How To Potty Train A Cane Corso Puppy? Are They Easy To Train?

If it’s your first time bringing a Cane Corso puppy home, you might want to know how to potty train a Cane Corso puppy, especially if you have just renovated your home. Read on for the answers.

If you have brought a new Cane Corso puppy to your home, you will have to give him a lot of training, the first of which is potty training. The sooner you give him this training, the sooner he will learn. It is not challenging to train a Cane Corso Puppy because it is very intelligent and quick to learn things. 

They are also very loyal to their owners’ families. That’s why he will learn everything after your training very soon. But you have to have some patience. 

How To Potty Train A Cane Corso Puppy


I also recently brought a Cane Corso puppy home. He has filled my dull home with happiness and cheers. He is full of energy and obeys every instruction. It was effortless for me to train him.

However, the training was a trial and error process. I learned quite a few things while training him, which I would like to share with you all. 

How To Potty Train A Cane Corso Puppy?

Treat Him Well

The first and the most important thing you need to learn is patience and treat your puppy well. Puppies are not immediately friendly to their owner. They observe how their owner’s behavior is towards them.

If you pamper your puppy a lot and treat him well, he will listen and understand what you say. This will make it simpler to train him. That is why if he does potty at home, do not scold or beat him. Just be friendly with him for a few days and attract him to your side. After that, you can start his potty training.

Set Aside A Special Place For The Puppy’s Potty

If you take your Cane Corso out to the potty every day, do not take him to a different place. With this, if he ever went outside for potty, he would do potty anywhere.

That’s why you fix a special place for him and take him there again and again so that he will understand that it is his bathroom. In such a situation, if he goes out alone for potty, then he will go to the same place every time.

How To Potty Train A Cane Corso Puppy

Have A Lot Of Patience

When you bring a new pet to your home, he doesn’t know anyone in the beginning. So everything is unknown to him. He recognizes neither you and your family nor is he familiar from everywhere in your house. So if he feels like doing potty, you will have to take him out on your own. 

You should keep in mind that when your puppy comes outside after playing or having his food, take him out for a potty immediately after that. Apart from this, take him to the potty before sleeping and even after getting up at night. You might find this a bit irritating.

But after a few days, he will become familiar with this routine on his own. After that, you will not need to take him to the potty. He will go outside to potty himself.

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Pay Attention To The Signs

Animals cannot speak. So if they have to go for potty, they won’t tell you. But yes, if they feel poop or urine, then they give a signal. You need to understand that sign.

Maybe he will pull on your clothes or bark at you when he feels like pooping. Sometimes perhaps he will stand at the gate and point towards it. In such a situation, you pay attention to his every small and big behavior. 

Although he may even cheat on you because his signals may not mean the same thing every time, you may feel like he has to pee, but he may want to go out to play.

So if you allow him to go outside initially, he may walk around instead of going outside to potty. But when you send him out for potty every day, he will gradually understand that it is not acceptable to potty at home, then he will go out for potty.

How To Potty Train A Cane Corso Puppy

Praise Him For His Good Deeds

Like humans, animals also need pampering. And with this pampering, every animal becomes loyal to its owner. That’s why if he ever pees outside, then you can praise him, treat him by petting him or with a small treat. Doing this over and over again will make him understand why you’re praising him, and he’ll repeat this task. 

Well, if ever he does potty at home, then you scold him for that, but yes, don’t kill him at all. After all, he is an animal. And that might make him start hating you.

The more you treat him with love, the more he will understand your words. You can use small words or signs to explain to your puppy because he won’t understand your language. But your frequent use of words may let him know what you are using that word for. 

For example, if he does the potty at home, you can use the word “no” to tell him not to do it and show him the outside gate. This will make him understand that whenever you say the word “no” in front of him, he has to go out and finish his work.

Pay Attention To The Puppy’s Food

The puppy’s digestive system is very delicate. If you feed them unhealthy food, their digestive system can get spoiled so that they can mess up the house at any time. That is why it is essential to pay attention to your puppy’s diet. You should give him such food that is easy for his digestion and suitable for his development.

How To Potty Train A Cane Corso Puppy

Concentrate On His Daily Activities

If you take your puppy out for the potty, make him focus on that, don’t distract him from any other activity. If you engage him in play or other activities, his attention will shift away from his daily activities and jump to play.  

In such a situation, he will not do potty, and then when you bring him home, he will do it in the house. This is because when you take him out to the potty but get him busy with something else, he gets confused as to why you brought him out.

When you are just taking him out to do the potty, let him concentrate on his daily routine. This will make him understand that he has got the brake for potty and not jumping to play. 

Also, spend more time with your puppy inside than outside, so he knows it’s his home. And animals never like to keep their house dirty, so he will automatically go out of the house for potty.

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Set the alarm For Night-Time

During the day, you will take your puppy outside for potty, but you may miss it at night. That is why it is essential that you set the alarm. But for this, you should know after how long your puppy will potty.  

By the way, let me tell you that until a puppy is seven months old, he can control the toilet for an hour more in the number of months he is. For example, if your puppy is four months old, he can hold his potty or toilet for 5 hours. If he is six months old, then for seven hours, he can control his bowel.

According to this, you take him out for a potty or toilet. Before sleeping, take him out once for potty or urine. Once before sleeping, after that, you set the alarm accordingly.

How To Potty Train A Cane Corso Puppy

Answers To More Questions About Cane Corso Pups

Are Cane Corsos hard to potty train? 

No, it is not at all challenging to train a baby Cane Corso. If you just got your new Cane Corso puppy, now is the time to start potty training him. The sooner you start, the faster your dog will pick up on new commands. Cane Corso dogs have a high level of intellect and can quickly pick up a variety of new talents. 

Are Cane Corso puppies easy to train? 

The Cane Corso does not require basic obedience or housebreaking training. Because Cane Corso puppies are eager to please, intelligent, calm-natured, and have a short attention span, they are relatively easy to train.

When a Cane Corso learns anything, he remembers it very well. It’s neither easy nor hard. But as they are intelligent, it’s almost easy to train them.

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When should I start training my Cane Corso puppy?

As you bring your Corso puppy home after a day, you must start his training. Starting moderate training with a Cane Corso puppy when they’re young is critical: puppies learn the most between the ages of 3 and 12.

The Cane Corso puppy will be taught basic instructions such as “sit,” “stay,” “down,” and “heel.” This is crucial for both your and your dog’s safety.

How To Potty Train A Cane Corso Puppy

Final Word Of Advice

All puppies are not the same. Some are more intelligent, and some are mischievous. Some puppies learn very quickly, and some take time to learn. Therefore, your puppy will not necessarily immediately remember all the training given by you. 

You will have to provide some time for him, then gradually he will understand everything. After that, you will not have to worry about his daily activities.