Is 14 Weeks Too Old To Get A Puppy?

Is 14 weeks too old to get a puppy? Are there people around you telling you not to? Read on to know more.

Raising puppies requires utmost attention and effort. No one said it is an easy job! Thus, now that you have decided to get a new puppy, there are many things to consider. 

The first question that comes into mind is, what is the right age to bring a puppy home? Should you get a puppy or an adult dog? 

As per experts, it is easier to house train puppies rather than dogs. The reason is that lower age makes them easily adjustable and good learners.

Is 14 Weeks Too Old To Get A Puppy

But How Early Is Early? Is 14 Weeks Too Old To Get a Puppy?

Well, 14 weeks is comparatively more than the suggested age to bring a puppy home, which is closer to 7-8 weeks. However, it can also make your life easier if the breeder has taken care of specific points, such as socializing and vaccination. 

Let us understand the pros and cons of getting a puppy at 14 weeks.

What To Expect at 14 Weeks?

Well, you have brought a new puppy at home and that too at 14 weeks. Some people say it is the right age while others disagree. This may bring in some confusion for you and the puppy as well.

The first thing to do is to spend time bonding with your four-legged friend and not waste it on being confused. With a bit of information and patience, you will be well prepared to welcome the new pet in your life with ease. Here are a few points on what you should expect with a puppy who is 14 weeks old.

Is 14 Weeks Too Old To Get A Puppy

Mental and Physical Development

The puppy is growing, and that too very quickly. The immune system is getting stronger, the vaccinations are almost complete, and it is ready to meet new people! 

However, it would help if you remembered that it is still a young puppy with no self-control and the least of manners. Thus, you need to always keep it on a leash and be cautious when taking it out. 

You can take your puppy to puppy parties or puppy kindergartens to help them develop socializing skills. These outings are essential for the puppy to get accustomed to the outer world and develop into a good canine.

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Nutrition and Healthy Development

The puppies at the age of 14 weeks have already got their first round of vaccines. These vaccines would protect it against different dangerous diseases, such as canine parvovirus, canine distemper virus, etc. 

The veterinarian doctor will be giving booster shots of these vaccines in the coming month. However, if you are not aware of the puppy’s medical history, it is advisable to get a complete examination to rule out any medical issues.

Is 14 Weeks Too Old To Get A Puppy

Teething and Chewing

The puppy also starts teething and chewing at this point. While you need to be extra cautious about protecting your furniture and other belongings, this is not the time to get bogged down in negativity. Instead, direct your energy towards something positive. 

Buy some safe chewable toys and have patience. There may be some damage, and some of your stuff might get ruined. Try not to get angry or scream when you see your puppy chewing on your precious sofa. Such negative reactions might scare the young pup and cause severe psychological problems, including anxiety and depression.

Behavioral changes

Till now, the puppy had its primary teachers in the form of its littermates and their mother. And it has already learned the essential lessons of life. 

For example, it had already learned some crucial social skills when it started playing with its littermates. Now, its social circle is increasing, and you will be an essential part of it. 

The next few months are going to be crucial for the schooling part. You need to demonstrate your loving yet controlling side, and you need to take a teaching role effectively.

Is 14 Weeks Too Old To Get A Puppy

Benefits Of Bringing Puppy’s Home Later Than Usual

Lessons from Littermates

Puppies learn many important animal lessons from their parents and littermates during their early years. These lessons include how to communicate effectively, impulse controls, etc. 

However, studies reveal that puppies removed at an early stage from their litters can display behavioral problems

When they grow up, they can show temperamental issues, such as being anxious, being hyper in slightly difficult situations, fearfulness, or aggressive behavior. Thus, it is advisable not to remove the puppy from their parent’s side until they reach at least two weeks. The more they are still with littermates, the more docile they are likely to be.

This point works in favor of getting a puppy at 14 weeks as at this age, and it means the pup is likely to be less aggressive at that stage. 

