How Did Gabe The Dog Die?

Do you remember Gabe, the instant internet sensation for borking? Gabe went to doggie heaven in 2017. How did Gabe the dog die, and what were his last moments like? Read this tribute to the famous borking pupper.

Gabe, the dog, died on the 19th of January 2017 due to some heart condition. His family announced his death on its official page on the 20th of January.

Gabe was 12 years old when it died, which is equivalent to 84 years in dog years. Given his unique style of howling and barking, his human family decided to make videos of him barking and uploaded them on the internet. 

The videos went viral, and Gabe became an internet sensation with its unique barking style, which people on the internet termed ‘borking’.

Despite the dog not being their own, people from all around the world posted tributes to Gabe with videos, photos, and posts to say a final goodbye to the dog.

People talked about how the videos of Gabe helped them deal with their depression and bond with people. Since Gabe was an older dog adopted from a dog shelter, people also shared how they adopted older dogs from shelters across the world.

Here’s Gabe’s original video that went viral:


When Did Gabe The Dog Died?

On 19th Jan, 2017. Gabe will be missed by all his fans in the world.

Gabe, the dog, was a miniature pomeranian and American Eskimo dog. He was an older dog, and he died as a result of heart conditions on the 19th of January 2017. He had been suffering from heart conditions for quite a long time, and that, along with his old age, became a factor for his death.

His family announced Gabe the dog’s death on their official Facebook page with a post on the 20th of January 2017 explaining the cause of his death. Even with his health condition, his family said that he died peacefully with a smile on his face.

Gabe became viral because of his unique barking style and became a meme. People from all over the world used Gabe’s funny barking video to remix some songs, and some of the videos gathered more than half a million views. His popularity knew no bounds, and he even went on to be featured on national television in Japan.

Once the news of his death spread, messages and tributes from around the world started pouring into the comment section of his official page.

People talked about how Gabe the dog helped them when they were depressed and helped them bond with friends. Since Gabe the dog was adopted, some people also commented that he inspired them to adopt older dogs from dog shelters.

Gabe's last words..

Why Is Gabe The Dog So Popular?

Yes, Gabe died because of some heart disease, as his family announced on his official Facebook page on the 20th of January 2017. He had been suffering from a heart condition for some time, and his old age became a factor in his death. Even while suffering from a disease, he went peacefully and smiled without complications and pain.

Gabe was six years old when his family adopted him from an animal shelter. Even though he was already in his senior years when he was adopted, he spent six happy years with them because of the love and care from his new family.

Gabe was 12 years old when he died, equivalent to 84 dog years. Regardless of how his earlier years went, he lived the second half of his life with a loving and caring family, which extends way beyond his official family.

Due to his unique barking style, termed as ‘borking’ in videos that his family uploaded on the internet as a joke for their friends, he went viral. People took his videos and made them into a meme by remixing videos of Gabe the dog borking with several popular songs. His popularity knew no bound with him becoming a global sensation. He even featured on national television in Japan.

Even though Gabe the dog was not their dog, people from all around the world shared tributes to the dog who felt like their own. His family said that even though he was suffering, his borking never stopped, and all he did was spread joy in their life with his dancing, borking, and loving. He not only was a joy for his family but brought happiness to millions of people on the internet.

Who is The Owner of Gabe The Dog?

The owner of Gabe the dog is Gravycp, a youtube user. It was 2013 when Gravycp first uploaded a video of Gabe the dog barking. 

Due to the dog’s unique barking style or borking, as people named it, he went viral. The video of the Gabe the dog barking was not what went viral; it was the dozens of remixes that featured the barking video with several music videos.

Is Gabe The Dog a Dead Meme?

Gabe became a meme due to his unique barking style. His owner Gravycp uploaded a video of Gabe barking on youtube and unknowingly made him a meme. 

While the original video did not get as many views, many people took the video of Gabe the dog barking and remixed it with other music videos. All those videos were funny, and some went viral to gather more than half a million views.

A meme goes viral on the internet, and after some time, people forget about it. Gabe went viral with its unique style of barking and people loved all his remixed videos. He never became a dead meme.

Enjoy this compilation of Gabe’s top 10 memes:

Top 10 gabe the dog remix

Did Gabe the Dog Have a Funeral?

Gabe died on the 19th of January 2017, with his family announcing his death on the 20th of January on his official Facebook page. His family may have organized a private funeral for him, but there was no public funeral for Gabe.

However, when his family announced his death, the comment section on their post was flooded with people from all over the world expressing their grief over his death. Even though the dog was not their own, he still felt like their own to people.

Is Doge Still Alive 2021?

Yes, Doge was still alive in 2021. Several rumors have been about the Doge dog dying in the past few years, but she was alive and well in 2021. She is enjoying her best years of life with her mom and siblings.

Final Words

Gabe gave the world so much that his life and contribution will be remembered for times to come. Borking became a huge and instant sensation, and the meme never died out. Fans will fondly remember Gabe in the years to come, and he will always be alive on the internet.

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