or throwing it and then pulling in a friendly game of tug of war with our dogs.” ma_sp=”B004A7X21I”]

[them_sp tieu_de=”Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball” ma_anh=”81nmJo4dDEL” sao=”4″ mo_ta=”An innovative toy that can be used for a variety of games. The Romp-n-Roll ball can be used in a simple game of fetch with a puppy, or in a game of tug-of-war once the dog grows and is strong enough.

Neither the rope, nor the ball itself can damage the dog’s gums or teeth, and both elements are easy to clean.” ma_sp=”B0002DK9OW”]

[them_sp tieu_de=”Kong Extreme Dog Dental Toy” ma_anh=”41QyQsZdNQL” sao=”4″ mo_ta=”The irregular shape of this toy ensures that a large number of dogs can use it without any issues. It is ultra-durable and can bounce quite hard when thrown around.

While it is not designed for smaller breeds, it is suited for dogs of any age, as long as they reach over 60 pounds when they are fully grown.” ma_sp=”B00SVEMNU2″]


Reviews of The Best kevlar dog toys

Chuckit! Ultra Ball – A durable toy for dogs of all sizes

The Chuckit! Ball is a very popular toy among dog owners, regardless of breed or age. These simple chew toys are both durable as well as extremely fun to use. They are great for a game of fetch, and their buoyancy makes them practical for days spent at the beach.

Furthermore, the natural rubber surface is easy to clean and does not cause harm to the dog’s teeth and gums.

One great feature of the product is the fact that while the Chuckit! Ultra Ball is not actually made of Kevlar, it is one of the most durable toys currently on the market. Its surface is extremely difficult to scratch or puncture, regardless of the breed of the dog or its age.

The toy does not contain any felt pieces that can be bitten off and the ball has a solid rubber core allowing it to maintain its shape even if it is punctured.

The toy comes in several sizes, from Small to XXLarge, ensuring that all types of dogs will be able to safely play with it.

[product img=”712qOkFQCZL” title=”ChuckIt! Ultra Ball, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack” code=”B000F4AVPA” uk_code=”B000F4AVPA”]

Things we liked

  • Highly durable yet soft – The surface of the toy is soft enough to prevent damaging the teeth and gums of dogs, however, it is extremely difficult to scratch and puncture, even when chewed on by larger breeds;
  • Buoyant – It is hard to lose it in water due to its high buoyancy;
  • Solid rubber core – The solid core makes it extra bouncy and also allows it to keep its shape even when punctured;

Things we didn’t like

  • Rubber plug – The toy contains a rubber plug that can be removed by the dog and may pose a health risk if swallowed;
  • Fading color – The color of the balls will gradually fade away if they are left in the sun for a couple of weeks;

Goughnuts Chew Toy – A chew toy that is guaranteed to be indestructible

This one is a bit more unorthodox in terms of shape. The donut form does make it difficult to use as a Frisbee, however, it does ensure that it cannot be swallowed.

We loved the fact that its shape, buoyancy, and size make it easy to spot when thrown into the water. Dogs can easily grab it even in slightly deeper water without the risk of choking.

The Goughnuts has been developed primarily with safety in mind, and as a result, it is soft enough for both young puppies, as well as older dogs. Another great feature is the fact that it is made from a very durable rubber that cannot be sliced or punctured by dogs’ teeth.

[product img=”31IzZMALplL” title=”Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX” code=”B00K5Y497G” uk_code=”B004SYI74A”]

Things we liked

  • Lifetime guarantee – The manufacturer guarantees the fact that the toy is indestructible;
  • No removable parts – The toy does not contain any removable parts or elements that could be ripped from it and represent a choking hazard;
  • Buoyant and easy to spot – It is easy to see the chew toy as it floats on water;

Things we didn’t like

  • Does not travel well through the air – While it is easy enough to throw, its thickness does not allow it to go very far;

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Chew Toy – A soft yet durable chew toy that is shaped like a bone

Those who want a more realistically-shaped chew toy for their puppies and dogs will find that the West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Chew Toy is a good fit for any breed. The toy is made from an FDA-compliant material that is dishwasher safe and extremely durable.

The product floats with ease, it bounces, and its shape makes it great to buy for a puppy as it will be able to use it at any age. It is important to keep in mind that the manufacturer offers a 100% guarantee on the bone, so if it ever deteriorates as a result of being chewed on, it will be replaced free of charge.

