How To Potty Train A Chiweenie Puppy? How Hard Is It To Train Them?

Chiweenie puppies are very tiny and have small bladders. If you are wondering how to potty train a Chiweenie puppy, then we will share some tips on how to potty train a Chiweenie puppy. 

How to train your pet puppy is the most common thought or question that comes to the mind of people when they purchase or adopt a pet dog. Chiweenie puppies are adorable and loving like every other dog breed. 

Chiweenie dogs are mixed breed dogs as they are a cross between Chihuahua and Dachshund dog breeds. The unique feature of this dog breed is that these dogs are very small in size. Chiweenie dogs are known by many other names, such as the Mexican hot dog. 

How To Potty Train A Chiweenie Puppy

The most common issue faced by Chiweenie dog owners is while potty training them. Due to the small bladder of the Chiweenie dogs, they cannot hold their pee and poop for a longer duration. 

This leads to the need to take these dogs out for pooping multiple times a day. This article will discuss in detail how to potty train a Chiweenie puppy. 

All About The Chiweenie Puppy

Chiweenies are a crossbreed of dogs between the Chihuahua and the Daschund dogs. These dogs are social and much smaller in size. They make a great addition to any family as you get the better of the two breeds in a single dog. 

Chiweenie puppies have a unique trait: they tend to bond with one family member more than the others. These puppies also listen to these dogs more easily. 

Ideally, the person close to the Chiweenie puppy carries out most of their training, increasing chances of success massively. 

How To Potty Train A Chiweenie Puppy

Steps To Potty Train A Chiweenie Puppy

Step 1:- Keep Patience

The most important thing to remember while training your Chiweenie dog is to be patient and have a consistent schedule. 

Setting up a consistent potty schedule will not be easy, but if you remain persistent, your Chiweenie dog will develop a habit. 

You must not demand immediate results while potty training your pup, as it is a time-consuming and laborious task that will develop a habit in your dog with time. 

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Step 2:- Be Gentle

You must not punish your dog even if they don’t listen to you initially. It would be best if you gave the Chiweenie puppy a sense of security so that you are both able to create a positive bond. 

Try and take your Chiweenie dog to the same spot every time. This will make your puppy familiar with the area. Whenever you pass that area, your dog would want to poop. 

Even if you catch your puppy pooping in your house, you must not punish them. When your dog is successful in pooping outside your home at the designated spot, you should encourage them and reward them for this good behavior. 

Encouraging good behavior will set up a positive mindset in your Chiweenie puppy, due to which they’ll start repeating that behavior to get more rewards. 

How To Potty Train A Chiweenie Puppy

Step3:- Inculcate Strict Schedules

Following a strict feeding and sleeping schedule will also help you to train your Chiweenie puppy potty train. If your puppy sleeps and eats at the same time every day, then it is very likely that they will poop at the same time as well daily. 

Ideally, it would help if you fed your puppy or dog four hours before sleeping and gave them water to drink two hours before sleeping. 

You can also feed your dog dry foods. Dry foods help your dog keep their stool hard. Harder stools are easier to pick; hence you will find it easier to clean them. But make sure your puppy doesn’t become constipated because of hard stool. 

You can also start taking your dog out for walks at the spot where you want to train your dog right after waking up, after eating, after playing, and before sleeping. 

Step 4:- Use Speech Commands

You can also use some unique keywords to help your dog associate your speech with going for a poop. Words such as “poop” and “out” Are simple enough for your dogs to comprehend. 

Using the exact words each time will not create any confusion in the mind of your dog. Due to this, as soon as you mention these words, your dog will know what you want him to do. 

How To Potty Train A Chiweenie Puppy

Step 5:- Make Use Of A Pee Pad

Now you can also decide the type of training you want to instill in your dog. You can choose the method that is the most convenient for you and your puppy. 

You can use a pad to potty train your puppy. For this method, you will require a soaking pad. This soaking pad can absorb all the pee, and you can also easily use it to clean the stool of your dog. 

The best way to use this pad is first to place it near your dog’s sleeping place, and when it develops a habit, you can start moving the carpet further away. Then you can keep it near the door next and then gradually start keeping it outside the house. 

This is an effective way of teaching potty training to your Chiweenie puppy. Due to the smaller size, these puppies might have to relieve themselves more frequently than other dogs. 

The next option is crate training, and crate training includes keeping the Chiweenie puppy in and out of the crate on a regular schedule. You can use this crate if you can’t be at home near your puppy at all times. 

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How Long Can A Chiweenie Hold Their Bladder? 

A Chiweenie puppy cannot hold their bladder for a long time as genetically, they have a tiny bladder compared to other bigger dogs. 

An eight weeks old Chiweenie puppy can only hold their bladder for a maximum of twenty minutes while the puppy is not sleeping. You can quickly expect this time frame to increase as the puppy grows older. 

