How To Put Bow On Dog?

Your fur baby is your pride and joy. You want to make her more adorable. How about putting on a bow? We show you how to put bow on dog in this article using a step by step technique that will have you making them in no time!

Looking for ways to put a bow on a dog easily and successfully? Well, no need to go any further, because this little article has the answer. Many dog owners love trying to make their puppers look adorable. If the fur ball is willing, it can be a fun way to pass the time as well. 

How To Put Bow On Dog

One of the best ways to dress your dog is to decorate their hair, ear, or neck with a colourful bow. However, many owners remain confused about how they can put on a bow on their furry friend. 

They have many questions: for example, how will it stick, where to put it, will it hurt their pup?, etc. If you can relate to these questions, give this article a read, and you will surely know what to do the next time you think of grooming your dog with a bow!

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How To Put a Bow on a Dog?

Putting a bow on a dog is not as easy as it sounds. The occasional turning, running, barking, and other distractions can make it an uphill task. But do not worry; we have a few suggestions that may help you need while putting a bow on your dog. 

Method 1

It is always a good idea to bathe your dog and comb its fur to eliminate all knots. Now, part the front hair with the help of a comb or brush. Once done, put the parted hair at the back of both ears and comb straight up and back. 

Wrap a grooming band around the dog’s coat to hold it well. You can either have a bow tucked on the grooming band or run a ribbon through the loops to make a bow. 

How To Put Bow On Dog

Method 2

This trick will require you to use a barrette with a bow and place it on your dog’s head. You can make a ponytail and clip the barrette with the bow. 

Now, hold the barrette without allowing the fine hair to slip off. This step is for dogs who have long hair.

Method 3

In this trick, you can use bow gel to secure the bow on your dog’s head. Apply it on the top of the head and around the ears for the best result. 

You can start with making a ponytail and add the gel when looping the ribbons through the bands. Even if your dog has small hair, you can make a small pony and use bow gel to hold the bow in place.

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 Method 4

In this suggestion, instead of adding a bow on their hair or neck, you can tie it on its collar. If your dog belongs to a large breed, this method of bow-tying will be the best for them. 

 Method 5

Perhaps the easiest and most used method for putting a bow on dogs is via glue. A special adhesive is available in the market to keep the bow intact to your furry friend’s hair. It is also quite easy to take the bow once the occasion is over. 

However, dog glues are designed to dry out after a few hours, automatically allowing the bow to fall off. You can use water to wash up the glued hair to remove it completely. 

Here is a video on the internet that shows some of these ideas:

How to place bows that actually stay in with Melissa Verplank

Can Small Dogs Wear Bows?

Yes, even the smallest of dogs, including Chihuahuas, Boston terriers, Poodles, and Shih Tzus can wear bows. Many dog owners enjoy dressing up their little friends with bands, bows, and other accessories. It gives them an extra flair. 

Can We Make a Hair Bow for Dogs at Home?

You can save some bucks if you choose DIY bows over market bows for your dog. There are several benefits of selecting DIY bows over those available in the market: 

  • You can select your design, colour, and material.
  • You can decide the size of the bow for your dog.
  • DIY bows will cost you less than those available on the market.
  • You can also sell your bows in the market or via your website.

Here’s a nice video showing how to do the sewing and other processes:

Doggie Hair Bow DIY - Easy No Sew

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How do you put a bow on a dog?

There are several ways to put a bow on a dog. However, the quickest and easiest way is to bow glue used to fix the bow on your puppy. 
You can paste it on any part of the hair, neck, or collar. You can learn about different ways to put a bow on a dog in the sections mentioned above of this article. 

#2. How do you put bows on a dog’s ears?

Comb the dog’s fur to release all the knots. Now, part the hair from the middle and tuck them on both sides of the dog’s ears. 
Use a grooming band to hold the hair firmly and use bow glue to add the bow on the band behind each ear. Remember that there are several ways to put bows on a dog’s ears, and this is just one of them. 

#3. Do dogs like bows?

It entirely depends on the dog and its personality whether they like bows or not. Many dogs love the grooming and dressing up, while others want to lay around their bed and spend the entire day. Usually, they do not care, but yes, many a time, they love to show off a gorgeous bow!

#4. Do bows hurt dogs?

In general, bows do not have any harmful effects on dogs. However, if your technique is wrong, you might end up hurting the dog. You should always make either a soft bow at home or buy from a good brand in the market. 
You also should remember to always purchase non-toxic glue, or else it might adversely affect your dog’s hair, fur or skin. Sometimes, your dog might be able to claw off and chew the bow. So, it is important to be aware of the material used in your dog’s grooming. 

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A Few Final Words

There is no one way to put a bow on your dog and trust us; it’s a good thing. As a dog owner, you will have a gala of fun time with your pup whilst you try to put on a bow on its pretty hair. 

It might take a minute or an hour, depending on how still your dog remains in the moment, but one thing that we can promise you is that it will make your dog look way more prettier!

Thank you for reading, we hope this was able to answer all your questions if not, please do not hesitate to write us a comment and we will get back to you with the answers.