Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans?

Who hasn’t experienced their dog humping their leg? But does it mean that the dog has feelings for you? Can dogs get sexually attracted to humans? Let’s find out below!

Sexual intercourse between humans and animals is called bestiality. Usually, animals can’t be allured by humans as their instincts do not match ours. All of us have experienced times when dogs have tried to hump us, but that is just in their instincts during heat, it does not mean that they are attracted to us. 

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans

There are about 48 million households in America with at least one dog as a pet. Humping your legs is a common problem that many would have faced in these households. Dogs can be cute and loyal most of the time, but they can also be very horny. You can tell that they are horny when they start humping your leg now and then. 

We think that animals such as cats and dogs generally get triggered while humping. Dog and pet owners have questions about the sexual attraction felt by the dogs. This article will look at whether dogs can get sexually attracted to humans. 

Can A Dog Get Turned On By A Human? 

Feeling or emotions are something that even animals are not devoid of. Dogs are no exception to it. It is said that a dog is the human’s most loyal friend from the animal kingdom. When dogs stay with humans, their whole world becomes their human parent. 

Dogs express their joy and excitement by licking or jumping on individuals they like or are attracted to. Dogs get excited even when people hug each other or are dancing around. 

This is so because dogs like being a part of the things around them. Dogs care about their parents and want to participate in anything that they are doing. Sometimes, their innocuous deeds such as humping our leg or jumping into bed with us might appear to be like sexual attraction. 

Let’s be clear here: Dogs are not sexually attracted turned on by humans. However, they can express their feelings of joy and emotions by humping humans. It is just that their way of expressing their feelings is different from us. 

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans

Sometimes they can also be possessive of their human, they won’t stand any other individual coming near them. Some dogs also start growling or gritting their teeth if some other male or dog comes near them. 

Sometimes dogs appear to be humping legs, pillows, other dogs, or even cats in some cases! This can also be because dogs are not as intelligent as humans, and don’t understand etiquette. When they are in heat, they would defer to their baser instincts and start humping anything near them. Dogs also hump humans sometimes for asserting their dominance. 

Some dogs even start chasing and running after the person they are attracted to. This can also result in injuries at times. You should make sure to cut the nails of your dog in order to protect yourself. Some people can also go for teeth braces for dogs that can be too aggressive. 

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Why Do People Think Dogs Get Turned On By Humans?

People do have this thinking that humans can sexually attract dogs. There can be some reasons why humans can feel this way. Some of the reasons why humans think this way are:-


Humans feel this way because dogs hump humans. This is probably why we humans think that dogs are sexually attracted to us. Pet owners often face a situation where they find their dogs humping their legs. 

But this is not what is actually happening, in my opinion. There are different reasons why dogs hump humans. Dogs who haven’t been neutered or spayed have a higher tendency to hump things. You might be shocked to know that even female dogs hump things! 

Practice For Mating

Male dogs, especially puppies, hump someone because they practice for future sexual encounters. They mainly mount someone because of their sexual behavior and activity. Puppies will start climbing random things initially. 

This is because they are not big enough to mount a member of their opposite sex. Smaller puppies are unable to get their paws around larger objects. Once these dogs start maturing, they start humping humans. A puppy that is about one year old will begin humping humans. This can be because of over-excitement. 

Over time, these dogs start liking the feeling that humping gives them, and then they make it a habit. However, once they start experiencing sex with a female dog, they will immediately stop humping. You can also train this behavior out of them. 

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans

Are Male Dogs Attracted To Female Owners

Dogs are one of the most closely associated pets of mankind. Every human action can and does affect the dog adopted as a pet In that particular household.

In terms of sexual orientation, it is a tad bit difficult to categorize whether a dog will be attracted to its female owner. This is because no two dogs or humans are the same. 

It has been found that dogs are likely to have a tendency to get more attracted to certain specific sets of character traits that adult women exhibit. 

Dogs can very well differentiate between male and female owners. They can do so as they can adeptly distinguish between the genders by the smell of hormones coursing through our systems. One cannot particularly point out that dogs are only attracted to female adults or female owners. 

Again it can be said that it is a matter of preference of the dog and the owner as its needs are met differently by different people in the household. 

Differences in training, the character of the owner, and the household atmosphere also affect the dog’s behavior. Hence one cannot generalize that male dogs are more attracted to their female owners.

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Can Animals Be Attracted To Humans Sexually? 

All animals are somewhat attracted to their human parents, because of the close proximity in which they live with them all the time. But it’s mainly in a nonsexual way. 

One can argue that higher functioning pets like dogs find humans attractive, but that’s also in a nonsexual manner. They desire pure companionship, friendship, and regular contact with us humans.

Again it can be said that animals don’t usually rely on visual characteristics for mating. They mostly rely on each other’s smell, which is obviously not the same for a human as for another animal.

Talking about the animal’s sexual behavior all depends on them. No two animals are the same. Every animal behaves in a particular manner which is difficult to generalize. 

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans

Chimpanzees, apes, or monkeys, which are pretty similar to humans, can be attracted to humans if they start living with humans. For example, there is a famous account of the female chimpanzee named Lucy, raised by a human as a human. Amongst all her other human-like behaviors, she was at one point in time found to be masturbating to a Playgirl magazine!

The sexual attraction of humans towards animals is known as zoophilia. It involves sexual fantasies about animals and the pursuit of actual sexual contact with them. It is no doubt Beastiality. Many countries have banned and made this whole procedure of human and animal sexual contact illegal. 

Animals no doubt could be confused with a human’s smell, but in no way is it said that they don’t understand their mating partners. 

A different way to put it would be if the situation is entirely different and humans and animals of a specific species are arranged in a particular place without any other companion of their species as both humans and animals have their own needs. 

To summarize, one can aptly say that animals usually don’t tend to get attracted to us humans sexually.

Why Can Dogs Not Get Turned On By Humans? 

In theory, dogs cannot get aroused or sexually attracted to humans. There are some significant reasons for dogs that prevent them from getting produced by humans or their owners. Some of these reasons are described below as:-

Genetic Predisposition

The main reason dogs don’t get sexually attracted to humans is that they are not genetically wired to do so. Our genetic differences are why two different species are unable to create offspring together. The DNA of humans is very different from the DNA of dogs. The genomes of dogs and humans will not be compatible with each other. 

All creatures, including humans and dogs, require reproductive isolation. This means that they can only reproduce with creatures of the same species. The mating rituals of dogs and humans are also very different. 

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans

The DNA of humans is quite similar to the DNA of chimpanzees, as they are even considered our ancestors. Even if both the creatures’ DNA is similar, there are still thousands of years of evolution between them and us. Even humans and chimpanzees don’t find each other attractive because our brains are not wired to think this way. 

Dogs and humans are built very differently. Human DNA is programmed to have two arms and two legs. On the other hand, dog DNA is programmed to have four legs. A study shows some similarities between the genomes of dogs and humans. But this similarity between their DNA or genome is not enough for them to reproduce. 

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A Few Final Words

Dogs express their sexual urge by humping other things. It is a dog’s instinct to reproduce. To fulfill this urge, he or she will try to mount you or something else.  

We have tried to throw light on some valuable information on the sexual working of dogs and why they do certain actions. Actions that can make certain people think that dogs are sexually attracted to humans or pet owners.

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans

If you too have experienced some odd behaviors from your furry friend that can be categorized as sexual behavior, please share your experience with us in the comments section. Sometimes such actions can seem very odd and funny, but believe us, they are mostly harmless and a cry for sexual release. It might be time to consider either mating your pet or getting them neutered or spayed, as the case may be.