How To Stop Dogs From Mating?

Dogs love to mate at a certain age after they reach puberty. However, we will show you how to stop dogs from mating in the article below. 

Mating is a necessary life process of your dog’s life if you want them to have puppies. However, most dog owners do not want to go through the arduous heat cycle and pregnancy of their dogs. Mating involves a heavy burden on both female and male dogs. 

While the female has to contend with a long and arduous cycle of pregnancy, whelping, lactation, and nursing, male dogs are at higher risk of many diseases if they continue to produce sperm. 

Most people want to stop the process altogether for the safety and happiness of their pets. The best way to do that is, of course, by spaying or neutering them. But if you don’t want to completely block the process, there are many methods that you can use. This article will be of great help to you for understanding these methods. 

How To Keep Dogs From Mating – Surgical Approach

If your dog is intact and you put him before the opposite sex, he will want to mate with the female- this is the natural animal instinct, and unless you do something about it, the chances are that soon your dog will become a father.

Thus, it is essential to keep dogs away from mating, and the first and foremost measure is neutering for males and spaying for females. Allow us to elaborate further on the two procedures. 


It is a simple procedure that a veterinarian can perform in their clinic. Also known as castration, it involves the removal of a male dog’s reproductive organs, that is, his testicles. 

With the surgical removal of testicles, testosterone production will go down significantly (only the adrenal gland will produce it). 

It will lead to many benefits, such as reduced aggression, anxiety, fewer chances of hormonal diseases or issues, limitation on sexual urges, no more risk of impregnation of female dogs, etc. 


Just like male dogs are neutered, females are spayed, another term for ovariohysterectomy. The reproductive parts of a female dog are removed surgically to sterilize her, and it involves the removal of ovaries and uterus from the female’s body.

With spaying, you can remove the risk of your dog getting pregnant, reduce sex drive, and reduce a range of diseases that your dog would otherwise suffer from. 

It also means that you won’t have to go through the process of heat, which can be pretty challenging since your dog starts exhibiting behaviors like irritability, aggression, and even biting (in some cases).

How To Prevent Dogs From Mating – Non Surgical Approaches

While neutering and spaying in male and female dogs, respectively, are the easiest and most preferred way for your furry friends to stay away from the opposite sex, there are specific measures that can be taken to prevent them from mating. 

Use washable wraps or diapers for them

To block contact between the male and female, you can use wraps or diapers to cover their sexual parts. These body-wraps not only protect their genitals but also help in keeping the house clean and reduce the smell that comes from females at the time of heat, of course, to attract the males. You can either buy the wraps from the market or make them at home

Try to keep them away from each other

As a dog owner, if you haven’t neutered or spayed your dog, it is your responsibility to keep them away from the opposite gender. Please keep your dog in a cool, safe, and secure room or put them on a leash when taking them out. 

You can take them around in the garden for a while instead of taking them out. Try whatever works to keep your furry friend away from a possible mating partner. 

Use chlorophyll on the male dogs

Chlorophyll, found in plants, can successfully mask the smell of female heat, which can otherwise attract male dogs (even neutered) from even a 5-mile distance. You can find chlorophyll at any pet store, and it is available in liquid as well as tablet form. 

Does Breeding a Male Dog Change Their Personality?

Temporarily, it will make the dog more aggressive

Breeding is a significant part of your dog’s life. It is a sign that they are moving towards a mature age, and so, they can go through several personality changes that affect their behavior in a significant way. 

The changes exhibited by the male dog after breeding are pretty easy to spot. Some of the most common ones include more aggression, changes in appetite, clinginess, increased urination, irritability, etc. 

The good thing is that this change doesn’t last for long, and soon, your beloved pup returns to his usual self. Also, not every dog needs to go through this change after breeding. Each dog is different, and it also depends on his breed whether or not he will go through a change in his personality. 

Why Do Female Dogs Cry When Mating?

It could be a sign that she is hurting or to attract the male’s attention.