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Till the puppy reaches the age of 14 weeks, its first round of essential vaccinations is over. This implies that your puppy is safe from different diseases. 

Also, you need not worry about the puppy catching different infections in the void of protection from vaccines. However, do make sure that you get the complete vaccination file from the breeder.

Is 14 Weeks Too Old To Get A Puppy

Weaning Period Gets Over

Also, till the puppy reaches the age of 14 weeks, its weaning period gets over. This implies that the puppy has moved to eat solid foods and is not dependent on its mother’s feed. This would mean that you will not have to worry about losing your sleepover what to make your puppy eat.

Negatives Of Bringing Home An Older Puppy

Socialization Period

The socialization period is a significant point to consider when you should get your puppy home. As per experts, this socialization period lasts from the age of 6 till 12 weeks of age. Well, this is the period when the puppy is learning to adjust to the norms of the world around it.

Also, this is when they discover the behaviors and attitudes they will keep as adults. Thus, the older a puppy is, it may get difficult to take it through the socialization period with ease. A puppy at 14 weeks has already passed the age of learning socialization skills. This can pose a challenge for you.

Is 14 Weeks Too Old To Get A Puppy


As the age of the puppy grows, it develops habits of its own. Thus, making the puppy learn new commands may become difficult, and the training period may extend a little.

Tips To Train Your 14 weeks Old Puppy

Now that you have brought your 14-week old puppy home, it is time to train it. Well, here are some practical tips for preparing your puppy with little or no hassles:

  • Avoid all kinds of physical corrections when it comes to giving lessons in manners to your puppy.
  • Try to avoid its attention-getting wrong behavioral actions. Well, this would teach it that these actions would not get the things it wants if they are not legitimate.
  • Teach it that activities such as nipping can harm others. Thus, it is not allowed to nip hard or chew other people. 
  • Use simple commands to start the training, such as sit, stand, heel, come, etc. 
  • The circle of practice, patience, and repetition works well when you are training your puppy.
  • You can also make use of socialization activities to expose them to other people or dogs around. 
  • Avoid giving long commands as the puppy’s attention span is low.
  • Avoid all kinds of free-feeding periods. Always set a particular time for feeding your puppy. Now, this would make your puppy learn that there is a set time to get food, and it cannot expect food at any time of the day or night.
  • Always supervise the home exploration time of your new puppy. Also, this would make it comfortable and lend it a helping hand in adjusting better to the surroundings.
  • Make use of rewards, but not too many to train the puppy effectively. Well, this would help the puppy to trust you entirely. However, it is not advisable to indulge in too many rewards to hamper your training process.
  • Putting restrictions when you are training is always a good idea. As the puppy starts training, you can relax the rules a little bit.
Is 14 Weeks Too Old To Get A Puppy


Is 14 weeks a good age to get a puppy?

As per experts, the best period to bring home a puppy is between 8 and 10 weeks. Well, this is the average period when the puppy has learned socialization, can be removed from its mother’s side, has overcome the weaning period, and it becomes easier to train the puppies at this age.

Is it OK to get a puppy at 15 weeks?

No, it is not a good idea to get a puppy at 15 weeks. Many experts state that the socialization period ends at 12 weeks for puppies. Also, this can dramatically affect their behaviors, and it may become difficult to train a puppy with ease at this later age. You may have to employ many different training tactics to help the puppy adjust to your home environment.

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Are 14 weeks too old to socialize a puppy?

You can socialize a dog at any age, but this socialization must start between the period of 8 and 10 weeks. Beyond this age, you may socialize a puppy, but you may have to face some challenges.

Can I take my puppy out at 14 weeks?

Yes, you can take your puppy out at 14 weeks as it will complete its first round of vaccinations by this age. 

Is 14 Weeks Too Old To Get A Puppy

Final Words

Yes, you can bring a puppy home at 14 weeks of age. However, it would help if you got ready for the challenges of the later period. Also, you need to consult a professional who can help you with advice to train your puppy well.