Doggy Styling Grooming 101: Top 9 Doggy Haircut Styling

Dog saloons— such a wonderful place where your furry pooch can unwind and relax after a long tiring day of chasing squirrels.

For all his affection and love, treat your best bud to a haircut every now and then, not only to keep him looking so handsome and but also keeping his mane healthy.

Doggy Styling Grooming

We will show you the top places for doggy styling grooming in the UK, but first, let us show you the most common hairdo for English pooches.

9 Most Common Hair Cuts For Your Four-Legged Buddy

  1. The Standard “Kennel” Cut

The standard kennel cut is the traditional and most common haircuts requested at most UK grooming saloons, mainly because it compliments most doggies.

This cut means all-one length, everywhere. It has an overall uniform length where the fur is clipped to 2 inches or less, depending on your preferences.

This short-styled fur is suitable for the busy dog parent since it requires less grooming time and provides a low-maintenance dog coat. Although low maintenance, it requires grooming at least once a week.

  1. Teddy Bear Cut

Yes, it is what you think it is.

Your little bud will emerge like a fierce, but still cute, a bear cub.

This cut means more hair around your pooch’s face than his body. Plus, it leaves his legs full and round.And you do not have to go too short, you can go whichever length you want. Now, if you think he won’t be visiting the groomer for a while, then a shorter cut should be nice.

The Teddy Bear style is one of the best cut for the small dogs and needs maintenance every 6 – 8 weeks.

  1. Poodle Style

Picture a poodle. That’s it.

Even though it is a little more technical than that, the Poodle Style is quite common for long-haired and furry pups.

This cut keeps a really short fur along the dog’s body with more hair on the top of the head and around the neck.

Although this cut is the best for poodles (or perhaps we are just so used to it?) however, it can work for any dog with too much fluffiness.

  1. Lamb Cut

Mary had a little lamb. And you can have a fluffy lamb-like mutt.

Perfect for the curly-haired pooches, a puppy with lamb haircut will definitely make everyone swoon!

This cut means shorter hair in the head and body in order to achieve a nice lamb-like trim during the hot summer months, keeping your pup cool.

However, with more fur left on his legs, this cut is also suitable during the lightly colder months, keeping their paws and legs warm.

With this cut, you should groom your pup every 6 – 8 weeks, a convenient schedule for the busy dog parents.

  1. Shaved

This one is not that popular but is quite a common choice when it becomes a necessity instead of preference.

This is especially true for long-haired dogs with extreme matting that causes your pal constant discomfort and pain. In such a scenario, groomers will have no choice but to shave off your bud’s coat.

Still, some owners ask groomers to completely shave off their pup’s coat. Maybe because it is just too hot for their little pup or needs some time out on a regular grooming schedule.

  1. The Ferocious Lion

A trendy and popular cut for the long-haired breeds, the lion trim is most commonly seen in Chow-Chows.

With this cut, the hair around the head and jaw are kept longer while the fur of the body is closely shaved to the skin. Then the groomer will leave a little hair on the tail tip while clipping the rest of it.

As you might have imagined, this cut needs serious maintenance. The long, natural fur needs to be well cared for and brushed daily, requiring grooming once or thrice a week.

  1. Topknot

In the human world, man-buns are, well, manly and all the rage right now. However, in the doggy world, they have been sporting this hairdo for years.

With the topknot trim, there is no actual bun on your pooch’s head. No one would like that. Even your pup. Instead, you create a furry poof at the very top of his head while keeping the edges as round and clean as possible.

  1. Clean Face

Style your Fido’s hairdo to show more of his handsome face. The clean face cut leaves some fur on the head in order to keep him warm but gives a clean-cut around his nose, mouth, and eyes.

Opting for this look is preferred by dog parents with pooches who like to sniff on everything and anything. This should make it easier for you to clean your pup.

  1. The Summer Trim

When summer is waving and your pooch starts to sound like an asthmatic canine with drools all over the floor, then perhaps it is time to give him a summer cut and remove his heavy coat. This way he will not get too hot during the warm weather.

Let your dog’s groomer trim your Fido’s fur short, with the exception of the ears and the tail, so that he can stay cool.

The great thing about a summer cut is that you can try it out with different head haircut styles, for instance, a lion head style or a teddy bear look. The right answer will always depend on your preference as well as the amount of time you can spend in grooming your four-legged pal.

5 Best Doggy Styling Grooming Spas in the UK

Your furry buddy needs a little “paw-pering” from time to time. And these superb styling and grooming salons and spa in the UK will ensure that they get that special they deserve for being a good boy and girl!

  1. The Pet Spa

If you are looking for a doggy spa that also happens to provide for almost every kind of pet you might have, then you just found the perfect place. Located in Chelsea, London, the Pet Spa provides services that pamper doggos, felines, hamsters, rabbits, and even tortoises.

This 3,000 square foot pet heaven provides an exclusive selection of superb pet grooming and styling services as well as indulgent spa treatments.

Learn more about The Pet Spa here.

  1. Dogwood Grooming

If you’re a conscious pet parent who only wants what’s best and natural for your pup, then Dogwood Grooming is the perfect place for you.

With various locations in the UK, a trip to this doggy styling and grooming spa and parlour offers only the natural products for your pet to indulge. The spa even uses unique body miss that will get your pooch’s cat shining and fluffy soft in no time!

Learn more about Dogwood Grooming here.

  1. The Dog Spa

Situated at Raithwaite Estate, Whitby, The Dog Spa is North Yorkshire’s only luxury canine spa, offering various treatments and therapies that relax, pampers invigorates, and energises your lovable Fido.

With an indulging menu, this doggy spa caters for all dogs of sizes and breeds— from the small Beagles and Boxers to the larger Dobermans and Dalmatians—The Dog Spa has something for every canine.

Choose sleep-inducing aromatherapy massages or skin-calming baths to haircuts, blow dries, and styling for all fur and coat types.

Learn more about The Dog Spa here.

  1. Posh Pups

For the ultimate mutt pampering, consider visiting the stylish Posh Pups located in Richmond. This exclusive dog grooming and styling salon and daycare retreat is the ultimate dog nirvana, designed to offer a relaxing and safe haven where dogs can be groomed, revitalised, and indulged.

They offer full grooming and styling services including haircuts and styling, blow-dry, and “pawdicure” so that your four-legged buddy will be pampered and pruned to handsomeness.

Learn more about Posh Pups here.

  1. Posh Pets

Not to be mistaken for the previous dog saloon, Posh Pet is another reliable grooming and pet spa located in Cliffsend, Kent. Posh Pets cater for all dog breeds as well as other kinds of pets you might have.

They pride themselves in treating one canine at a time so that your furry friend gets their undivided attention.

And with an in-house expert and certified dog stylist, you can just about any cut for your Fido. Their full grooming services will ensure that your pooch will feel relaxed and energised while also looking more adorable than ever.

Learn more about Posh Pets here.

Final Thoughts

Prevent your pooch’s coat from becoming dirty or matted by taking him for a cut when he starts to look like a rag. With regular trimming, your dog’s fur can be easily maintained and goes a long way in keeping him happy and healthy.

That and a few paw-pering services from the top doggy styling grooming in the UK and your four-legged pal will definitely thank you and “wuv” you more!