Females cry at the time of mating to especially attract male’s attention. Some females even try to mourn to have the male’s attention, which works most of the time. 

Another reason why the female cries when mating is because she feels a surge of emotions. To release these emotions, one way or the other, she lets out a scream or whines for a while, which also works to receive attention from the dog. 

There is, however, also a third explanation to why female dogs cry when they mate, which is that she feels the pain and, thus, whines. She gets so hurt by the process that sometimes, she lashes at the male and even ends the entire process. Therefore, it is essential to calm down the female if she whines due to the pain. 

However, there is no way to tell why she is whining or crying, so until you see her aggression coming out on the male, it is best to sit back and let them mate. 

Will a Dog Tie if Not in Heat?

It’s unlikely that a dog will mate a bitch, not in heat.

It is unusual for a dog to mount a female when the latter is not in heat. In fact, during the first ten days of the beginning of the mating cycle, the female bleeds, and during this time, she releases a specific smell to attract male dogs for mating, and even then, she doesn’t allow or isn’t receptive to the affection of a male dog. 

In fact, in many cases, she chases away the dog because she can’t stand him around her. Only when she stops bleeding in the second cycle of the mating season, does she offer herself to the male. Thus, it is pretty rare to see a dog tie if not in heat. 

Male Dog Won’t Eat When the Female Is in Heat – Why?

These are all ways to attract the female’s attention

It is common for a male dog to refuse to eat or not eat when the female is in heat. Not eating is not the only tactic of a male dog to get close to the female in heat. 

He also vomits, loses weight or exhibits aggression during this time. These activities are a mere distraction when he sees a female in heat. 

It is, thus, best to remove your dog from the space where the female dog is and give him some time to calm down. Please do not be worried, for he is not sick or sad, and it is just a distraction, and he will be all right soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my dog from mating in heat?

Neuter/spay them. Else use diapers or separate them from each other.

You can go for medical procedures such as neutering in male dogs and spaying in females to surgically remove their reproductive organs and thus, stop them from mating in heat. 

You can be assured that the procedure is quite simple and there are no risks involved to the body of the animals. There are several benefits of sterilizing your dogs, such as limited sexual activity, reduced chances of hormonal diseases, reduced aggression, no risk of pregnancy, and more.

Can you separate dogs mating?

You should never separate mating dogs that have tied, it could cause injury to both of them.

If you do not want the two dogs to mate, you have enough time to separate them before. When they are breeding, the male’s penis swells inside the female’s vagina, and thus, it can make them stay stuck to each other after mating for a while. 

It can take around 15 minutes to 30 minutes to remove themselves from each other. It is advised to never interfere when the two dogs are already mating. 

Do not try to separate them since it can lead to physical damage to their genitals, and you might have to face intense aggression from the dogs.

Can you stop a female dog period?

The only way to do this is by spaying her.

The only way to stop your dog from having a period is to get her spayed before her heat cycle starts. Unlike women, whose period starts after every 28 days, female dogs bleed for an average of 9 days during the first stage of the process, known as proestrus. 

The second stage, known as estrus, is when the bleeding starts to subside. This cycle takes place twice a year, and you can stop this by getting her spayed.

Why do female dogs cry when mating?

To get the male’s attention, or else due to the pain.

Female dogs cry at mating to have the male’s attention. Yes, it is widespread for females to whine or cry for this reason. However, some females also call because they feel the pain during the process or might feel a surge of emotions, especially during the first few times. However, primarily, the reason remains male’s attention and creates a bond between the two.

Final Words

It is essential to educate yourself about mating before you go ahead and stop the process. However, there is nothing wrong with stopping your furry friend from getting close to a female dog, especially if you don’t want the hassle of her getting pregnant. Thus, the best option is to get your dog neutered or spayed and let them live comfortably. 

Thank you for reading, we hope you got the answers you were looking for. Do read our other articles on common problems while neutering/spaying such as Will Dogs Nipples Shrink After Spay? Or Does It Hurt A Dog To Poop After Being Spayed?