How Do I Stop Hating My Dog?

How do I stop hating my dog? Perhaps your dog may start to annoy you with its clingy habits and bad behavior, but getting a dog is a lifelong responsibility, there’s no turning back. Read on to know how to accept dogs as they are.

The big round eyes with a large head and button nose of a puppy can attract anyone to take their home. But bringing a puppy to your home comes with challenges, and at some point, of time you might even start hating your dog. 

For instance, dogs require constant daily care, which may have become a burden for you because of your busy schedule. Moreover, they poop and pee anywhere they like in your house, chew on your furniture, and start humping things after they reach puberty. 

How Do I Stop Hating My Dog

Sometimes they may bark without any reason, which does not let you concentrate on your work. Well, this happens with many dog owners at one point of time in their life or the other. So, don’t read too much into these feelings, they will pass and with time you will grow to love your dog again. 

I will discuss a few ways to help rekindle the joy you once felt petting your pup and playing with him in the sun. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Do I Hate My Dog?

A dog is just like your baby. You share your food and bed with your furry friend and even take him out for a brisk walk or play with him.

But at some point, you might start hating your dog because of the constant effort and maintenance they require. There can be many potential reasons for hating your dog. I am listing some of them below.

#1. Your Dog Is Requiring Daily Care

Once you bring a dog to your home, you need to care for him daily. For instance, you need to feed him at the proper time and take him for a walk outside or play with him. It may not be possible daily for you because of your busy schedule, and consequently, it causes you to hate your dog.

#2. Your Dog Licks You Frequently

You may love your dog but don’t like licking your face time whenever you go close to him or feed him. It may annoy you, and you start hating your dog.

#3. Your Dog Smells A Lot

You wash your dog regularly, but still, you can feel a different smell coming from your dog, and it forces you to keep him a few feet away. It may make you angry, and you start hating your dog.

How Do I Stop Hating My Dog

#4. Your Dog Barks A Lot

Barking can be a reason for hating your dog. You may be coming home from a long day of work and want to eat food and take a rest. But your dog’s continuous barking without any reason makes you irritate and get annoyed. 

If it disturbs your sleep regularly, you may start to hate your dog because lack of sleep can affect every aspect of your life..

#5. Your Dog Is Peeing In The House

You try your best to house train your dog or teach him to do pee and poo outside. But he usually does pee or poop anywhere in your house. 

You have to clean the floor each time because your doggo uses the whole house for peeing and pooping which smells a lot. It makes you yell and start hating your dog.

#6. Your Dog Is Not Letting You Rest

Sometimes you bring a puppy to your home because he is cute. But after bringing it home, he makes a mess everywhere and is not allowed to take a rest for a while. So it can be the reason for hating your dog.

#7. Your Expectations are High From Your Dog

You may expect everything best from your dog, and unfortunately, he cannot fulfill it. It makes you angry, and finally, you start hating your dog.

How Do I Stop Hating My Dog

How Can I Stop Hating My Dog?

I am describing below a few suggestions which may help you in stopping to hate your dog.

#1. Spend Time With Your Pet Dog

Your relationship with your dog can get stronger if you spend more time with your dog. Find time from your busy schedule and take him out and play his favorite game or walk with him for a long distance. 

You may sit on the floor for extra time and snuggle with your puppy or give him his favorite treats. You may even take an online class to know some tricks that strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

#2. Manage Your Dog In A Correct Way

Managing your puppy correctly may help you in loving your doggo once again. For instance, if your dog is running everywhere or biting anything on your house, he may feel exhausted and want to rest. A puppy usually sleeps for more than 20 hours a day. 

Insufficient sleep can make him move around everywhere like a mad dog, or he can become extra naughty. You need to think of your doggo as an overtired toddler. 

The best thing will be to use a baby gate or crate that your doggo can use to take a break. You can give him plenty of toys or favorite food to calm him down and rest for some time.

How Do I Stop Hating My Dog

#3. Communicate With Your Dog Clearly

You should communicate with your dog correctly to maintain a healthy relationship. Remember, dogs always give more importance to visual signals than verbal language. So, while training your dog, give priority to the visual signals.

