How Much Do Vizsla Puppies Sleep? Is 20 Hours Of Sleep Enough?

Puppies sleep a lot, but Vizsla’s seem to be doing nothing but sleeping! Unsure about how much do Vizsla puppies sleep? Read on to know more.

Vizslas are a very active breed of puppies. Traditionally, they were used for hunting, but now they are also famous for their loyalty and companionship. 

Vizslas can play the whole day, and they also work very hard. With this, they have a good sleeping pattern and quite a long one too. They need a good quality of sleep at night and 2-3 hours of sleep in the afternoon. 

The sleep pattern also depends on their age. Puppies sleep more as compared to an adult vizsla. To know more about the sleeping patterns of Vizsla puppies during their growth period, read our article How Much Do Vizsla Puppies Sleep.

How Much Do Vizsla Puppies Sleep?

Are Vizslas Low Energy Dogs?

No, the Vizsla breed of dogs is known to have a lot of energy. These are Hungarian breeds of dogs that are famous for their versatility. They are known to be hunting dogs meaning they are fast and agile. 

They appear like true athletes. With their muscular appearance, they also look thinner than other dogs. In the old times, these dogs were bred for outdoor purposes as they were very fast. They have high endurance levels supporting the hunting days productively.

These features clearly explain that Vizsla dogs are full of energy and require regular exercise to keep them under control and manage them easily. 

The high-energy levels of the Vizslas make them the best companions for those who love dogs with athletic skills and enjoy playing with them outdoors for longer duration and handle these energy levels productively.

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How Many Hours Do A 10-Day Old Puppy Sleep?

How important is sleep for a puppy?

Sleep for a puppy is essential for its vital functionality. It will help conserve the puppy’s energy, keep the immune system better, and maintain their psychological health. 

Also, if you deprive a puppy of sleep, it will affect the puppy’s development resulting in behavioral problems of the puppy and may also lead to neuronal death

How Much Do Vizsla Puppies Sleep?

Early Sleep Patterns

In the first two months of their lives, puppies spend their time sleeping. The sleep time can range between 18-20 hours every day. They may stay awake for only four hours a day. This sleep time of the puppy will help it to revive the learnings it had that day. 

A 10-day old puppy will sleep most of its day as its internal development takes place during sleep. After having a good night’s sleep, the puppy stays active in the morning, followed by a rest period. 

Sleep Cycle and Protective Sleep

The sleep cycle of the puppy is distributed in the day as follows: sleep after playing, after learning a new skill, sleep after a walk, or after having its food.  

But if your puppy has any negative experience during the day, it will fall asleep suddenly and quickly with no schedule. This type of sleep is called protective sleep, and this happens because the puppy is going through a stressful time.

Whenever you notice any change in the sleep cycle of the puppy, it will indicate that they have gone through a bad experience that particular day. 

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Setting Your Puppy’s Sleep Pattern

If you are a new puppy owner, you can develop a sleeping pattern in your puppy where you can set its official sleep timing in the night, and where you want it to sleep depends on your choice.

Remember that the younger the puppy’s age is, the more sleep it requires to grow into a healthy dog.

How Much Do Vizsla Puppies Sleep?

How Much Is A 7-Week Old Puppy Supposed To Sleep?

Normally, the sleep cycle depends on the age of the puppy. But, it also depends on the daily activity of the puppy. A seven-week-old puppy is very small and needs a lot of care and attention as it is physically vulnerable, requiring constant monitoring. 

A 7-week old puppy is supposed to be awake for nearly eight hours a day which explains that it has to sleep for sixteen hours. 

It is essential as the 7-week old puppy is considered juvenile and requires control of the brain for healthier growth. 

It is considered to achieve maturity when it reaches the age of one, so it has to sleep for these long hours to develop its mind and body. These puppies may be active for that point in time and may suddenly go into a nap for rest. 

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How Much Sleep Is Too Much For A Puppy?

There is very little limitation on the puppy’s sleep cycle. The average period of the puppy’s sleeping schedule, where their age is between eight to eighteen weeks, is nearly twenty hours. Puppies sleep almost the entire day.

But there are two scenarios where you must worry about the fact if you feel that your puppy is sleeping too much :

Abnormal Sleeping Pattern

It is never an abnormal situation if your puppy sleeps for long, as the longer they sleep, the healthier the puppy’s growth is. But this has a limitation.

If you notice any sudden change in the sleep cycle of the puppy, which may be affecting its behavior, then; this is an indication that your puppy is sleeping too much, and you must meet your vet because this is a complete change in the sleep pattern of your puppy, which may affect its mental health.

How Much Do Vizsla Puppies Sleep?

Sudden Environmental Changes

If you have suddenly changed your house or the surroundings of the puppy where it has been living, or if someone new came to stay at home with you and the puppy is not familiar with them, there may be a change in the sleep schedule. 

It can also happen when you have introduced a new pet into your family, and this may cause anxiety in your puppy, and it may sleep longer to address its stress levels. It is for a short period, and if it extends longer, you can meet your vet.

By What Time, Vizsla Puppies Should Go To Bed?

There is no right time set in stone to put your pup to sleep. But, according to their sleep cycle, vizsla puppies need 10-12 hours of sleep at night. 

So, you can make a routine where they also enjoy the sun’s heat in the early times of the day and accordingly you can send them to the bed. 

So it will depend on the official sleeping pattern at night apart from the morning naps, which you will train with your puppy. 

To develop an effective sleeping pattern in the vizsla puppies, make a routine for the puppy and give enough daily activities in the daytime, which will help have a quality sleep by the vizsla puppy in the nights.

How Much Do Vizsla Puppies Sleep?

Wrap Up

Vizsla puppies are fun to be with and are lovable ones. Building a healthy relationship with these puppies from an early age will help in increasing their socialization as they grow older. These puppies are active and love playing outdoors, so helping them to do so will help in developing a productive and quality sleep pattern for your puppy. 

You must always be active around these puppies and keep them active by playing or giving them some chewable toys keeping them busy. 

Healthy daily activity will develop a healthy sleep cycle for these puppies, helping prevent any growth issues as the puppies grow older. If you own a Vizsla puppy and want to share its sleeping pattern with us, the comment section is open for you!