The time frame for which a Chiweenie can hold their bladder is given as follows:-

  • A three-month-old puppy can hold their bladder for as long as 30 minutes. 
  • You can expect a four-month-old puppy to control its bladder for as long as 45 minutes. 
  • A Chiweenie puppy that is six months old can hold their bladder for about 60 to 90 minutes.
  • A nine months old puppy can hold their bladder for three hours. 
  • At least a year old Chiweenie puppy can hold their bladder for about four hours. 

How To Potty Train A Chiweenie Puppy

Tips For Potty Training Your Puppy For Better Results

Reward-Based Training

A reward-based training method. This method is mainly based on the principles of positive reinforcement. It would help if you rewarded positive behavior rather than punishing it for negative behavior. For example, you must give your Chiweenie puppy their favorite toy or their favorite treat whenever your puppy poops at the right place. This indicates that they did something good, and they are more likely to repeat that behavior to get such rewards again and again. You need to have a positive relationship with your puppy to give them proper training. 

Start Early

Start training your puppy when they are still very young, as this is the time where they will form the majority of their behavior. If your puppy is obedient at this stage, then he’ll remain like that throughout his life span.

If your puppy is aggressive and doesn’t listen to you, he’ll remain like that as once the puppies develop into adults, and it is tough to change their behavior. 

How To Potty Train A Chiweenie Puppy

Go for a walk every day

You should take your puppy on walks outdoors frequently. Frequent walks in the outdoors will create a positive mood and environment for your puppy. This will also help you to instill a positive habit of pooping outdoors. 

Another method you can use is to visit a particular spot again and again till your Chiweenie puppy becomes familiar with that specific spot. This will encourage your puppy to poop at that spot. 

Taking the dogs for a walk just after a meal is also very important. This is the time where your dog is most likely to poop.

The food that your puppy consumes pushes the leftovers in the bladder of a Chiweenie puppy. Since their bladders are already tiny, they cannot hold food in their stomachs for much longer. If you take your dog out for a walk immediately, then there is a high possibility that your dog will poop. 

After some time, you can even teach your dog to go to the washroom on command. Although this is an extreme level of training, it is certainly possible and achievable. 

It is always a good option if you take your dog out before sleeping, as they might want to relieve themselves before actually going to sleep. Once your dog is fully trained, then he will disturb you in the middle of the night. 

How To Potty Train A Chiweenie Puppy

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Chiweenies hard to potty train? 

It’s challenging for a Chiweenie owner to potty train his puppy. Chiweenies are harder to potty train in comparison to larger dogs. You will find it difficult to potty train a Chiweenie because of their unusually smaller size. 

Chiweenies have a much smaller bladder in comparison to dogs of other breeds. When your dog is not properly potty trained, you will have to take it out multiple times a day. 

It is best for you if you keep your Chiweenie puppy in an enclosed area or pen initially when you are not available for supervision. 

Are Chiweenies easy to train? 

Generally speaking, Chiweenies are simple dogs, and they are also pretty easy to train. You will find that Chiweenies are not naturally very aggressive. Unlike the much larger dogs, they also like that predator instinct. 

Chiweenie puppies are not very intense, but they also require basic training and skills like every other dog. If you miss out on this essential training from the beginning, then your puppy might grow up to be a problematic adult dog to deal with. 

The only type of training which might be more challenging for a Chiweenie puppy is potty training. These puppies are tiny and petite, due to which they are harder to potty train. 

How To Potty Train A Chiweenie Puppy

How often should a Chiweenie poop? 

Normally, any dog should at least poop once daily. The best-case scenario is that your dog goes to poop twice daily. This means that your dog has a healthy bladder. 

However, some dogs might have to go for a poop multiple times. This can be due to many reasons, such as some dogs are smaller in size due to which they have a small bladder. Other reasons can also include health conditions, infection, and so on. 

If this happens, you don’t need to panic as long as the poop of your dog is solid and consistent and it doesn’t have any blood. 

Why are chihuahuas so hard to train? 

Chihuahuas are a strong and intelligent breed of dogs. They can be very feisty in some instances as well. A lot of people are deceived initially by their smaller size and frame. You can also say that Chihuahuas are very strong-minded dogs. 

Due to their strong mind and character, Chihuahuas can also be very stubborn at times. This stubborn behavior has earned them the reputation of being very hard to train. 

The best method for training a Chihuahua is to train them using rewards. Rewards will motivate your dog to complete their training and obey your orders. Given proper training and time, every dog can be trained efficiently regardless of its breed. 

How To Potty Train A Chiweenie Puppy

How do you calm down a Chihuahua? 

There are a lot of ways with which you can calm and relax a Chihuahua dog. Chihuahuas are well known for being aggressive and feisty, and you can use external toys and accessories to call them down whenever they get angry. 

Dogs usually like to play a lot with their toys and accessories. You can even adopt a reward-based methodology to reward your Chihuahua dog when they are calm instead of angry. 

Playing certain games or serving them their favorite food are also among the best ways to calm them down.