#4. Try To Feed Your Dog Something Interesting

You can cook some favorite food for your dog and feed him. Alternatively, you can focus on some healthy and nutritious food for your dog. It will help in strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

#5.Train Your Dog

Training your dog is an excellent way to have a healthy relationship. It reduces frustration because your dog will start doing things you want.  

You can train your dog to poo and pee outside the house or in a designated area. Some dogs have the habit of biting everything or digging carpet or anything lying on the floor of the house. You have to teach him properly by using some command language so that he will stay outside of the carpet area.

 Well, training your dog takes a lot of time and effort. Your dog will not be thoroughly trained and do pee and poo outside just in one day. 

So, give training with patience. If he takes time to learn things, then don’t scold him. It will make things worse. Try to provide training on the next day. If he does something you want, give him favorite treats to encourage him.

If potty training or pee training for your dog is giving you a lot of stress, contact any professional or dog trainer. He will guide you through some easy steps to train your dog.

How Do I Stop Hating My Dog

#6. Try To Remain Calm

If your dog is doing mischievous things, don’t yell, shout, or punish him. It can make things worse.

#7. Try To Learn More About Your Dog Behaviour

You should pay attention to your dog’s body language and identify the signs that may him feel anxious or nervous. Dogs usually go to one corner or move to the bathroom when they feel nervous or anxious. 

They behave differently than usual if you leave a long time alone in the house. Hearing some loud noise can also make dogs nervous.

So, you have to find out what is making your dog anxious or nervous, and then you can effectively take some steps to get rid of it.

#8. Give Attention To The Likes And Dislikes Of Your Dog

You should give importance to the likes and dislikes of your dog to maintain a good relationship. For instance, some dogs don’t want to be dressed up in clothes or when someone hugs them. If you do such a thing, it will irritate your dog.

#9. Pat Your Dog Affectionately

Patting and grooming your dog are excellent ways to enhance the bond between you and your dog. You should love your dog as a friend or family member and not as an animal.

How Do I Stop Hating My Dog

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How do I get over hating my dog?

Don’t shout or yell at your dog.
Try to observe your dog’s body language and identify the signs that make him feel uncomfortable so that you can try your best to get rid of things that make him feel nervous and anxious.
Praise your dog if he does something good.

#2. Is it normal to hate your dog?

It’s normal to hate your dog at some point in life. For example, if your dog is peeing or pooping here and there in your house, it irritates you, or you may lose your temper and start hating your dog.

#3. Do dogs know if you hate them?

Yes, dogs tend to read the emotion of human beings. Your body language and voice will tell them whether you hate, like, or are afraid of them.

#4. What is it called when you hate dogs?

Its called cynophobia. Cynophobia has derived from the Greek word cyno means dog, and phobia means fear. An individual with cynophobia fear or hate dogs.

#5. Is the fear of dogs irrational?

A person with cynophobia usually fears dogs. Cynophobia is purely irrational, like other phobias.

#6. Is it ok to be afraid of dogs?

Cynophobia is quite common, like other phobias. Children and adults with cynophobia usually go out of their way to avoid dogs.

#7. Can a dog hate you?

Yes, a dog can hate. Your dog can hate you because of several reasons. I am listing some of them below
You don’t spend enough time with your dog.
You are hugging your dog too tight, which he doesn’t like.
You are always punishing or scolding him.
You are leaving your dog alone for an extended period.

#8. Do dogs see us as parents?

Yes, a puppy can think of you as his mother. When you play, feed, and take care of your puppy, he develops an emotional bond with you. He quickly recognizes you among strangers both by smell and vision.

A Few Final Words

It’s easy to bring a cute puppy to your home but challenging to take care of him every day. It can lead you to regret bringing the puppy home, and you even start hating him. But as he gets older, things will become easy, and he will become your best friend.

You should not lose your temper if your puppy disobeys you or pee and poop anywhere in your house. You need to train for several days so that he will do his business in the designated area. Again, try to spend more time with your dog so that he will develop a strong bond with you.

Thank you for reading, we hope this article would have helped give you some ideas on how to rekindle your love for your dog.