How Long Do Puppy Crazies Last? Will They Be A Problem?

Is your puppy going crazy at some point? Read on to know more about how long do puppy crazies last.

All new puppy owners dread the crazies. Your puppy will run around in circles, jump on the furniture, and bite anything available. But this is part of a puppy’s growth, so don’t worry

It is important to understand a puppy’s temperament and help it get through this stage. But when will the puppy crazies stop? Continue reading to find out! 

Understanding Puppy Crazies

Puppies have various stages of development. Their energy levels increase, and they tend to get quite unruly. Puppies act crazy during certain periods, especially when they have growth spurts.

At 10 to 16 weeks, puppies have endless energy. They are still playful. But they might start testing limits. You will find that your puppy is refusing to follow certain commands. Puppies also start losing their first set of teeth during this stage. This makes them bitey. 

How Long Do Puppy Crazies Last

When a puppy is 4 to 6 months old, the crazies increase. They start play-fighting and try to assert their dominance. During this stage, some puppies start to feel scared. So, this is also a good time to start confidence training.  

When do puppy crazies happen? 

Puppies usually go crazy early in the morning or in the evening. Puppy crazies can also happen before or after certain activities. For example, your puppy might start having zoomies after dinner. Your puppy might also have crazies when it needs to go potty. If your puppy gets crazies after dinner, feed only a part of the meal. Then take your puppy outside for a run. Give your puppy a Kong with wet food or a squeaky toy

If the crazies happen in the morning, let your puppy burn off that energy. Give a couple of treats and let it chew on toys. You can also play tug. 

How long do puppy crazies last? 

Puppy crazies last till 6 to 9 months of age in most puppies. But it depends on the puppy’s nature. For most puppies, the crazies stage can continue till two years of age. Puppies usually get crazies during the ranking and adolescence stages.

How Long Do Puppy Crazies Last

The ranking stage is when the puppy tries to determine its rank within the “pack” or the household. This leads to the puppy pushing pre-established boundaries. A puppy will start teething and chewing. This will increase its need to bite. 

During adolescence, your puppy is likely to challenge members of its pack. Since it views you as a part of the pack, your puppy might start ignoring commands for a while. This stage also prompts another round of biting and chewing.  

Once these stages are over, puppies calm down a lot. But this doesn’t mean that they won’t have any more crazies. Zoomies may happen out of frustration if your puppy is hungry, overexcited, or wants to go to the potty.  

How to handle puppy crazies?

If your puppy is constantly running, jumping, and biting, it can get difficult. You cannot completely prevent the crazies. But you can minimize them or help the puppy calm down quickly. Here are a few ways to handle puppy crazies

How Long Do Puppy Crazies Last
  • If your puppy is having zoomies, let it go outside. As there is more space, your puppy will feel more comfortable. 
  • Let your puppy run around after dinner. This helps to burn energy, and your puppy will feel tired enough to sleep. 
  • Buy chewy toys for your puppy. The crazies are characterized by constant biting and chewing. Your puppy might even nibble on your hands or nip at your ankles. Give them a chew toy and keep fresh ones in hand. Your puppy will want a new toy every 20 seconds. 
  • Stock up on bones that your puppy finds delicious. Puppies will not want just to chew toys. So you should give them a bone. As they are teething, a bone will keep them occupied for a long time. 
  • Crazies happen when a puppy is growing. So your puppy is going to be hungry. If necessary, give your puppy more food. You can also introduce snacks and treats throughout the day. 

There are certain things that you should not do when your puppy has crazies. The first is to not restrain your puppy. You also shouldn’t make hand gestures. This distracts the puppy, and it will want to attack your hands instead. Lastly, don’t be too harsh. Let the crazies stop naturally. If you scold your puppy, it may direct its behavior towards you.

People Also Ask

How long does the crazy puppy stage last?

The crazy puppy stage can last till 6 to 9 months of age. This usually depends on the breed of the puppy. The crazies also depend on the temperament of the puppy. Puppies that are good-natured tend to mature faster. In some puppies, it can take 18 to 24 months for the crazies to stop.

How Long Do Puppy Crazies Last

How long do puppy zoomies last?

Puppy zoomies happen for just a few minutes. For some puppies, the zoomies may continue for about 10 minutes. But soon after that, they will calm down. This stage lasts for a while. Puppies tend to grow out of the zoomies stage as they mature. Your puppy may stop having zoomies at six months of age or continue till 9 to 18 months.  

How long does puppy witching hour last?

The witching hour is usually from 5 to 8 p.m. every evening. The witching hour usually lasts about 5 to 10 minutes. This period may extend at times. During the witching hour, a puppy will want to bite anything soft. The witching hour is a very normal period in every puppy, and it is a part of their development.  

How do I deal with my puppy’s witching hour?

To help your puppy get through the witching hour, you will need to buy a bunch of chew toys. You can also buy some good-quality bones. Your puppy will want a new toy or bone every 20 to 30 seconds during the witching hour. 

How Long Do Puppy Crazies Last

Puppies may want to bite something soft. So squeaky toys or braided fleece toys can also help. 

Keep a puzzle toy like Kong ready in the refrigerator. This is for when your puppy keeps biting. Smear the Kong with some cheese, peanut butter, or wet puppy food. You can even add a few pieces of hot dogs. The frozen Kong will soothe a puppy’s teeth. 

The witching hour is a good time to introduce some discipline. If a puppy is super bitey, stop all play. Then slowly start it again and give a treat after 5 minutes. Use commands like “drop it” when the puppy is biting something. You can also play fetch with your puppy to work off some energy. 

Make sure that your puppy is not hungry. This will add to the agitation. Witching hours usually happen around growth spurts. During this time, puppies need to eat more. If they are hungry, they will act out. Give a smelly treat before the witching hour starts.

How Long Do Puppy Crazies Last

If you have children in the house, try to keep them calm. Puppies tend to have crazies if the children are unruly.

Don’t Worry About Puppy Crazies Too Much; They Are Just a Phase!

That’s all you need to know about puppy crazies! Don’t worry too much as your puppy will soon grow up. If this article helps you handle your puppy, share it with other dog lovers. Leave a comment at what stage your puppy is at.