How To Walk A Dog That Is Stronger Than You?

Do you have a big and strong dog? Are you wondering how to walk a dog that is stronger than you? Then this guide will help you with your task.

Are you worried that your extra furry friend may run away from you during your daily walk and can have accidents? If yes, this article is for you.

One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to take him for a brisk walk. Walking is quite essential for your dog. It not only helps them in maintaining a healthy weight but also keeps them happy.

How To Walk A Dog That Is Stronger Than You

Walking can be challenging when your dog is bigger than you. But with the right gear and proper training, you can feel confident and relaxed while taking your big and strong dog for a walk. You should train your doggo to ignore distractions on the way while walking as well.

If you don’t train him properly, you are putting your pooch, yourself, and others’ lives in danger. A news clip says that between 2004 to 2017, patients above 65 years old admitted to U.S emergency departments with dog walking-related fractures grew from 1671 to 4396.

In this article, I will discuss various training methods and helpful tips you need to follow while walking with a dog that is stronger than you. So, keep on reading the article for more information.

How Can I Walk With My Dog When He Is Stronger Than Me?

#1. Use Appropriate Gear

You can use a leash and collar to control your dog while walking. But what matters here is the brand that you are using, and the type of collar or leash that you are putting on your dog. Knowing the correct one will help you while walking with your dog.

If your big and strong dog doesn’t cause many problems on a walk, you can use a simple leash and collar. But if your dog is distracted by various things during the walk, choose a Slip collar or Pack Leader collar. 

The Pack Leader collar will keep your dog’s nose up, and this way you can be sure that he is not distracted by anything.

How To Walk A Dog That Is Stronger Than You

A secured harness is also quite important while walking. You can choose a harness that has a connection at two points, i.e., on the chest of your dog and another at the base of the shoulder, which will give additional control over your larger and stronger dog. 

There are many other types of harnesses also available in the market. You can try a few on your doggo and find the best one which fits your dog.

#2. Train Your Dog So That He Will Listen To Your Commands On Walk

If you own a large dog, then train him properly so that he will be obedient to you. The first step in preparing your dog for a walk is to teach him some command language at home. 

You should begin training by taking your dog to a safe, secure, and familiar place. It will help in minimizing distractions while you take him for a walk.

#3. You Need To Focus On Your Dog And Anticipate his Behaviour

If your dog chases different things while walking with you, you need to stop him from chasing and draw his attention. 

You can use the command “watch me.” He will start focussing on you rather the world around him. Again you need to maintain distance from such items, which tempt him the most while walking such as stray food or small animals.

#4. Use Positive Reinforcement

When you walk with a stronger dog, you need to use as much positive reinforcement as possible to make him happy and under control. Keep treating him for good behavior so that he understand that he should not get distracted.

How To Walk A Dog That Is Stronger Than You

How Can I Train my Dog To Sit In A Specified Location?

The first command which you need to teach your furry friend is “Sit”. You should use this command as the foundation of your training. 

It will teach your dog not to misbehave while walking, such as running or jumping over strangers and other dogs. When your pup sits down, he cannot show his dominant behavior and becomes more respectful or submissive towards your commands.

Below, I will describe a few steps that may help you teach your dog to sit in a specified location.

#1. Hold Treat On Your Hand

Try to hold some favorite treats in your hand and move them in Infront of the dog’s mouth and nose. Once your dog notices, allow him to sniff and nibble.

#2. Move The Treat Above The Head Of Your Dog

Now move the treat three inches above the your dog’s head. Your dog will naturally look up to get the treats. So this will put his butt down towards the ground. If your dog sits instantly, then praise him by giving treats.

#3. Introduce The Sit Command

You should introduce the word Sit as soon as the your dog’s bottom touches the floor and reward him with many treats. You may also use hand signals while teaching your pet dog to sit.

How To Walk A Dog That Is Stronger Than You

#4. Repeat The Process

You should repeat the process 10 -15 times a day. You can continue to praise your furry friend for each success but take the treats slowly. Your main aim is to teach the command to sit and not give treats.

Try to give training to your dog in a calm and comfortable area where your dog can focus on your command and learn.

How Can I Train My Strong And Large Dog To Stay In A Particular Position?

The command “Stay” will give you a lot of control over your dog. You will want your dog to stay in numerous positions like sitting, lying down, or standing. The command will prevent your dog from chasing other animals, strangers, or a car when you are out for a walk.

But before training this command, you need to first put him in a position with which he is well acquainted. For instance, if your dog sits when you command him to sit, you can start training him to stay in that position.

Anyways I am describing below simple steps which will train your dog to stay in a particular position.

#1. Command Your Pooch To Sit

Your first step should be to command your dog to sit in a specified place. If he sits, then introduce the command Stay to him.

#2. Take Few Steps Back And Then Move Forward

Now take a few steps back from your dog and then move forward. If your dog does not move, praise him by giving as many treats as possible.

