How To Keep A Dog From Scratching A Neck Wound?

If your dog has wounds on his neck region, he is going to be tempted to scratch at them. Let’s find out how to keep a dog from scratching a neck wound and why scratching wounds is a bad thing.

My dog was playing happily in my backyard one day. Suddenly, he yelped and started scratching his neck. I discovered that a nail on the fence had ripped his neck region. 

I took him immediately to the veterinary doctor. The doctor gave all the necessary shots and advised me to keep his wound clean and not let him scratch on his wound.

Dogs love to scratch, particularly if they have a wound. They don’t understand that it just makes the wound worse. So, dog owners have to adopt some innovative methods to stop scratching in neck wounds. 

How To Keep A Dog From Scratching A Neck Wound

For instance, you can use bandages, E-collars, or cover the affected area with a T-shirt to prevent your dog from scratching the neck wounds.

Moreover, you can distract your dog by giving him toys or playing games with him. You can take your dog outside for a long time. It will tire him up and lessen the urge to scratch the neck wound.

I will discuss several ways by which you can keep a dog from scratching his neck wound. So, keep reading the article for more information.

How Do Dogs Get Wounds On Their Neck?

Neck wounds are usually one of the most common places to have wounds on dogs. I am listing some of the reasons for which dogs have wounds on their neck.

#1. Dog Fights

Sometimes dogs have fights with other dogs, and one dog bites the other, especially in the neck region, which results in open wounds. 

You need to apply an antibacterial cream on the wound to soothe the pain and heal the wound within less time. Sometimes the veterinary doctor prescribes antibiotics to heal the open wound on the neck.


Dogs are curious to enter their head-on spaces in between the fences. If the fences are not appropriately tied, they have tears on their neck region. The veterinary doctor puts stitches if the tear on the neck region of your dog is big.

#3.Moist Dermatitis

Moist dermatitis is a skin condition that causes painful lesions on the neck region of your dog.

How To Keep A Dog From Scratching A Neck Wound

Why Scratching A Wound In Neck Is Bad For My Dog?

Dogs’ nails contain a lot of germs and bacteria. When a dog scratches a wound in the neck region, the germ in the nail is transferred to the wound. 

Consequently, it results in infection and slows down the healing process. The nails may hook in the stitches of the neck and tear it.

Why Does My Dog Scratch His Neck Wound?

#1. Shaving Hair

The veterinary doctor usually shaves the wounded site for treatment. So when the new hair grows, it irritates and leads to itching.

#2. Scratching Release Serotonin

Whenever your dog scratches his neck wound, then serotonin hormones release from his body, which helps control the pain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is found in both human beings and dogs.

#3. Environmental Factors

Your furry friend may scratch his open wound because of environmental factors. Your dog may go outside with his open wounds in the neck region. 

Although the air can help heal the wound faster, it also promotes itching. Your dog will start scratching the affected area and make the wound worse.

How To Keep A Dog From Scratching A Neck Wound

How Can I Stop My Dog From Scratching His Neck Wound?

Scratching a neck wound can slow down the healing process. So you should find a way to stop your dog from scratching his neck wound.

I am discussing a few possible ways to help you adapt whenever your dog has a wound in the neck region, and you need to stop him from scratching.

#1. Apply Antibiotic Cream And Put A bandage Over It

Fortunately, there are so many antibiotic creams available on the market for dogs. You can apply such antibiotic ointments on the wound in the neck region and put a bandage over it. It will reduce the air circulation around the wound. So, your dog will have less urge to scratch the wound. Again, the antibiotic cream will also help the wound to heal at a fast rate.

#2. You Can Put A T-Shirt Or Recovery Suit

You can dress the wound with a cotton gauge and then make your dog wear a T-shirt or a recovery suite to cover the affected area. It will create a barrier between his nails and wound and help the wound to heal faster. 

Your furry friend will look adorable, but the problem arises when your dog knows the trick of how to get out of the T-shirt. But the same problem does not happen with recovery suits. These suits are snug-fitting jackets and consist of polyester fabric.

How To Keep A Dog From Scratching A Neck Wound

#3. Put Elizabethan Collar

If your dog has a wound on the upper neck region, then it’s best to use an Elizabethan collar to prevent your dog from scratching. The Elizabethan collar looks so funny on your dog. It looks like a cone whose small end goes around his neck and the large end grows towards his face.

#4. You Can Put Boots

You can purchase boots for your dog and make him wear them when he has a wound in the neck region. It will prevent him from scratching his wound.

#5. You Can Give Chew Toys

You need to distract your dog from avoiding scratching his neck wound. So give him favorite chew toys to forget some time about wound and itching and concentrate on toys.

#6. Apply Cold Compress To Wound

You can apply a cold compress to the wound. It will lessen the itching and burning in the neck wounds, which usually triggers your dog to scratch or lick his wound.

How To Keep A Dog From Scratching A Neck Wound

A Few Final Words

Whenever your dog scratches his neck wounds, there can be bleeding and irritation. If you leave it untreated, it can end up an infection, harming your furry friend’s health. So, it’s best to take a few measures that will help your dog heal the wound.

Thank you for reading, we hope we covered all your queries about neck wounds and how to stop your dog from scratching them. If you have lingering doubts, you can always drop us a comment and we will revert back.

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