How To Get Dog Poop Out Of A Car Seat?

Cleaning dog poop is quite a daunting task, especially if the doo-doo is in your car. Learn how to get dog poop out of a car seat in simple ways. 

Pets are aggressive in new environments and often fear any sudden change in their lifestyles. While pampering your dog can be therapeutic, cleaning their feces might not be the same.

Cleaning dog poop is one common problem pet owners experience inside the car. From car anxiety, motion sickness, or uneasiness, there are many reasons why your dog poops inside the car. 

Therefore, it is vital to understand how to clean dog poop out of car seats. I will share with you some ways how to get dog poop out of the car seat and clean the affected area effectively. 

Why Do Dogs Poop In The Car?

No matter how much a dog enjoys a car ride, few breeds still prefer to keep traveling at bay. Some breeds happen to bear hypersensitivity issues which makes them feel travel anxiety. Below are a few probable causes behind dog pooping in the car. 

Motion Sickness

When pet owners are unaware of their dog behavior, unfortunate incidents can happen. One such common problem among dogs is the urge to throw up. 

Motion sickness can occur when you feed your dog right before a ride, eventually making them sick. When your dog feels sick or bloated, it will end up pooping inside the car. 


Just as humans, dogs sometimes suffer from fear or anxiety issues. The fear of traveling can arise from varied reasons. 

Firstly, your dog can fear traveling if the experience is new, and some breeds are quite sensitive to indulging in new environments and pooping out fear. Secondly, your dog can also poop if unfamiliar with long travel distances. 

Lack Of Training

Pet parents, particularly those with no experience, fail to identify the changing dog behavior. Since dogs use non-verbal communication, you should be well aware when your dog feels discomfort. Keeping an eye throughout can be impossible, but a little potty training can go a long way, particularly when your dog is young and lacks social skills. 

Removing Dog Poop

Cleaning a dog mess can be tricky. If you think removing feces and rubbing stains would help you do away with poop stains, you will be wrong. It is important to disinfect the area with cleaning detergents as any waste left behind can have harmful bacteria. 

Nevertheless, there are few homemade remedies to get rid of dog feces, stains, and awful smells. You can find these materials in the kitchen or your nearby grocery store. 

Method 1: Using Plastic Bag

Plastics are helpful when it comes to picking up any waste. As long as you invest in biodegradable plastic bags, you are keeping yourself safe. Using plastic bags to pick out dog waste is one of the most effective methods. 

What You’ll need:

  • Biodegradable Plastic bags or doggie bags
  • Trash can

How to get dog poop out of a car seat:

  • Step 1: Before taking your dog for a drive, make sure to invest in a few large plastic bags beforehand. This will be helpful to avoid last-minute rush and get away with cleaning easily. 
  • Step 2: Turn the bag inside out and wear the bag like you wear a glove. 
  • Step 3: Pick up the dog poop out of the car seat. Keep in mind to not force your hands as poop can penetrate the seat’s fabric. 
  • Step 4: Bring the bag to its original position using your other hand. Now, tie up the bag securely.
  • Step 5: Visit a nearby park or any garbage container. Dump the bag into the trash can. 

Method 2: Use Your Pooper Scooper

Scoopers are a great option if you are uncomfortable picking up dog mess using your hands. Apart from being readily available in any pet store, scoopers eliminate the risk of getting yourself contaminated with bacterial waste. 

What you’ll need:

  • Scooper
  • Plastic bag

How to clean dog poop out of car seats:

  • Step 1: Buy a well-built scooper with a spade attachment. Scoopers attached with a spade will pick up solid waste.
  • Step 2: Keep a plastic bag handy to throw away the poop inside as soon as you grab it. 
  • Step 3: Find a garbage can nearby and dump your bag.
  • Step 4: Clean the scooper right after using it. Follow this step religiously as any remaining waste can eventually pose a major health risk. 

How do you get the poop out of a car seat?

Place cardboard close to the poop. Now, pick up the poop drawing it over the cardboard with the help of a spatula. Make sure to wear gloves while doing so. 

How do you get dog poop out of car upholstery?

Use white vinegar to treat the poop stains as its acidic properties will remove stains and smells completely. Mix one part of vinegar to two parts of water and scrub the area until the stain is gone.

Cleaning the Stains And Smells

Once done with removing feces from a car seat, the next step is to eliminate the stains and smells. So, next time you drive your dog, carry a few basic cleaning agents with you. 

Baking soda

Sprinkle a baking soda to cover the entire stain. Dab it over and leave it for 2 hours—ingredients like baking soda wipes off the dust, grime or poop stains in no time. 

Now, remove the excess particles with the help of mild dish soap and water. If your car seat happens to be made of leather, consider using a car seat moisturizer. 

Solution of Dishwash Detergent and Warm water

Mix a ½ cupful of dishwasher into two cups of water. Dip a soft sponge into the solution. Scrub the entire stain firmly. Wipe off the solution by using a clean wet cloth. 

How Do You Stop Your Dog From Pooping In the Car?

Train your dog and make them familiar with the car interiors. Car anxiety is the most probable reason behind dog pooping in the car, so you can also use some anxiety medication. However, only do this after consultation with your doctor.

Final Words

Expecting an unpleasant dog incident can make pet owners frown for all obvious reasons. While avoiding dog poops can make you feel apologetic, knowing how to clean dog poop out of a car seat will help to avoid any embarrassing situations. 

Thank you for reading, we hope our step-by-step guide was useful in getting the poop out of your car! You might also like to read our reviews of the best dog pooper scoopers for grass and rocky surfaces.