Dog Tries To Bite When Cleaning Ears?

My dog tries to bite when cleaning ears, how do I get it to clean its ears? This is a common question we hear in our comments section, so we decided to write an article about this behavior.

Ear Infection and Disease is a very common problem among many breeds of dogs, and some of them require consistent cleaning of their ears. 

Many of us have found cleaning our dog’s ears a difficult task and wondered why dogs try to bite when cleaning the ear. The dog has a very sensitive ear compared to humans, and even a little touch can exert great pain.

Cleaning the dog’s ear is a major part of the responsibility of the pet owners, and some breeds are in higher need of ear cleaning than others. We will be discussing many important facts related to the ear cleaning of dogs, so keep reading to know more.

Dog Tries To Bite When Cleaning Ears

Why Regular Ear Cleaning Is Necessary For Dogs

Ears are one of the major working centers of dogs, and they are more prone to get infected than any other body parts. The shape of dog ears differs greatly from breed to breed, some are easy to take care of, and the others are hard. 

An ear infection is a major issue among dogs, and without regular cleaning, they can easily get infected and give rise to many health issues.

Many breeds of dogs don’t require cleaning due to the shape and size of their ears, and others such as cocker spaniels and basset hounds require cleaning almost every day.

We must take proper inspection of our dog’s ear before proceeding to clean. Some dogs may not require cleaning, and overcleaning can cause rashes and infection, which will result in extreme pain and discomfort.

What Diseases Can Occur In Dog Without Ear Cleaning?

The major problem that arises due to unhygienic ear in dogs is infection. Bacteria can grow very easily in a dog’s ear, and the infection can spread very quickly, giving rise to a wide range of diseases. Some of the major diseases that can occur without regular ear cleaning are:

  • Ear Mites
  • Vestibular Diseases
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Swelling and
  • Hearing Problems

Why Does My Dog Bite Other Dogs Ears?

It might just be normal play behavior.

Most animals lick and chew other animals’ body parts as a part of grooming. Dogs may also exhibit the same nature and can chew and lick on other dogs’ ears as a part of grooming. 

On the other hand, some dogs can also do it in a playful mood and give small bites as a part of affection and friendship. Biting is also common among puppies as a means of play and affection. They learn essential life skills through this process, especially pack behavior. 

Most of the time, it is part of showing affection, and dogs are hardly seen biting other dogs’ ears in a fight. There can be more reasons behind a dog chewing or biting other dog ears. 

It may also be a part of a brawl that can get dangerous for either party, and the pet parent must stop their dog before giving each other serious injuries.

Dog Tries To Bite When Cleaning Ears

How To Stop Dog Chewing Other Dogs Ears?

Chewing other dog ears is safe until it is limited to a bite or two, but continuous bites can be dangerous for both dogs. If the ear-biting is part of the playful activity, the dogs themselves stop the other dogs from biting their ears after a specific time. 

Ears are a sensitive part, and even a little injury can cause a lot of pain to dogs, so they mostly avoid playing with ears. It is also very unsafe as it can cause ear infections and major problems in both dogs.

  • You can manually stop your dog from biting other ear dogs by stopping them upfront. 
  • You can also try putting an Elizabethan collar(or cone) on their neck, which will prevent them from biting other dogs’ ears. 
  • You can also try putting some chili paste or something with a spicy or sour smell on the dog’s ears to prevent it from getting bitten by other dogs.
  • Some pet parents also give their dog bite training to prevent biting other dog ears. If your dog is also showing an intensive biting tendency, then it is better to give them specific training to prevent them from doing so.

My Dog Tries To Bite Me When I Put Ear Drops In?

Dogs are very sensitive to their ears and treat any foreign material as a harmful object. Different ear drops have different types of effects, but most of them have a chilly effect on the ear which can be a reason for their discomfort. 

Dogs try to avoid getting ear drops because of the instant pain and irritation that they cause, and they even try to bite their parents to get ear drops in their ears.

Dog Tries To Bite When Cleaning Ears

How To Put Ear Drops in Aggressive Dogs

Dogs try to avoid ear drops as much as they can, and some of them also resort to violence and try to run away after seeing ear drops. It’s important to be very careful, especially with an untrained pup.

  • Try doing it when they are in a happy mood. The best time to put ear drops in is when the dog is calmed down or is in a good mood. You can also try calming your dog down before putting ear drops in them.
  • Give them a treat they can chew on. It can be a reason for major discomfort for them, so it is better to give them the treat to distract them from pain. 
  • Don’t try to restrain them. Most people also try to get others to hold their dogs to put ear drops in them, but it is far better to calm them down and proceed.
  • Look for the right drops. Putting ear drops regularly can be difficult if your dog doesn’t like the ear drops, so it is better to purchase the least reactive one on its skin. 
  • Get the vet to do it. If nothing else works, take your dog to the vet. Vets are experts at handling animals and will be able to calm your dog down enough to give the medicine.

Some dogs require regular ear cleaning, and if you have a dog like that, you should get it checked by a dog and keep changing its medication at regular intervals to avoid any slipup.

Why Does My Dog Try To Attack Me When I Leave the House?

It’s trying to stop you from leaving its pack!

Dogs exhibit pack behavior, whether on the streets, in the wild or when domesticated. Dogs like to maintain consistency in the pack and avoid getting any member in or out of the pack. This is one of the excellent instincts that make a dog stop you when you leave the house. 

Dogs are very playful creatures, and some dogs who have to stay alone at home try to stop their owner from leaving the house. Dogs don’t like their owners leaving them behind, so they try to stop them forcefully, which may seem as if they are trying to attack you. 

Some dogs also grow deep affection toward their owner and want to go with them wherever they go. Dogs are emotional creatures, and it is better to leave them in someone’s care rather than leave them alone at home.

Dog Tries To Bite When Cleaning Ears

Final Words

Thank you for reading the article, we hope that you will be careful and follow the tips given while cleaning dog ears or putting medicine in them. If you have more questions, please write to us in the comments.

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