Can I Use Gold Bond Powder On My Dog?

If my dog is suffering from itchy skin, can I use Gold Bond powder on my dog? Is it safe to use talcum powders on dogs? I will answer this question with a scientific reason in the article below.

Yes, you can use Gold Bond Powder on your pet dogs. This is a talcum powder that is used for dry and itchy skin. However, you should avoid such talcum powders as they have zinc oxide in them. Zinc can be a very toxic element for your dogs if they regularly consume zinc over time.

If you choose to use Gold Bond powder on your dogs, make sure to follow the right way to do so, because you need to avoid the possibility of your dog ingesting large amounts of the powder by licking on it. We will tell you how to do it in the article below.

Can I Use Gold Bond Powder On My Dog

You can also find some alternatives to Gold Bond powder at over-the-counter stores. Let us learn about all this as we go along. 

Why Is Gold Bond Powder Not Safe For My Dog?

The Gold Bond powder has zinc oxide in it. Zinc oxide is toxic for dogs in large quantities. 

Zinc is a substance that can cause gastrointestinal irritation. If your pet dog consumes too much zinc, then its digestive tracts can get affected. While one or two small licks may not do any damage to your pupper, eating a lot of it over several days can be toxic.

Pets that suffer from zinc poisoning can develop diarrhea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. Zinc poisoning causes the red blood cells in your pet’s body to reduce significantly. 

Zinc damages the red blood cells and causes them to break open. Zinc can also lower the formation of new red blood cells in your pets’ bodies. Pets that are suffering from anemia also suffer from several other symptoms simultaneously. 

Some of these symptoms are pale gums, weakness, increase in heart rate, weakness, faster respiration, and so on. Some pet dogs also suffer from yellow discoloration of their eyes and skin. 

Can I Use Gold Bond Powder On My Dog

Can I Use The Gold Bond Skin Powder On My Dog?

Yes, you can use it. However, make sure that the dog does not ingest it because it contains zinc oxide which is toxic to dogs.

Dogs can easily suffer from skin irritation. Some of the common contributors to causing skin irritation among dogs are urine, diarrhea, sweat, wounds on their bodies, burns, scrapes, cuts, or scabs. 

In the summer, dogs can suffer from hot spots. Hot spots are similar to wounds in their nature, and these spots are open on the skin, so they can cause a lot of irritation. These spots can also be due to excessive licking or biting their skin. 

You can use Gold Bond powder on your dog but since it contains zinc oxide it can be hazardous for your dog. If you use the powder on your dog, he might lick and ingest it. So better to avoid it. Zinc oxide can be toxic to dogs on repeated ingestion.

How Can I Safely Use Gold Bond Powder For Hot Spots On My Dog?

The trick is to clear away the hair and then apply moisture to the hot spot. Use an E-collar to make sure the dog does not lick it.

You can use this Gold Bond powder on your dog’s skin by clipping the long hair away from these hot spots. If you remove the hair surrounding these wounds, they will not touch the wound repeatedly, hence protecting your dog from further infection. 

You should be very careful not to get too close to the skin while cutting away the hair on the skin. If you get too close to the skin, there is a high possibility that you may injure the dog further instead of helping them recover. 

Can I Use Gold Bond Powder On My Dog

The next step is to make the wound sterile; you can add or pour hydrogen peroxide on the wound to keep it safe from infections. You can use a sterile pad to clean the wound and the area around it by gently tapping over the wound. 

You can wipe and remove any remaining dry matter around the hot spots. The matter coming out of the hot spots may start drying after some time. 

Although the wound needs to have some moisture, the Gold Bond powder will not stick to the wound properly without any moisture. You can also use fresh sterile gauze for dabbing on the hot spot. This will help the gauze absorb all the moisture from the hot spot. 

After going through the entire process you can use a dog cone to stop your dog from licking the powder from the applied area.

Can I Put Gold Bond Skin Powder On My Dog?

Yes, you can, but make sure that you do not let your dog lick it, as mentioned earlier. Before you start applying this Gold Bond powder, you must check whether there will be any side effects on your dog if they use this skin powder on their body. 

