How To Potty Train A Puppy Without Shots? All You Wanted To Know About Training Pups Who Are Too Young

Is your puppy too young for vaccinations? You might want to train her but are afraid to take her out. Let’s look at how to potty train a puppy without shots.

Whether you have puppy pads or like to have leashed walks with your pet around the garden, potty training a puppy requires patience, consistency, and effort. 

Potty training might be initially daunting for some, but eventually, people find it easy, and it can even become a fun time to spend with your pet. The movement is known to be an important part of raising a pet. 

Vaccinations are also crucial to protect your puppy from the universal risk of diseases. Many pet owners ask, “How to potty train a puppy without shots?” 

This is a common question as exposure to the outdoors can be a life-threatening risk to an unvaccinated puppy. But you don’t have to worry. Here we have broken down some points that you must know on how to potty train a puppy? 

In this article, we will explain: 

How To Potty Train A Puppy Without Shots

Can I Take My Puppy Outside To Potty Before Vaccinations? 

According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour, puppy owners should not take them out till at least one week after vaccination shots, usually when the puppy is 7-8 weeks old. 

Why Get Your Puppy Vaccinated?

Vaccinations are important for the puppy during its initial years. The first few months of a puppy’s life are crucial and considered as prime time for socialization. So it is vital to get the shots before you take her out. 

Vaccinations can prevent exposure to diseases like rabies, distemper, rickets, etc. Without them, your young pup can easily get infected. Not only this, there is a high risk of transmission of diseases to other dogs and human beings. 

Taking a puppy out without vaccination can threaten their well-being along with chances of contracting the illness. 

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Is Your Pup Likely To Play With Others?

If you are worried that your puppy may get mixed with other dogs while they are out before shots, then it is highly advisable to hold your puppy when you take them out. 

However, a puppy needs to get exposed to people, sound, fresh air, smell, and more as much as possible, but it is completely fine to keep a certain level of distance until they are fully vaccinated. 

In the meantime, you can take your puppy in the backyard for potty training and can allow a pup to mingle with other dogs who are fully vaccinated (as long as their pup parents are ok with it).

How To Potty Train A Puppy Without Shots

How Do You Potty Train A Puppy Who is not fully vaccinated? 

Once you consider taking your puppy out for potty training before they get fully vaccinated, you need to keep certain things in mind to ensure a puppy’s better well-being. 

Also, here are a few steps that you must follow for effective potty training of a puppy. 

Things to Keep In Mind 

  • Make sure you don’t leave your puppy alone in the outdoor area. 
  • It is important to hold or carry your pup outside if they are not fully vaccinated to protect them from exposure to diseases. 
  • Initially, you must start potty training in your backyard and allow your pup to play with dogs who you know are fully vaccinated. 
  • Don’t allow anyone to touch or hold your puppy to avoid any illness. 

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Steps To Follow For Potty Training 

  • Maintain a routine. You must take your pet out first thing in the morning. This will reinforce the routine. 
  • After every meal, take your pet out immediately for potty training. 
  • When puppies are excited, they tend to lose control of their pee and potty functions. This is a perfect sign that you must take your puppy out immediately when they are playing and take a play break for potty training. 
How To Potty Train A Puppy Without Shots

How To Avoid Puppy Accidents In The House? 

As we said above, potty training a puppy requires routine and patience. However, there are simple tricks that will help your puppy stop peeing and pooping inside the house. Here as follows: 

Take Your Puppy Outside Frequently 

The best solution to stop your puppy from peeing or pooping inside is to take them out more frequently. When they have more opportunities to go out, they will not get relieved inside the house. 

If you have a young or small breed of dogs, they usually have itty bitty bladders, which means they more frequently pee. So you need to take this point in mind if your puppy falls in the category. 

Make a consistent routine, and soon they will start correlating going out with going to the washroom. Every day, choose the same spot where your pup will pee or poop. Then, even if they don’t go to the washroom, they are well aware of the site. 

Check for Signs 

The best way to deal with the situation is to watch the signs that your puppy has to go to the washroom: 

  • Sniffing 
  • A sudden taking the corner of the door or a room 
  • Circling 
  • Restlessness 

If your puppy shows any of the above signs, immediately take them out for peeing or pooping. No matter if you are in doubt, it is always better to be on the safer side. 

Make a Smaller Space 

If you allow your dog to roam inside the complete house before they are fully trained, you are taking yourself into chaos. Limit the space of their access; dogs don’t like to spoil their area, so when the urge to pee or poop, they will surely give you a sign. 

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Clean up the mess immediately 

If your puppy accidentally pees inside, it is important to clean it immediately with a cleaning solution to remove the odor. If the scent continues to come, your puppy will think it is a bathroom spot and keep repeating the accidents. 

How To Potty Train A Puppy Without Shots

Reward Appreciation 

Puppies learn best from positive responses and appreciation. So if your puppy goes out to the washroom at the same spot, reward them. Give your puppy a treat when you don’t give you a sign of peeing or pooping. It is a perfect tool for potty training your puppy. 

At What Age Should A Puppy Be Potty Trained? 

Start potty training sometime when your pup is 3 to 6 months old. Even at this tender age, they have gained control over their bowel and bladder; they know well to avoid accidents and do their business only at the right spot. 

As per many vets, most of the breed requires potty training when they are four months old; it is ideal for training your pup. 

How long does potty training take? 

You may take several months to potty train your puppy. Do not expect your pup will learn in a day or a week; it may take more than a month. There are likely to be chances when your puppy accidentally spoils the house even after they are seen to be fully trained. 

Don’t worry; just continue the training for a few days more, and do not punish your dog for any mishaps. If your puppy does not seem to get any changes, ask your vet immediately and follow the instructions as suggested. 

How To Potty Train A Puppy Without Shots

Wrap Up

We understand you love your puppy, but for sure, you don’t like to spoil your house by accidents of pooping or peeing by your puppy. Ensure you potty train your puppy at the right stage, and if your pup is not fully vaccinated, you need to keep restrictions when you go out for potty training.