How Long Can You Board A Dog?

How long can you board a dog before he starts experiencing symptoms of distress, anxiety and depression? Experts say about two weeks, but we say that no dog should have to stay away from its human for so long.

The purpose of a vacation is to unwind with someone you care about. If a dog-friendly road trip isn’t possible, choosing to leave your dog behind can be a stressful experience. Boarding your dog at a reliable kennel is a fantastic choice (and a must-do for some puppies!). 

For most dogs, two weeks is the maximum amount of time they should be boarded. Of course, each dog is unique, and the length of time you can board yours is determined by its age, temperament, boarding experience, and social abilities.

How Long Can You Board A Dog

No one likes being left alone, and that’s especially true for some of us humans. If you’re one of the many, who work long hours each day, leaving your pet home alone could be a death sentence — not to mention it can also make life difficult for the neighbors. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to house-train your pets without sacrificing precious moments at work or compromising their safety. But before you get too excited, here’s a look at the different boarding options out there and how long your dog can be boarded while they’re waiting.

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Are Dogs Traumatized By Boarding?

Yes, if you leave them for a long time, they can get traumatized.

You may be required to remain away from home for several days. You’ll need someone to look after your dog if this happens. Traditional boarding kennels may not be ideal for your dog because they may not receive adequate attention.

While it may appear to be a reasonable option, boarding your dog in a standard kennel while you’re gone may be more harmful than beneficial. Dogs left in kennels often experience excessive anxiety, medical problems, and behavioral changes due to their abandonment.

Is your dog uncomfortable while being boarded in a kennel, or do they seem anxious when you pick them up? When a dog is being boarded, the first thing that will usually happen is the kennel will be opened by staff, and the dogs’ surroundings will be revealed. 

Many people believe that this can cause the dogs to feel trapped. This type of trauma typically does not occur because the dogs will have already been exposed to the kennel before it is time for boarding.

The way a dog behaves while they are being boarded is usually due to their owner’s behavior rather than their anxiety while they are away from their home. If a dog is accustomed to being on its own, with little interaction with people, he will likely be fine while they are boarded. 

How Long Can You Board A Dog

However, if the dog is used to constant interaction with its owner, it will probably have some sort of anxiety while it is away.

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Dogs are often taken to boarding facilities by their owners because they do not want the responsibility of leaving their dogs at home while they go away. This can cause a large amount of anxiety in both the dog and the owners because they are leaving their dogs alone for some time outside their homes.

The best thing a dog owner can do while they are away is to make sure their dog has been exposed to the kennel environment before they are boarded. This will ensure that their dogs do not have any problems at the boarding facility.

Why Do Dogs Act Weird After Boarding?

Because they might start facing abandonment and separation anxiety.

If you’ve never put your dog in a boarding, you may not know, but your dog will not be the same happy and chirpy guy that you know and love when you come back. This is a common occurrence and is simply a response to how he adjusts to the environement

This behavior is common after a kennel board, but it can indicate one of two things: tension or your dog is sulking. This can present itself in various ways; for example, when dogs feel worried, they may avoid eye contact. They can also sniff around on the ground and appear distant or preoccupied.

Every dog reacts to stress uniquely. Changing locations, diets, and routines in your dog’s life can cause stress. After bringing up your dog from a boarding kennel, you may notice one or more of these five changes. Most of them will vanish in a day or two. 

How Long Can You Board A Dog

Talk to your vet if it lasts longer than three days or is a significant departure from your dog’s normal routine.

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When placed in the right environment, animals can handle the separation anxiety they may experience during their absence. Some dogs may simply cry or stare blankly without proper monitoring, while others will act out in aggressive mannerisms.

This is why proper training and monitoring are essential to providing a safe environment for dogs and humans. Simply put, animals cannot be left in any environment to their own devices because they are unable to properly care for themselves.

The result of an unstable environment is a lack of animal control for the dogs and plenty of potential behavioral issues, leading to aggression and other dangerous reactions during the dog’s stay at the boarding facility.

Is It Cruel To Board A Dog?

Yes, it is cruel to board a dog for an extended period.

Have you ever wondered whether or not your pet will be okay once they are boarded? What is going through their mind when they return home after a long day at the office? Would it help to know if they slept while in kennels, or would you rather find out when they come back home? 

Maybe you want to know more because of a recent incident and want to prevent it from happening again. Whatever the reason, there are a few things that can help you better understand your dog’s behavior after being boarded.

How Long Can You Board A Dog

Dogs can exhibit different types of behavior when they return home after being boarded, depending on the length of stay and how positive or negative their experience may have been. 

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Your dog may appear to be completely fine, or they may appear withdrawn, depressed, and scared. The good news is that this type of behavior is temporary, and most dogs will eventually return to normal within 48 hours.

Fear-related behavior is the most common when dogs return home after being boarded. Dogs that exhibit fear-related behavior may appear depressed, withdrawn, skittish, and aggressive. 

These dogs may also be difficult to approach by unfamiliar people. Fear-related behavior is normal for dogs after being in an environment with little to no human contact. However, if this behavior continues for more than 48 hours, you should talk to your veterinarian.

Will My Dog Forget Me After Two Weeks?

No, if the bond is strong, the dog will likely remember you for much longer.

The dogs will never forget their owners, even if it takes longer. Their incredible sense of scent and face recognition expertise assist them in recalling their masters as soon as they see them. 

They are often unaware of the passage of time. Dogs would never forget their master with whom they have had a friendly association, even if separated for several years.

When dogs are separated from their owners for longer, they show more love and care for them. As a result, even if you hand your dog away for training, the dogs will remember you.

Separation anxiety affects dogs who have been separated from their prior owners or whose masters have gone away for numerous years for any cause.

How Long Can You Board A Dog

You might inquire about this with your carer or other family members. 

Shifting your dog to a new house can be a challenging experience for dogs. You’ll notice how happy or delighted the dogs are to see their owners after such a long period. No dog has ever been able to impersonate its owner. So it’s impossible to forget the owner in just two weeks. That is how the memory of a dog works.

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How Long Do Dogs Take To Get Used To Their New Owners?

It depends on how old the dog is. Puppies can get used to quickly, whereas older dogs may take a lot of time.

This is mainly dependent on the dog’s age and history. The transition might be relatively swift if the child is only 2 to 4 months old. Puppies who are 12 weeks old or less than that can attach quickly and easily. The dogs come from a stable and healthy environment as they get older, with many memories of their previous owners. As a result, bonding and trust require time.

According to an expert, a visit from the former owner is not a bad idea, provided the dog is pleased and adjusting well to the new home. 

However, if your dog isn’t having trouble adjusting to his new home and is frequently worried, it’s best to keep your distance from the prior owner. This can leave them even more distraught, making it difficult to acclimate to their new surroundings.

How Long Can You Board A Dog

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A Few Final Words

If you can’t take your dog everywhere, you might have to board your dog. However, your dog might not like this new arrangement. Also, don’t worry that your dog will forget you after some time. 

It is much simpler for them to recall a person they are related to when they have a strong sense of scent or sight. It can be an expression of any feeling.

However, they have short-term memory when it comes to some events or experiences. As a result, dogs are regarded as the most lovable, loyal, and trustworthy creatures.

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