You can take the help of your doctor to figure out whether the Gold Bond powder will suit your dog or not. Given below are the following things that you should consider before giving your dogs this powder:

  • You need to inform your doctor about all the allergies that your dog has suffered from, along with the things that he or she might be allergic to. 
  • Gold Bond Powder is not harmful on the skin.The only thing you have to constantly monitor is that your dog does not start licking it. 
  • If you see your dog licking the powder off their body, then you need to stop them immediately. If your dog accidentally consumes a good amount of this powder, then your ideal solution is to take your pet dog to the vet and get a thorough check-up done. 
Can I Use Gold Bond Powder On My Dog
  • You can apply a small amount of this skin powder to your dog’s fur and gently rub and massage this powder. Gently massaging the powder will make your dog’s fur cool down and free from dirt and infections. 
  • If your pet dog is suffering from yeast infection on its skin or feet, this Gold Bond skin powder will treat such infections. You can detect this condition by a distinct corn chip-like smell coming from the skin or the feet of the dog. This skin powder will directly attack the yeast infection. 
  • After fighting this infection, your dog will get much-needed relief from the itching and irritation of the infection. 

Answers To Other Common Questions

Can I put Gold Bond powder on my dog’s hot spot?

Yes, you can put Gold Bond powder on your dog’s hot spot. But you need to follow the guidelines given above to carefully use them on your dog. 

Hot spots are generally open, similar to wounds on the skin. You can apply the Gold bond powder to your dog’s hot spot. This skin irritation powder works equally on humans and pets. 

This skin powder is great for treating mild issues of the skin such as yeast infections, wet feet pads, hot spots, and itchiness. But make sure that your pets, such as cats or dogs, are not ingesting this powder, as consuming it regularly can create issues for them.

What Kind of Powder Can I Put on My Dog to Stop Itching?

Cornstarch, baking powder, and oatmeal are time-tested methods to remove itchiness.

You can also opt for alternatives to Gold Bond powder including cornstarch, which does not contain zinc oxide or other harmful chemicals. Another cheap and good option is baking soda. You can try and use a talc-free baby body powder for cleaning or wiping your dog after a bath session. 

If you want to wash your pet dog with something organic and natural, then you can bathe your dog with an oatmeal bath. An oatmeal bath is a great alternative to talcum powders.

For creating this oatmeal bath, you can start by grinding plain oatmeal into a powder. Once you have ground the oatmeal, you can sprinkle this oatmeal in your dog’s warm bath. 

Ideally, the oatmeal should take about 10 to 15 minutes to cool down the skin if your dog has red skin or hot spots on its body. Then you can bathe them with this special bathing recipe. 

Another major benefit of using this bathing recipe is that this recipe is non-toxic. As this recipe is made from oatmeal, an edible thing, there will be no issues even if your dog starts licking this paste off its body.

Can you put body powder on dogs?

Yes, you can put body powder on dogs. 

However, some of the elements in these body powders may not be ideal for dogs. But these body powders do have a positive effect on a dog’s body. Your pet dog can struggle with health problems from such body powders if he or she starts ingesting the powder. 

Ideally, if you are using human body powder, you should use baby body powder instead of adult body powder. The baby body powder is gentle on the skin and causes less irritation to dogs in comparison to adult body powder. 

Baby body powder is not only safe for cleaning the body of your pet dog, but such body powders also come with a fragrance that your dog may like. However, make sure that the powder does not contain talc, as explained above.

Does Gold Bond powder stop itching?

Yes, Gold Bond powder does stop itching and irritation. 

This skin powder will help your pet to stay cool, dry, and fresh during the heat, as this powder contains menthol extracts. 

Menthol is a substance that is famous for having a cooling effect. This menthol will cool the body down and provide instant relief from pain and itching related to skin conditions. 

If your dog also has minor scrapes, cuts, or bruises, this powder will also help them get relief from inflammation and skin irritation. However, as explained above, it is best to use it only under careful supervision.

A Few Final Words

Gold Bond powder effectively solves your dog’s skin problems and irritation. However, we may think that this skin powder is completely safe on the surface. But this is not entirely true; the Gold Bond powder contains zinc. 

Zinc can cause gastric issues in dogs. Some dogs also suffer from zinc poisoning if they consume zinc greater than a specified quantity. In this article, you are likely to know about this powder and its effect on a dog’s body. 

Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to answer your query. You might also want to learn about other common things that might not be suitable for your dogs such as Key Lime Pie and Raisins.