How To Secure Dog In Cargo Area Of SUV?

This article is a guide on how to secure dog in cargo area of SUV. We will show you how to make a great road trip without having to worry about your over-enthusiastic dog jumping you every few minutes.

The number of SUV owners has been growing every year. The people that used to travel with their dogs in their cars are now looking for solutions to secure their dogs in the cargo area of the SUV. 

Dog parents love to take their pets with them when they are traveling because dogs make fantastic trip companions. Moreover, you cannot leave your dog behind especially if you are going on a long trip. 

SUVs are available in two different sizes: midsize SUVs and full-size SUVs. Both types of SUVs have appropriate measures for keeping your pet dog safe.

The best and the most efficient way of securing a dog in an SUV is with the help of a dog crate. We will learn more about such techniques further in this article. 

How To Secure Dog In Cargo Area Of SUV

How Do I Keep My Dog In The Back Of The SUV?

The most effective way for keeping your pet dog in the back of your Sub is with the help of a dog crate. A dog crate will confine your dog and protect them from impact in the case of an emergency. Since your dog will also be determined, they will not cause a distraction to the driver. 

SUVs are continuously improving in design. A lot of SUVs have more room inside than they used to earlier. This extra space is behind the rear seats, and this is the cargo area. It is the perfect place for securing your dog.

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With a dog crate, you can keep the container secured by locking it at a place with the rear seat belts. If your dog crate is too big to accommodate a large dog, you can also fold the rear seats in the SUV and then secure the dog using seat belts. If you don’t feel the seat belts are very secure, you can use bungee cords to replace them. 

You can purchase bungee hook cables and cords. These cords are easy to attach to the cargo area of the SUV. Bungee cords are also not very expensive concerning other safety measures. 

What Is The Safest Way to Transport a Dog in an SUV?

You should keep your dogs safer even if you travel for a short distance in a car. You can follow some easy steps to make sure that you are traveling with your dogs in the safest way possible. Some of these tips are given below as:-

#1. Buckle up your dog

Dogs should buckle up just like the drivers always do. The safest way to travel with a pet dog in a car is by securing them with their safety belt. 

You can also use dog safety harnesses. A seat belt confines the dog to a single point. A seat belt makes sure that in case of an accident, there are no severe injuries to your dog. 

How To Secure Dog In Cargo Area Of SUV

#2. Use a dog crate

If your dog has anxiety-related issues and does not like cars, you can use a dog crate. Some dogs can feel overwhelmed by seeing so many vehicles and sounds on the road. 

Your pet dog can fit inside the dog crate and feel like they are in their personal space. To protect your dog from the sound and lights, you can also cover the dog crate with a blanket or towel. Because of the dog crate, your dog will not need time to adjust in a car. 

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#3. You can also use a barrier while riding with your dog

Dogs can get very excited when they are in a car. They love to ride on the shotgun seat. Your pet dog can get over-excited, jump on you and distract you while driving. 

To avoid this from happening, you can use a dog barrier. This barrier will separate the front two seats so that your dog is not able to jump on you while you are driving. 

You should make sure that your dog does not slip through the gap between the seats. These barriers are easy to install and you can find many of them online. 

#4. Take rest and breaks while traveling

If you are traveling a long distance with your dog, then it is ideal that you take some breaks after some time. A break will give you and your dog a chance to stretch your legs. 

You can try and stop for 5 minutes after every two hours so that your dog can use the bathroom to relieve itself. You would also need to keep water ready in your car to avoid dehydration for your dog. 

#5. Check the temperature

Sometimes, the temperature inside a car can be very warm for a dog. If you plan to leave your pet dog in the car for some time, then make sure that you cool down the car’s temperature. 

If the weather outside is mild, it is not necessary that the temperature inside the car is also gentle. Seventy-five degrees outside can result in temperatures reaching a hundred degrees inside the vehicle. Each year, there are many cases where pets die because of excess heat due to being trapped inside a car

How To Secure Dog In Cargo Area Of SUV

Can Dogs Sit In The Back Of An SUV?

Yes, but as long as there is a divider or a crate specifically for them.

Yes, dogs can sit in the back of an SUV. You should always make the dogs sit in the back seat of the SUV. Pet dogs sitting in the front seat can be a very major distraction. You should also avoid traveling with your dogs in a two-seater car. 

You can add a divider between the rear seats and the load or cargo area of your SUV. After adding this divider, you can load the dog to the back of the car. This way, the dog is away from other humans and secured at the car’s rear. 

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Can I Sit In Cargo With My Dog?

No, you cannot do that.

No, you cannot sit in cargo with your dog. The cargo area is not designed to accommodate humans. Only pets such as dogs and cats are allowed to travel in the cargo section in a pet crate. Metal dog barriers are the safest option to utilize in an SUV. You should use this barrier, especially if you have a large, naughty dog. 

The rubber stoppers on the barriers will prevent your dog from causing damage to the car’s interior. You can see that the safest way to grow while traveling with a puppy is to secure them with a seat harness. You can use this harness to control your dog in the car and keep them safe in case of an accident. 

How Long Can A Dog Stay In The Car?

It is ok to let your dog remain in the car for upto five minutes, but no more.

It is safe to leave your pet dog in the car for five minutes. You should not leave your dog in the car for more than five minutes as there is a massive difference in the temperature outside and inside the vehicle, if the temperature is below 0 or freezing and below 70 degrees. 

How To Secure Dog In Cargo Area Of SUV

You should keep in mind some special tips to safely leave your pet dog in a car. 

  • If you leave your pet dog in the car during the day, you can leave your window slightly open or park the car in a shady spot. 
  • Don’t forget that your dog is in the car, even if your work is a short task, and you should remember to return to the car within 5-10 minutes. 
  • Suppose you can then try and leave another passenger in the car with your dog. They can regulate the temperature within the car if it’s too hot Or cold. 

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Safe Ways To Secure Dogs In The Car

Use a seat belt with a built-in dog harness

This seat belt is ideal for small and medium-sized dogs. You can easily slide the dog in the car seat. After that, you can buckle in your pup to keep them secured. 

First, you need to put your pupper on the seat of your car and then connect the harness to the dog. You need to make sure that the seat belt is secured and comfy. If the seat belt I secured too tightly, then your dog’s blood flow might suffer. 

You can also keep your pet dog in a crate

A crate is ideal for keeping large and small dogs. You’ll have to change the size of your crate depending on the size of your dog. A dog crate is ideal for calm and composed dogs as they can easily stay inside a confined space while traveling. The first step to securing your dog in a crate is to find the right size of a crate for your dog. 

How To Secure Dog In Cargo Area Of SUV

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A Few Final Words

You can opt for a way among various other options to keep your dog while traveling with them in an SUV. SUVs are now released with all the provisions, including safety features in the cargo area for keeping your dog safe while traveling. 

If you don’t have much space in the cargo area of your car, then you can follow other methods to secure your dogs. Some of these methods are also not very expensive. Thank you for reading, we hope this article gave you enough food for thought about taking your dog with you for your next big trip in an SUV.

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