How To Keep Dog From Opening Door?

If your dog is opening doors in your house, it can cause inconvenience and can be life-threatening. How to keep dog from opening door? Read all about it in the article below.

Dogs always want to explore various things in their environment. In most of the houses, I think there are not many things that satisfy their curiosity. So, your dog will always look for mysteries to solve.

For instance, he will like to open the doors of cabinets and cupboards in your house and see the World inside it. He may also open the door in your house and wake you up or your kids, which is quite annoying.

How To Keep Dog From Opening Door

Your pooch will apply the hit and trial method to open the door. For instance, he will apply pressure and put his mouth to open the door. If he opens the door by mistake, he will try to open all the doors, cabinets, and refrigerators inside the house to master his skills.

This habit is annoying, but it can also put your pet dog in danger. Your dog can ingest bleach inside the cabinet, which is dangerous for his life. Again, your pooch may come across a tiny knife which can put his life in danger.

The best way to keep your dog from opening doors is to use a good locking mechanism like a dog-proof latch or set up a pet gate on your cabinet door.

The article discusses different ways to keep the dog from opening the door. So, keep on reading the article for more information.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Opening the Door?

#1. Replace Lever Style Handles With Round Knobs

If your cupboard has a lever-style handle, then your furry friend can easily put his mouth or paw on the handle and try to open it. You can replace the lever-style handles with round knobs. Your dog will find it difficult to turn and twist the round knob on his paw or mouth.

#2. Use Dog Proof Door Latch

If you cannot afford to replace the knob, then you can install a door strap and latches. You can use the dog-proof door latch to make the opening of the door narrow so that your furry friend cannot enter inside. Again these are affordable and can be installed within a few minutes. You have to peel and stick to your door and door frame using a strong 3M adhesive.

#3. You Can Set Up A Pet Gate

You can set up a pet gate near the entrance of the door. But if the pet gate is not strong or tall enough, your furry friend can leap over it. So you should choose the pet gate wisely.

#4. Train Your Dog

You need to train your dog by using some command language so that your dog will learn not to open the door.

How To Keep Dog From Opening Door

#5. Use slide Lock

Your house may have sliding doors, and your pooch may try to jump on the door handle and use his weight to move enough to put his nose in the gap and open the entire door. You can insert the slide lock with no hole into the gap between the door and the other one on the back wall. Try to place it in a higher position of the door to be closed more tightly.

#6. Use Child Locks

If you keep yummy food inside the cabinet or refrigerator, your dog can easily smell it. So he will try his best to open the door. But opening the cupboard or refrigerator can not only mess up things, but also he can ingest any cleaning product which can be harmful to his health. 

Moreover, your furry friend can experiment with gravity by throwing all the expensive cups and plates inside the cupboard.

So you can install childproof locks in the cabinet or refrigerator to prevent such issues. There are various childproof locks available on the market. For instance, you can buy adhesive foam child locks. These locks have adhesive at both ends. So they will quickly attach to your kitchen cabinets, cupboard, and furniture.

#7. Keep Your Dog In a Crate

If the problem goes out of control, you can keep your dog in a crate.

#8. Avoid Encouraging This Behaviour In Your Dog

You should not encourage your dog with toys and treats when he successfully opens the door.

#9. Limit The Reasons Of Anxiety

Don’t leave your dog alone for a long time. Your dog may be anxious and begin to scratch or open the door. Similarly, take him outside for enough time to have a good amount of exercise.

Why is My Dog Opening the Door?

#1. Separation Anxiety

Your dog may try to open the door because of separation anxiety. For instance, your dog may get anxious and try to open the door to the room where you are there.

Again if you leave your pooch alone for a long time, he may be anxious to open the door and go outside.

How To Keep Dog From Opening Door

#2. Your Dog Can Smell Something Yummy

Dogs are curious to know every possible thing. They are gifted with nearly 300 million olfactory sensors. So, they can smell everything easily, which we humans cannot do. So, this can be the reason for opening the door of your house.

#3. You Are Encouraging His Behaviour

If your doggo has by mistake opened the door, and you have been praised for this work and given a lot of treats or toys, then your furry friend will continue to do that to get more treats.

#4. Boredom

Your dog may try to open the doors of your house because of boredom. He may get bored if you don’t take enough time outside to exercise.

#5. Hunger

Your dog may be hungry. So he will try to open the cabinet doors where you usually store his food.

#6. Your dog Does not Like The Room

Sometimes your pooch doesn’t like the room where he stays and wants to go out. So, he may try to open the door.

#7. Your Dog Wants To Seek Attention

If you are not spending enough time with your dog or not playing with him because of your busy schedule, he feels that you are neglecting him. So he tries something to seek your attention. 

If he fails in one, your dog tries the other to get attention. For instance, if he tries to open the door of your house and finally succeeds, you pat him or encourage him. He understands that he is getting a response by the opening door and continues doing that.

How To Keep Dog From Opening Door

Why Do Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom?

#1. Breed Traits

Some dog breeds try to follow their owner everywhere possible, including the bathroom.

#2. You Are The World For Your Puppy

The day you adopt your puppy, you can expect him to follow everywhere. You are the whole World for a puppy. So, he always wants to stay close to you, even in the bathroom.

#3. Your dog Don’t Like To Be Alone

Your dog may not like to spend time alone. So, he follows you everywhere, including the bathroom. If you don’t take your dog inside, he may lie at the door’s entrance and while till you come out from the bathroom.

#4. Your Dog Is Curious

Your dog is curious to know what you are doing inside the bathroom. So, he tries to follow you.

#5. Your Dog Is Protective

Your dog believes that it can be risky when you go to the bathroom alone. So he tries to follow you in the bathroom.

#6. Your Dog Want To Smell Various Things

Dogs always want to smell new things, and the bathroom is the perfect place for it. Your bathroom is a paradise for your pooch because he can smell soaps, shampoos, perfumes, and many more.

#7. Your dog Don’t Understand The Concept Of Privacy

Your furry friend doesn’t understand the notice of privacy. So he follows you even while going to the bathroom.

#8. Your Dog Is Expressing Love

If your furry friend picks up the toilet paper and gives you, he expresses love and affection towards you.

How To Keep Dog From Opening Door

How Do You Keep A Dog Out Of A Room Without A Door?

#1. You Can Use  A Pet Fence

Using a pet fence will restrict your dog from getting inside the room without a door. You can use a pet fence in your kitchen or any room in your house. Try to purchase a pet fence depending on the space and size of your dog.

#2. Use Scent Deterrent

The scents like vinegar, ammonia, mothballs, and others will restrict your dog from entering the room.

#3.Train Your Dog

You can train your dog to stay out of the room by using a command language.

A Few Final Words

Dogs have many good qualities like they are loyal and protective. But when these creatures get into the habit of opening a refrigerator or cabinets inside the house, it may irritate you. 

They can make the ordered things mess and may put their lives in danger. So it’s best to put dog-proof door latch or child locks on your door and cabinet.

I hope this article is informative, and please don’t forget to share this article with someone searching for this information. You can also drop us a comment in case we missed something!

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