How To Keep Dogs Out Of Flower Pots?

Dogs are always curious and may run around your garden and trample down the plants. Let us look at how to keep dogs out of flower pots.

It does not matter how much you like your dog, you will not want him to destroy your precious flower pots. Whether you plant any flower, fruit, vegetable, or a new sapling, your dog will not be able to resist rooting around your garden. 

The smell of fresh soil in your garden is irresistible to dogs, and in just a few seconds, they will destroy your plants. Dogs can break the stems of your precious potted plants and start digging up your beautiful garden and make a mess of it. 

How To Keep Dogs Out Of Flower Pots

Some flowers like calla lilies and lilies are poisonous to dogs, and it is essential to protect your dog from these plants. Keeping your dog away from the flower beds can be a challenging task. Luckily, there are different ways by which you can keep your flowers and plants safe from dogs.

In this article, we will look at some easy and effective ways how to keep dogs out of flower pots.

How Do You Protect Your Plants From Dogs?

You will find many people sharing tips and solutions on protecting flower beds and plants from dogs. Some solutions are so simple, which will make you wonder why you did not think about it? Other tips may be out-of-the-box that you may never have thought of. We have collected below some of the methods that people have employed after studying pet forums across the internet.


If you love keeping dogs at home, it is essential to train them. Proper training is necessary and will help the dog understand commands quickly when you want to stop their unwanted behavior. 

One of the best ways to train your dog is by rewarding them with treats for good behavior, which will help them understand the command quickly. 


It is essential to keep a close watch on your dog when they are in the initial stages of training. You need to keep an eye on your dog when they are around your plants, and they may be curious and want to trample around the plants.

You need to make sure you do not allow them to go to the garden alone, and you can again reward them with a treat for their behavior. This way, they will slowly learn that they cannot destroy the plants. You may require a lot of patience and commitment, but slowly your dog will learn.

How To Keep Dogs Out Of Flower Pots


If you have a big yard, you can make a small area for your dog that is far from your planters. You can add some toys for your dog to play with and a small area where he is allowed to dig. This will help keep your dog from digging around your planters and destroying them.

You can add a 4 to 6 feet decorative fence or create a barrier around your plants, so your dog is contained in a section of the garden. Make sure to extend the fence at least 12-inches underneath the ground, because dogs can be pretty tenacious and may burrow under the fence. Though this may cost you some money, it will help you keep your dog away from plants. 

Effective Repellents

There are some products available in the market that are non-toxic to the environment and to dogs. These repellents help discourage dogs from rooting around your flower bed. 

Also, there are some effective home alternatives that help keep dogs away from planters. Some items have strong smells that discourage dogs, such as ammonia, coffee grounds, pinecones, orange peel, clove oil etc. 


Burying pinecones under the soil’s surface will help keep dogs away from plants. When your dogs come and start digging around your plants, the sharp edges of pine cones will deter dogs from digging. However, this method is best for small dogs and not bigger ones.

Clove Oil 

If burying pinecones is not effective, clove oil will surely work out. Dogs usually do not like the smell of clove oil, and it is an effective deterrent. Just dab a few cotton balls in clove oil and bury them under the soil. The smell of the oil will be enough to deter your dog from the plants.

How To Keep Dogs Out Of Flower Pots

Uncomfortable Surface

You can discourage your dogs from entering your gardens by forcing them to walk on an uncomfortable surface to reach the plants. You can create a 6 to 7 feet wide border of gravel or pinecones to stop your dog from walking the path. Make sure you use items that will not harm your dog but discourage them instead.


Sometimes dogs start digging out of boredom. So it is essential to take your dogs for long walks or jogs and play with them in the park. Just try to provide them with enough mental and physical stimulation. A well-exercised dog will not want to dig in the garden and prevent and cure them with many bad habits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Keep Dogs Out Of Planters?

There are many methods, but the best one is to train the dogs to stay out of the planters.

There are different ways to keep your dog out of planters. One best way is to place your plants in a flower pot with a drainage hole. This way, water can flow easily out of the plant. You can train your dog, install fences, use dog repellents and create a play zone away from plants for your dogs.

How Do I Keep My Dog Out Of My Flower Garden?

Put a barrier made of thorny branches, pinecones or gravel in order to reach the flowers.

To keep your dogs out of your flower garden, you can set some thorny branches in the ground or install a chicken wire to protect your flower bed.

Do Coffee Grounds Keep Dogs Away?

Yes, they do. 

To keep dogs away from your garden, mix some coffee grounds with bitter orange peels and spread them around your garden. 

How Do You Protect Indoor Plants From Your Dog?

Keep them at a height and out of reach of your dog.

Inhouse plants can be one of the sources of entertainment for your dog, especially during rainy days or just when they are in a bad mood. One way to protect your pants from your dog is to keep them out of reach by hanging the plants in baskets or shelves.

Final Thoughts

You need a lot of patience and commitment to training your dog from digging your garden and destroying the plants. Proper training and exercise are some of the best ways to keep your dog from picking any bad habits in the first place. 

We have discussed different ways to help keep dogs out of flower pots and hopefully protect your plants from destruction. Thank you for reading the article, and do leave us your comments and queries in the comment section below.

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