How To Make Dog Nails Less Sharp? 

Dogs’ nails can be very painful if they scratch you. This article will show you how to make dog nails less sharp by using the proper methods and tools.

Being a dog’s parent is a fantastic job, providing one of the most pleasing experiences in life, but sometimes it’s struggling with sharp nails. Dogs have sharp claws for several reasons, and it might hurt the owner intensely when they get scratched. However, making them less sharp and trimming them is challenging for their owner. 

Every dog parent has countless questions regarding their dog’s sharp nails. Let’s look into the article to get the solution to dogs nails associated queries and provide you with the most acceptable ways of trimming and making your dog’s nails dull. 

How To Make Dog Nails Less Sharp

Why Do Dogs Have Sharp Nails?

As discussed above, dogs have sharp nails for many reasons, but one needs to know its cause. Every dog has sharp claws because they have evolved to hunt in the wild. However, natural filers in the jungle make them short and less sharp when they spend more time outdoors. 

The inside surface of our house is soft and does not help to wear down the dog’s nails as concrete does. Most probably, the reason behind the sharp nail is your dog has not spent enough time outside, regularly walking and jumping on concrete, and not getting access to natural nail files.  

How Frequently Should I Clip My Dogs’ Nails?

The other reason why dogs have sharp claws is that your dog is not getting his nails clipped regularly and properly. Normally, every dog needs to clip their nails between 3 to 4 weeks, but you should also inspect their nails frequently if they need clipping. 

Furthermore, you also require knowledge and skills to keep them blunt correctly and at the right length to clip their nails with the right equipment. However, you can learn these general skills and knowledge for correctly clipping nails below in the article. 

How To Make Dog Nails Less Sharp

Importance Of Trimming Dog’s Nails

Clipping and making the dog nails less sharp is very important for the owner and their tyke to improve their overall health. As discussed earlier, dogs need to clip their nails frequently, just like us. 

If they get access to natural files while walking and playing outside can lessen the need for clipping nails. Dog owners also get excruciatingly hurt with their sharp claws when they play with them and also scratch the floor of your house.

If dog nails grow too long, they become uncomfortable and can easily break or tear while running and playing, which results in intense pain. Although, trimming their nails also helps prevent tyke from infection and injuries. So it is essential to trim your little dog’s overgrown nails with the help of following ways for their wellness.

How To Make A Dog’s Nails Not Sharp?

Trim Nails Regularly

Observe when the tip starts to curl, and cut immediately.

As mentioned above, clipping a dog’s nails regularly and properly is very important. Every dog has different nails, so they may need clipping very frequently. Therefore, the owner needs to clip when the nail’s tip starts to curl.

Clip Them Properly

Clippers need to be held in a tilt position.

After identifying the need, the owner requires the basic skill and knowledge to properly clip the dog’s nails. Therefore, the owner needs to start with clipping the tip of the nail but holding the equipment in a tilt position. Secondly, make sure not to make them too short, slightly clip the tip of the nail, and the same goes for other nails. 

How To Make Dog Nails Less Sharp

Use Right Equipment

Use a nail clipper or grinder 

As for the skills of clipping nails, the right equipment is the key to clipping nails properly. However, you can also ask an expert for recommendations for the right nail clipper for your little buddy. 

Sometimes, dogs are scared of nail clippers, so you can use a nail grinder; they effortlessly help make the small nails smooth, pretty, and round without leaving a sharp edge. 

Smooth the Edges

If you go with the nail clippers, you should later use a grinder and file the nails out to get dull and smooth edges. 

Access To Natural Nail File

Concrete surfaces can be a good way to get natural filing.

Moreover, every dog parent should give their tyke access to natural files. As mentioned earlier, dogs have natural nail files that help wear down them when they walk and play outside on the concrete. Daily walking and spending time outdoors helps get Sharpless, smooth nails and make your life trouble-free. 

How To Make Dog Nails Less Sharp

How To Trim Dogs Nails?

After knowing the right way to make your tyke’s nails less sharp, these are the steps for trimming your dog’s overgrown nails. 

Bathe Before Clipping

Bathe before clipping nails helps to soften the nails. However, dogs also like to bathe and become overexcited, so it is best to relax and make them comfortable before trimming their nails. 

Keep Her Calm

The foremost step every dog owner needs to do is make themselves and their dog calm. Keeping calm and comfortable throughout the process makes nail clipping efficient and trouble-free. Although, if your dog is not in the mood and calm before clipping, they can make trouble.  

Use Right Nail Clipping And File

As mentioned earlier, choosing and using the right nail clipping and file is essential. When you use correct clipping equipment, it can make your work effortless and quick. However, nail files are another essential piece of equipment that helps to smooth the sharp and rough edges. 

Get In Right Position

When you find your dog calm, relaxed, and comfortable, you can go for trimming their nails. If they are comfortable, it helps the other person hold your dog and divert their attention from nail clipping. Then get in the safe position and start trimming them with your clipper. 

How To Make Dog Nails Less Sharp

Identify The Quick 

To trim your dog’s nails, you should first look at the quick, dark, pinkish section within the nails. Identifying quick helps to know how much you need to clip your tyke nails. Remember to clip your dog’s nails above the quick not to make them too short. 

Trim Quickly And Safely

Do the whole procedure in a quick and safe motion, which is why making your dog relax is very important. If you do it very slowly, your dog may interrupt doing it, which can cause injury.

What To Avoid?

Many dog owners and their dogs are scared to clip their nails because of their previous bitter experiences. Although, this may be because of a different mistake. So it would help if you had to avoid the following point to trim your dog’s nails efficiently. 

Ineffective Equipment

Choosing the right and adequate equipment is essential to consider while clipping your dog’s nail. It would help to choose a sharp and most effective nail clipper and correct grinder for your tyke. 

Don’t Start Too Early.

Before trimming your dog’s nails, you need to inspect the need for clipping; if your tyke has a usual length nail, you should try to cut the next time. 

How To Make Dog Nails Less Sharp

Taking Too Much Time

Your dog may become uncomfortable if you take too much time to trim its nails. However, you need to be quick and efficient while trimming the dog nails.   

Never Cut Too Short

Remember, you need only clip their nails from the tips. As discussed above, you should identify the quick and never cut in between the trips to the groomers.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do about my dog’s sharp nails?

You need to file them regularly.

Every owner needs to identify the need for clipping or just grinding their tyke nails. If your tyke’s nails are not too long still, they are sharp; you can file the nails with a nail grinder to smooth the edges. 

How do I make my dog’s nails blunt?

Use a nail grinder. 

You can make your dog’s nails blunt by clipping the tips correctly with the help of nail clipping equipment and using the right skills. Make sure to cut them not too short and smooth all the edges.

How do I make my dog’s nails softer before cutting?

Bathe your dog in warm water.

Trimming hard nails is very inconvenient, so owners need to soften them to clip them easily. It would help if you bathed your tyke before clipping its nails, making them soft and effective to clip.

Can you file down dog nails?

Yes, you can file down dog nails.

Yes, filing dog nails is the best option to prevent the owner and their tyke from injury and infection. You can file your dog’s nails to become sharp with the help of filing equipment to make the edges smooth and dull. 

Final Words

Trimming and making the dog’s nails is inconvenient and complicated. However, every dog owner is eager to learn the correct way to make their dog’s nails less sharp. Hopefully, the information mentioned above for making your dog’s nails less sharp helps save your day and make your life easier.  

Thank you for reading, we hope the article gave you some good pointers about your dog’s nail hygiene. You might also like to read: Doggy Styling Grooming 101 and Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Westies