Why Does My Dog Sit Over The Head of My Other Dogs?

Why does my dog sit over the head of my other dogs? While it may seem hilarious to pet, there are a variety of reasons why dogs do this. Read on to find various reasons behind the dog’s behavior. 


Just when you were introducing your 2-month old Jabbie to your 6-year old Rover, the younger one sat over the head of the other dog. Such behaviors may seem strange at times but are quite common among dogs. 

In fact, some dogs naturally lie down to make another dog sit over them. As long as dogs sit over one another without intentionally harming anything, pet owners should leave them alone. 

Why Does My Dog Sit Over The Head of My Other Dogs

Through this article, we have analyzed if it is normal for dogs to sit over the head of another dog, and also discussed other aspects of introducing one do to the other. Additionally, we will find few solutions if this behavior results in a problematic attitude. 

Is It Normal For A Dog To Sit On Top Of The Other Dog?

Yes. Your dog could just be playful, dealing with stress, or is trying to be the boss in the household. 

As endearing as it may seem, some dogs happen to climb the head of another dog as a natural behavior. Dogs use non-verbal communication in an attempt to send a message to other dogs. Any non-verbal gestures like facial expressions, body movement, tail position, or postures can have a meaning. 

However, if this behavior of dogs sometimes resonates well with other dogs, some of the breeds might not respond well. To understand your dog’s behavior, it is important to find out the underlying causes that make one dog sit over another. 

Following the ritual

Dogs have an inherent behavior that they learn from the wildlife environment. Before being domesticated, dogs followed behavior traits that they may have learned from other wild animals. Mounting or climbing on another dog’s head is just a usual habit that remains in the nature of many dogs. 

Why Does My Dog Sit Over The Head of My Other Dogs

Time to play

Younger dogs or newborn puppies can also sit on the head of another dog for simple reasons. When you welcome a puppy in your house,  they may struggle to understand what is happening around them. 

In fact, it is said that younger dogs or puppies possess a brain that is similar to a 2-year old child. Just like a child would play and lingers a little longer, dogs have a playful nature. 

Showing signs of affection

It is no wonder that dogs speak a thousand words through their actions. Just like how humans show love and affection to each other, dogs can sometimes lay over the head of another dog. 

According to one study, an excited dog shows different characteristics in moments of joy and happiness. Particularly, dogs who are raised with their siblings can behave in this manner to feel the love and warmth of older siblings. 

Moreover, dogs often show that they need protection and security when it is cold or hot. During extreme temperatures, dogs can lie on the head of a sibling dog to prevent any misfortunes. 


Yes, dogs can also feel stress and anxiety. Typically this is triggered when they are afraid of losing the attention of the most favorite person in the world you. That’s why they might stress out on seeing another dog getting attention from you and would sit on the other dog’s head to remind you that they are still your number one good boy.

Why Does My Dog Sit Over The Head of My Other Dogs

Inappropriate Mounting

While this does not usually involve sitting on the other dog’s head, one of the major concerns that veterinarians often hear is the cases of “Dog Mounting”. Mounting is a common term used for dogs who are humping other dogs or humans. Humping is not just s for sexual pleasure, it can also be playful behavior in puppies.

Defining the boundaries

Dogs are known to mark their territory in a variety of ways, including peeing and pooping in a particular area, growling, snarling or barking and other signs of aggression. 

A dog can have a whole kingdom to its name but would still feel threatened by other animals. From growling, barking, sniffing, or jumping, dogs can express their emotions through body language in a subtle way. 

Sitting on each other can occur when there is a new dog in the house. Being highly possessive in nature, dogs have a tendency to do anything possible to protect their rights to their owner. When there are two dogs of entirely different ages, there is a possibility of dominance. 

New dog sitting on old dog

When you welcome a new dog in the presence of an elder one, a younger one will try to find a place in your house. As a result, young dogs can exhibit dominant positions like sitting on a dog’s head to frame his position in the house. 

Old dog sitting on new dog

However, this behavior can also happen with older dogs when they feel the need for attention on the arrival of a new dog.  If your old dog is doing this to the new one, he is simply trying to show that this is his territory and the new dog is an intruder here.

Why Does My Dog Sit Over The Head of My Other Dogs

When Should I Stop My Dog?

When you see your dog doing this too often or behaving strangely.

While dogs can mount over each other and get away easily, this behavior can be a bit problematic too. Below are a few signs that signal why a pet owner should call immediate attention if a pet doesn’t seem to stop. 

Strange Behavior, Lethargy, Vomitting

If your dog is behaving strangely all of a sudden, this could be a health problem. Few breeds are way more sensitive than others. Diseases like urinary tract infection, incontinence, or illness are common for herding animals. In such cases, it is wise to have a medical appointment with a certified veterinarian. 

Too Many Such Instances

Laying or sitting over the back or head is a common gesture among canine members. Although, the frequency of such behaviors is limited to 2-3 times during a day. 

How Can I Stop My Dog From Sitting Over the Head of Other Dogs?

Obedience training is the right way to weed out such habits from your dog.

If your pet is exceeding the limits and doesn’t seem to stop, you can try obedience training. As soon as your dog attempts to sit over another dog, you can say a loud “NO”. 

Social training is mandatory for every kind of dog, especially if the dog is new or young. As a pet owner, you can schedule a time to play with your pets. While keeping a healthy space between you and your dog, you can teach basic manners. 

For instance, if you find your dog behaving strangely, try to command him/her with 5 basic rules: SIT, COME, DOWN, STAY, HEEL, OFF, NO. Be a companion to your furry friend by taking them on a stroll. Make sure that your canine friends are leashed. 

Why Does My Dog Sit Over The Head of My Other Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dog rest his head on my other dog?

It could be a sign of dominance, or else playful behavior among siblings

Your dog might be showing that he/ she is the leader in the group of other dogs. Most often, dogs can sometimes do this to assert their power over their owner. 
If the dogs have been together since the beginning and are otherwise good friends with each other, it is also possible that this is just playful and loving behavior between them.

Why do dogs sit on each other’s faces?

Several reasons, including trying to dominate or play with them.

There are a few reasons behind such behavior: dominance, playfulness, learned behavior. Your dog could be cuddling with other playmates or showing signs of territorial behavior. Few of them could also feel content when there are siblings around them.

Do dogs sleep next to the alpha?

Yes, this behavior stems from the need to stay safe in the wild.

When a dog considers you as its alpha, they want to remain as close to you as possible. For this reason, dogs can sleep on their bed right next to you. Although they make sure that their alpha gets enough space.

Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?

It just means that it is comfortable with you and can turn its back to you without fear of being hurt.

When a dog is facing his bum in front of you, he feels safe and comfortable to be around you. Few dogs also want to leave their scents to the owners by sleeping in this position.

Final Words

Every canine creature is different in terms of traits, behavior, and adaptability. It is natural to see a dog jumping, hovering, or sniffing around. In rare cases, dogs can behave abruptly to the degree that they may sit over another dog. In response to this, some pet owners try to punish their behavior which can only trigger the behavior. 

As a pet owner, you should try to have a training session with a vet, play with your dog, treat them with decent behavior, and take them on long walks. If you like this article, please share your thoughts and pass on the knowledge among your friends. 

Thank you for reading, we hope we have covered everything that you were looking for. You might also want to learn about other strange behavior between dogs, such as whining at each other or licking each other’s private parts.