Is Puppy Finder Legit? Or Is It A Scam?

Is Puppy finder legit place to get your new puppy? Yes, Puppy Finder is completely legal. You can sell, buy or adopt puppies from Puppy Finder. Browse through verified advertisements to find your puppy.

Many dog lovers wish to have a puppy of their own. Now you can buy a puppy or adopt one. But it is important to do so from a reliable site. So, is Puppy Finder legit? The listings on the site are usually authentic. Continue reading to know more. 

Can you rely on Puppy Finder?

Puppy Finder works with verified individuals and dog rescue organizations. They provide authentic breeder profiles to avoid puppy mills. Legit contact information of sellers and organizations is available. 

This helps buyers and adopters steer clear of scammers. The breeders who advertise on Puppy Finder are reliable and provide healthy puppies.  

Is Puppy Finder Legit

Puppy Finder is completely transparent when it comes to providing details. You can get information like puppy breeds, shipping, and payment methods. Information transparency is why you can rely on the site to find your puppy or conduct a successful sale. 

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What Features Does Puppy Finder have?

There are a few features that set Puppy Finder apart. They make Puppy Finder better than most other sites for the online sale of puppies. I will discuss these features below. They will not only make it easy for you to find a puppy to buy or adopt but are also convenient for legitimate sellers. Read on to know more about how Puppy Finder lists puppies available for sale or adoption. 

List a Puppy

The “List a Puppy” feature allows you to list puppies for sale or adoption. You can customize this listing. You can select whether it is a single puppy or a litter. There is also space to upload pictures so that buyers or adopters can check. There is a fixed period for which you can list the puppies on Puppy Finder. 

Is Puppy Finder Legit

When you list a puppy on Puppy Finder, you will need to provide details about the puppy’s age and appearance. There is also a part where you can select the shipping and the mode of payment. Most sellers accept cash and offer nationwide shipping. 

Find a Puppy

The “Find a Puppy” section in Puppy Finder shows all listed puppies. If you are a buyer, you can adjust the filters and find puppies for a particular price. The listings shown are verified. They will be around your area so that you can easily pick up the puppy or the litter. 

Sellers provide the necessary information on each puppy. This includes their age, gender, color, and markings. The site also mentions the maturity of puppies and whether they show potential. It provides shipping details as well. Most sellers ship across the country. 

The “Find a Puppy” feature has a short overview of each type of puppy. This helps buyers understand if the puppy is ideal for their households. 

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Adopt and Rescue

This is one of the best features of Puppy Finder. “Adopt and Rescue” lists puppies available for adoption through dog rescue organizations. Individuals can also list their puppies here. Each listing on the “Adopt and Rescue” is detailed and has pictures. This improves transparency. 

Is Puppy Finder Legit

Adopters can browse through a vast selection of puppies available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a puppy through Puppy Finder, you can look at these listings. The site will describe the nature of each puppy, along with age, gender, and breed. 

Most puppies available for adoption need to be collected by the adopters. All owners are verified, and you can contact them if you are in the locality and wish to adopt. 


Puppy Finder has extensive resources. There is a separate breed selector that helps you narrow down your choices. You can also make use of the comprehensive dog-related website directory. This directory allows you to search for puppies according to location. You can type in from where you want the puppy. Puppy Finder will provide you with a list of all puppies available in the locality. 

Is Puppy Finder Legit

The Resources section includes a compilation of puppy names. You can choose a unique or generic name for your new puppy from Puppy Finder. There are more than a thousand options available. You can select a name that suits your puppy the best! 


You can advertise on Puppy Finder for seven days, free of cost. Charges are applicable when you advertise for 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. All advertisements are verified to make sure that no one scams buyers. Puppy Finder allows advertisements for both single puppies and litters. This reduces the possibility of puppy mills advertising their services. 

How to avoid puppy mills and scams?

In recent years, online sales of pets have increased. But this has also helped people run pet scams. Several puppy mills ill-treat puppies. These facilities often advertise puppies posing as responsible breeders. The following tips will help you avoid them. 

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Is Puppy Finder Legit
  • Puppy mills usually sell puppies before they are six weeks old. Check the age of the puppy before buying. 
  • Sellers for puppy mills often refuse in-person meetings. Insist on seeing the puppies before having them shipped from another state. 
  • Scammers ask for instant payment. They are not interested in seeing where puppies are going. Reliable breeders will want to rehome the puppy first. They will only ask for payment after checking out the puppy’s new living conditions. 
  • Avoid breeders who claim to have puppies available at any time of the year. Only puppy mills can do this as they don’t follow any proper schedule. 
  • Scammers give significant discounts. There is no obvious reason for discounts, especially if the puppies are healthy. Pet scams usually claim to provide such discounts and then ask for wire transfers. Avoid such advertisements. 
  • Don’t buy puppies from facilities that sell only purebreds or “designer” breeds. This is a telltale sign of a puppy mill. 
  • Email is a convenient method of communication. But ask for phone calls and video calls before confirming. Scammers often hide their identities with an email address. They may even send fake pictures.
  • Ask the seller to create a puppy contract. Puppy contracts determine the welfare of the puppy and the payment. So if a seller refuses, then they are probably running a scam.