[product img=”71d3jCAD3AL” title=”West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Durable Dog Bone Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers” code=”B004A7X21I” uk_code=”B07VL6C1LM”]

Things we liked

  • Versatile shape – The toy is great for a puppy as it can chew the inner, thinner portion, and once it grows up it can focus on the thicker outer parts;
  • Lifetime guarantee – The toy is extremely durable, however, in the off-chance that it deteriorates, the manufacturers will replace it;
  • FDA-Approved – The material that the toy is made from is, essentially, food grade, so there is no risk of harming the dog;

Things we didn’t like

  • Slow customer support – It does take a while for the customer support teams to respond when a toy does need to be replaced;

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball – A chew toy that can be used in a variety of games

The Romp-n-roll Ball has a more unique design when compared to other chew toys. The product is a bouncy rubber ball that has a soft yet durable rope and can be used to play fetch or tug-of-war.

The ball will not deflate if punctured as it has a solid interior, and will float if thrown into the water. While any dog can bite on the rope section and drag the toy around, it is designed for larger breeds of dog that reach over 60 pounds.

Age is not an issue with this toy. Dogs of up to 6 months can safely play with it and drag it around without damaging their gums, however, it may be more difficult for them to chew on the ball section.

[product img=”517ukSp3VAL” title=”Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope and Ball Dog Toy” code=”B0002DK9OW” uk_code=”B0079JUNKM”]

Things we liked

  • Durable toy – Both the ball, as well as the rope, can handle months of use without giving in. The ball can be left in the yard for days and will not lose its color or become brittle over time;
  • Great workout – The design of the toy ensures that both you, as well as the dog, will get a good workout;
  • Designed for powerful bites – The toy was designed for larger breeds and can withstand a lot of abuse when it comes to chewing, throwing, and dragging it;

Things we didn’t like

  • Impractical for puppies – The ball is too big and heavy for small puppies to drag it around. Most dogs usually have enough strength to play with it when they reach 5-6 months;

Kong Extreme Dog Dental Toy – An ultra-strong chew toy designed to strengthen the teeth of dogs

This toy from Kong is unlike anything currently available on the market. The manufacturer designed it to be used by dogs of multiple ages, regardless of breed and can last for a very long time.

As the name implies, dogs can strengthen their tenth and biting power by playing with this chew toy. Furthermore, its irregular shape enables it to bounce unpredictably when thrown around, making playing with a dog much more fun.

The Kong Extreme Dental Toy is extremely popular among law enforcement dog handlers and dog trainers, and the “Made in the USA” stamp is also a guarantee in terms of quality.

[product img=”61oDv8-AUtL” title=”KONG Extreme Dog Pet Toy Dental Chew (2 Pack)” code=”B00SVEMNU2″ uk_code=”B01N35162V”]

What we liked

  • Segmented design – The three segments of the toy have different sizes, making it great for anyone who has a puppy or who has several dogs of different breeds;
  • Highly durable – The toy was designed to be used by dogs that are trained for police service or for self-defense. As a result, it is almost impossible to destroy;

What we didn’t like

  • Not for small breeds – The toy may prove to be too big even for mature dogs that belong to smaller breeds;

Commonly Asked Questions

Are dog toys made of Kevlar safe?

Are dog toys made of Kevlar safe

Yes, the toys are simply made from a textile material that is extremely resistant to tears and punctures. The material does not dissolve in saliva or break down while the dog chews on it, so toys made out of it are no more dangerous than regular ones.

What is the most durable dog toy available?

Generally speaking, any type of Kevlar dog toy is extremely durable. The material has been designed to withstand serious abuse on the front lines of military conflicts, and the powerful bite of most dogs is unable to destroy it.

Why do dogs rip up the toys that they play with?

Dogs are basically predatory animals. They enjoy hunting and they learn to do so through play. The way in which they play with chew toys is basically a form of training in order to hone their hunting skills.

Are Kevlar dog toys save for puppies?

Yes, however, the same rule applies as in the case of normal toys. Try to choose softer toys that will not cause harm to the puppy’s gums and teeth. Usually, squeaky or rubberized toys are the best choices.


If you have a powerful chewer that is constantly looking to play, then the toys above are definitely worth your attention. We believe that the Romp-n-Roll Ball is a better choice when compared to the other Kevlar Dog Toys on this list due to its flexibility in terms of play styles.

The toy from Jolly Pets can be used to play fetch, which improves coordination and speed as well as tug-of-war, which is great for strengthening the dog’s muscles and teeth. Furthermore, the toy is also entertaining for the dog to use without the owner’s input.