#3. Repeat The Above Steps

You need to repeat the above steps but try to move farther each time. You can reward your strong and large dog with treats for each success.

How To Walk A Dog That Is Stronger Than You

#4. Move Out Of Your Dog Sight

Once your doggo remains still and allows you to move several steps, you can try to go out of his sight for a few seconds. You can quickly re-enter after two to three seconds. If your dog remains still in a sitting position, praise him or reward him with treats.

#5. Increase With Time

Now gradually move out of your doggo sight for a few minutes and then reappear again. If your dog continues to sit, you can reward him with treats.

How To Train Your Dog To Heel When Walking With A Leash?

Your dog may start pulling on the leash and walk in front of you to show his dominance. So, you need to teach your furry friend to walk either beside you or behind you. Below, I will describe a few steps that will help you train your dog to heel while walking with a leash.

#1. Take Your Dog To Private Area

Your first step is to attach a leash to your dog and take him to a private area. Allow your dog to concentrate only on rewards and commands and avoid distractions as much as possible. Your backyard or hall in the house is one of the best options to teach a dog.

#2. Tell Your Dog To Heel

Instruct your dog to sit on your left side. Hold some favorite treats of your dog, and then tell him to heel by slowly stepping forward. If your dog starts walking beside you, then reward him with treats.

How To Walk A Dog That Is Stronger Than You

#3. Practice

You need to practice the method for at least 10 minutes session several times a day. If your doggo loses focus or stops walking, call your dog’s name and command him to sit on your left. Then give the heel command and restart again.

Once your doggo practices for a week, keep the treats in your pocket and repeat the procedure. This time take out treats from your pocket if your dog follows the heel command.

Give treats to your dog first at every two steps if he follows the heel command. Then start giving treats for every five steps and then ten steps.

#4. Make Your Dog master In Heel Command

Now bring your dog to challenging environments after one or two weeks of successful training. The best option will be to bring your dog to a distracting location like a park. 

Now tell your dog to heel while walking. If your dog obeys your command, give him treats or praise after 10 -15 steps. You can train your dog off-leash, but you need to take him to a safe and secured area.

Most people prefer to teach heel position on their left side, but the right side is also accepted.

How Can I Teach My Dog To Ignore Distractions?

Distractions are challenging for your dog, especially when he is stronger than you. He may also put his or other’s life in danger. So, it’s better to teach him to ignore distractions.

Below are a few steps that will help you train your dog to ignore distractions.

#1. Take Your Dog To Calm Environment

Your first step should be to take your doggo to a calm environment where there are not many distractions.

#2. Hold Something On Hand

You can hold your dog’s favorite toys or treats to grab attention.

How To Walk A Dog That Is Stronger Than You

#3. Use Verbal Command

You can use a verbal command to ignore the toys or treats. Reward him with better toys or treats than you used for distraction if he does that.

#4. Increase The Level Of Distraction

You need to repeat the steps several times a day. After one week, you can increase the level of distraction. Simultaneously you need to increase the level of reward for your dog.

#5. Take Your Dog To New Environment

Once your dog has mastered skills, take him to the new environment and repeat the process. You need to teach him to avoid distractions like the sound of traffic, strangers, and others. Don’t forget to reward your dog if he performs well.

Helpful Tips For Walking With A Strong Dog

#1. Allow Your Dog To Sniff

The dog loves to sniff the environment around him. You need to allow him to sniff during walking so that he will not misbehave. Again, remind him that most attention should be on you and not on other things.

#2. Do not Pull His Leash

If you pull on your dog’s leash, he will start pulling back. So you can use the heel command instead of pulling his leash.

#3. Don’t Take Multiple Dogs At A Time While Walking

If you have two to three stronger dogs, then don’t take all of them while walking. You cannot control them, and consequently, their life will be in danger.

How To Walk A Dog That Is Stronger Than You

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How do you walk with a difficult dog?

Relax and walk wherever you want to go
Be patient if your dog refuses to move ahead.
You should not forget to praise your dog if he behaves well while walking.

#2. How do you walk with a heavy dog?

You need to pick an appropriate collar and harness for your dog.
You should wear comfortable clothing and shoes while walking. If your clothing and footwear are stiffer, you have a high chance of getting injured.
You should bring your favorite treats of your dog while walking.

#3. Why does my dog get aggressive on walks?

If your dog feels uncomfortable in a social situation or his leash or harness provides discomfort, he may get aggressive while walking.

A Few Final Words

If you are taking a dog that is stronger than you, then it’s pretty challenging to walk with him on public roads or parks. You must train him adequately that he will not misbehave while walking.

Remember, training will require a lot of time and effort. But don’t punish him if he disobeys you during walking. It will have an adverse effect on him. It may also spoil your relationship with the dog.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we have covered all your doubts regarding how to walk big and strong dogs. You might also be interested in other articles that are related such as: why does my dog walk behind me? And why does my dog skip when he walks? Know the answers to these questions to keep your friend safe.