I Don’t Want a Dog My Wife Does

There might be legitimate reasons why you don’t want a dog. But what if your spouse does not agree? What should I do if I dont want a dog my wife does? How can I convince her otherwise?

Let us answer these questions in more detail.

Your wife wishes to adopt a dog, but you do not want it? Are you falling short of excuses to avoid the situation? Is there any way of talking her out of it, or is giving in to her idea of being a pet parent is a better idea? 

Understand the reasons to consider being a pet parent and check if you are convinced to take on the new responsibility. Read on as we discuss the different nuances of adopting or not adopting a dog. 

I Dont Want a Dog My Wife Does

We will also discuss why a person is not willing to adopt a dog and what are the different human emotions associated with having pets around.

Why Do You Not Like a Dog as a Pet?

If your partner is insistent on getting a dog and you are against it, you need to consider why you do not like a dog as a pet. 

Different people feel different emotions with pets, such as dogs. Determine what your feelings are to express them in the right way to your partner. There could be many reasons why a person does not want dogs. Some of the common ones are:

  • You are scared of dogs.
  • You consider having a pet to be an additional responsibility and are not willing to take it.
  • There are quite a few lifestyle changes that you might have to consider. You are not willing to do them.
  • Adopting a dog and being a pet parent might be an expensive affair, and you are not ready for such a financial commitment.
  • You like your house spic and span, and you think the paw prints and dog hair around will spoil the aesthetics of your house.
  • You are not a big animal lover.

There could be other reasons varying from case to case. Let us look at some of these in more detail.

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You are scared of dogs

Do you have some traumatic memories associated with dogs in your childhood or otherwise? Many people who are scared about the idea of dogs have often explained that they have been in not-so-pleasing situations concerning dogs at some point in their lives. 

To overcome such trauma might take you a lifetime, and thus, you are avoiding your partner from adopting a dog.

I Dont Want a Dog My Wife Does

You like them from afar but are not ready to pet it

Have you often felt that your neighbor’s retriever is adorable but never wished to adopt it? Some people like to watch other’s pets in play but are not willing to adopt one. Such people are, in general, animal lovers but do not like to handle animals themselves. You can try visiting a rescue home, interacting with dogs if you wish, and seeing how it feels. 

You hate animals and hence do not wish to pet a dog

If you have a general apathy towards animals, we would like to say that you reconsider things and find out the actual cause. Feeling hatred towards a harmless animal without any specific reason is not a normal thing. 

You are not ready for the additional responsibility

Being a pet parent is not restricted to cuddling with your dog or playing with them. You need to feed them, walk them and bathe them as well. It could be a possible reason you are trying to talk your partner out of adopting a dog. 

Pet parents need to take on a lot of responsibilities, quite similar to having a human baby. So, if one of the two partners is uncertain about getting the pet, it must be discussed well in advance. Only when both the partners are certain about the adoption should they go ahead with the idea

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What Do You Do When You Don’t Like Your Partner’s Dog?

Discussing the issue rationally and calmly while also explaining your reasons is the way out.

Your partner has a dog, and you do not like it? Not behaving properly with the dog might offend your partner. So it is better to inform your partner about the feeling right away. 

You can even decide to discuss the reasons behind how you feel. Your partner will surely understand your concern if you have a valid reason for it. 

I Dont Want a Dog My Wife Does

Post discussing, it is better to avoid getting too close to the pet if you have no intentions of changing your opinion about them. 

If there is a specific reason why you don’t like your partner’s dog, but you are okay with other pets, you must discuss it clearly with your partner. They will try to understand and even might be able to come up with a solution for it.

What Do You Do When You Don’t Want a Dog at All?

If you do not want a dog, but your partner does, it is better to talk it out before making the big decision. As we already discussed, adopting a pet is a huge commitment, almost as difficult as raising a baby. 

So, it is always the best idea to talk to your partner well in advance and not just drop by with a puppy on your way back from work.

Would You Choose Your Pet Over Your Partner?

Your partner and pet both have a place in your life, you should try not to come to a point where you have to make a choice.

There are pet or animal lovers who would choose their pets over their partners. For them, their pets are a part of their being, and they cannot imagine life without them. 

However, in general, your partner and your pet are two different entities holding very different places in your life. So the question of choosing one over the other should not come generally. 

I Dont Want a Dog My Wife Does

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Do You Love Your Dog More Than Your Partner?

Some surveys suggest that 38% of pet owners love their pets more than their spouses

Some of the signs to show that you might be a little more biased towards your pet is when it reasons more treats, more cuddles, and more time than your partner. 

If you prefer to sleep beside your pet and not your partner, your social media account has more photos of your pet than your partner. It is almost certain that you love your dog more than your partner. 

How To Convince Your Partner To Have a Dog in the House?

Now Let us look at the problem from the other point of view: You might not want to bring a dog to the house without your partner’s consent, as it might only ruin your equation. You can take the following approach instead:

  • Take your partner to a rescue home and let them interact with the dogs there. If they enjoy it, they might change their opinion without you asking for it.
  • Talk to your partner and see if they have a bad memory associated with pets or animals.
  • Reason out, and tell them why having a pet in the house is a good idea.
  • Ensure them that they will not have to take any responsibility for the pet.
  • Giving them perks of choosing the breed and the age group to which the dog belongs.
  • Show them the picture of the pet that you liked and explain to them how cuddly such puppies are.
I Dont Want a Dog My Wife Does

Can a Puppy Ruin a Relationship?

Studies suggest that puppies can strengthen a relationship. Adopting a puppy is a big commitment and becomes a joint responsibility of a couple in the long run. 

If you adopt a pup, you will eventually divide the feeding, walking, and bathing responsibilities between yourselves. Hence, we mentioned that if either of the partners is not ready to have the puppy, it is better to wait and talk to them before you bring home your pet.

Do Dogs Feel Love When You Kiss Them?

Yes, adult dogs often understand that you are showing them affection by kissing them.

When you kiss the pup that you just adopted, it might not be able to recognize the emotion. However, an old dog is most likely to understand the emotions and relate kisses to happiness. If you kiss your dog and it tries to lick you back, it is a sign of their reciprocation of your kisses.

Many scientists suggest that one should not kiss their pets as there could be many diseases causing bacteria which might lead to infections in humans. Also, when you cuddle or kiss your dog, and it moves away, you should let go and not force. The dog will come to you when they feel comfortable, wait for it.

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I Dont Want a Dog My Wife Does

A Few Final Words

You must be well aware of the reasons why a person does not wish to have pets. We tried to explain the different nuances of becoming a pet parent and why your partner is continuously trying to talk you out of it. Try to discuss with your partner and ensure that it is fine to have a pet. 

Ensuring that your love for them, and the time you spend with them will not be compromised might also be a good idea to convince them. Talking to your partner before adopting is the best way to get their consent. 

As discussed earlier, if your partner is not ready, ideally, you should not get a pet for the household. Being a pet parent is a serious commitment, and if you are slightly uncertain, wait till your doubts are clear. Be a pet parent with 100 % clarity.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we covered all the relevant aspects of this question. You should also read this article for more context: Can A Dog Have Two Masters?