How To Keep A Dog From Chewing Off Bandage?

Chewing bandages is dangerous because the medicine may be toxic or have side effects. This article will show you how to keep a dog from chewing off bandages.

Dogs are often found chewing and swallowing things that they shouldn’t, which puts them in danger. If your dog has been recently got a wound and has been bandaged or covered in any other way, then there is a big chance that you might find her chewing or licking it. 

How To Keep A Dog From Chewing Off Bandage

If you are wondering how to keep a dog from chewing off bandages, there are several ways such as using an E-collar, covering it up with clothing, or applying something that smells bad on it. Let us discuss bandages and how you can keep dogs away from chewing on them.

Why Do Dogs Bite Bandages?

Because it itches or hurts a lot.

One of the main reasons your dog has been trying to chew or bite a bandage is that it might be irritating him. Dogs tend to attend to every itch they feel on their skin, and medical ointments can get very itchy as the wounds heal.

If the bandages are applied to a part that they cant reach with their mouth, they rub it on other places to ease the itchy feeling. 

In most cases, dogs do so if the wound is new because it itches a lot more, but rubbing the wounds or chewing the bandages will only slow their recovery. You must ensure that they are not rubbing their wounds on other surfaces that expose them to both bacteria as well as topical medicine. 

How Do You Apply a Bandage on a Dog?

When the wound is exposed, there is a high chance that your dog might get an infection. Bandages and other coverings are the best methods to prevent that from happening. 

Bandages come in different sizes and shapes than humans. You will be able to find them easily in any vet shop or medical store that sells animals’ medical kits.

If you have a playful dog that is always active and playing, then there is a higher chance that it might get itself injured during one of its plays. 

How To Keep A Dog From Chewing Off Bandage

Knowing how to apply a bandage to your dog becomes an essential skill in such cases. You can easily use applications on your dog by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Start by disinfecting the wound with running water and then use a disinfectant to it
  • Apply proper ointment and then put the Bandage over the wound
  • Ensure that the Bandage is not too tight to cause pain to the dog or too weak to get easily removed by your dog.
  • Apply a protective covering over the wound
  • If the wound is deep and your dog has lost much blood, it is advised to prevent further blood loss and take your pet to a vet as soon as possible.

How Do You Keep a Bandage on a Dog?

You can use the following ways to make sure your furball doesn’t start licking or chewing her bandages.

Use an Elizabethian Collar

The Elizabethan collar is probably one of the best tools you can use if your dog is trying to chew the bandages off. These collars are very common, and you can easily find them in the animal shop. 

Applying it on their neck will prevent them from reaching any part of their body and will solve the problem for you very effectively.

Apply a sock or any other piece of clothing on bandages

Putting a piece of clothing on the bandages is one of the most successful methods of preventing your dog from chewing its Bandage. In most cases, dogs tend to injure their legs while running or playing, and socks can be beneficial in such circumstances.

If the wounds are on a different part of the body like the belly or neck, you can make them wear a t-shirt or a doggie tunic. 

You can also tie a cloth on the wounds to prevent them from directly reaching the Bandage. Make sure the fabric you are applying is clean and does not cause any other smell to your dog.

How To Keep A Dog From Chewing Off Bandage

Apply something that your dog doesn’t like on the Bandage

You can apply a little detergent or something similar that your dog doesn’t like to prevent them from licking or biting the bandages. Dogs are very sensitive, and they keep their distance from things that smell bad or taste bad. 

Just make sure that whatever you apply on the Bandage or the protective covering doesn’t cause any further damage to the wound or any other discomfort or itching to your dog. 

Please avoid using any spicy material as it can cause immense pain. Even a tiny portion of it happens to come near the wound.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Scratching His Shoulder?

Itching among dogs can be caused due to a vast number of reasons involving fleas, allergies, atopy, wounds, and any other reason. 

Continuous scratching can cause several problems, including skin brushes, allergies, infection, and pain. If the itching is moderate, you can try taking care of it at home, but if it gets intensified, it is better to consult an avert as soon as possible.

You must first find out the reason behind the irritation and heal it from the root. If you cannot find any particular reason behind their scratching, you can apply a little anti-scratching cream or spray or wash the body part they have been scratching. 

If the dog was not scratching earlier but has suddenly started to scratch the wound, it might be an indication that some problem has developed and you need to get a vet to inspect the wound.

You can also try covering it up or putting an Elizabethian collar on your dog to prevent them from any further scratching. Scratching is a common issue among dogs, and you can easily control it by adequately tending to their itchy portions and using proper medication.

How To Keep A Dog From Chewing Off Bandage

A Few Final Words

Dogs tend to their skin like any other animals, and it is a common habit among them to chew or bite their bandages. Although it is a pet guardian’s responsibility to prevent that from happening, chewing medication not only slows down their recovery but can also cause further damage. 

You can follow the steps and points mentioned above to prevent your dog from scratching or chewing its bandages. Try to be gentle with their wounded parts, as dogs can quickly get panicked in case they are injured or are in pain. 

If your dog is suffering from a significant injury, try giving it first aid and rush to a vet as soon as possible.  Thank you for reading, we hope this answers all the queries that you were looking to get answers for.

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