Why Does My Male Dog Lick Other Male Dogs Weiner?

In this article, we answer another common query from our readers: “why does my male dog lick other male dogs weiner?” While you might find it gross, there are some very valid reasons behind this behavior. Read on to find out.

By far, probably the weirdest thing that an owner can catch the male dog doing is licking the private parts of another male dog. You might feel that this is unhygienic, and as an owner of that pet, you might feel embarrassed. Well, it may look gross to you, but for dogs, it is normal to do so. 

Why Does My Male Dog Lick Other Male Dogs Weiner

Dogs lick each other dogs’ weiner to greet them, to groom them, or they just do it out of habit. Sometimes the reason can be serious like the dog being licked having health issues. Well, there can be some more reasons associated with this issue.

So without any further delay, let’s find out the common reasons behind this, and we will also look at some other issues related to this topic. 

Why Does My Male Dog Lick Other Male Dog’s Weiner?

It could be a way to greet, a sign of health problems, or just normal grooming behavior.

Greeting Other Dogs

Dogs have apocrine glands in their private parts. Humans can communicate verbally, but your dog can’t do the same. Whenever your dog meets another dog, you will notice your dog licking other male dogs’ Weiner. They used to do this to greet each other. 

These apocrine glands produce a hormone known as pheromones. When a dog smells or licks the private parts of another dog, it can smell the emitted pheromone which will help them know almost everything about the other dog, like gender, age, sexual desires, et cetera. 

So, dogs are getting attracted to other dogs’ private parts just because of the pheromones, and we can say that biological factors completely drive your dog’s behavior. 

Health Problems

Dogs are more intelligent compared to other pets that you can bring home with you. They can be trained and can alert their owner about any health-related issues. So, if you notice that your dog cannot stop licking another dog’s private parts, then it might indicate that something is wrong with the body of the dog that has been licked

In case you notice this behavior repeatedly, check for other symptoms that the other dog might be exhibiting such as a white or colored discharge, excess urination, etc. If you see these symptoms, then take your other pet to the nearest veterinary clinic for a check-up to find out if something is wrong with it or not. 

Why Does My Male Dog Lick Other Male Dogs Weiner

Grooming Purposes

When a dog forms a close bond with a human being, you might have noticed that they lick the body parts of that person as a sign of affection. Same thing a dog can do to another dog. When a dog gets affected by another dog, it tries to help that dog in every possible way. 

So, whenever they see that their friend’s private parts are dirty, they try to clean them in the only possible way, which is by licking. It can be said that it is just a way to show how much affection a dog has for the other. 

Being Curious

All dogs are born with an instinct to sniff and taste everything they see on their way. They cannot differentiate between what is good for them and what can be harmful to their health. So as an owner, you need to be careful about this as your dog can do something that can prove harmful to its health. 

Now getting back to the point, if you notice that your dog is licking the private areas of another male dog, he must be doing that just out of curiosity. Don’t worry about your dog’s habits, as this is just another way of expressing your curious nature. They do this to learn about the new animal of their species. 

Habituated to do This

Just like humans, dogs also develop some habits. Some of them are good, whereas a few of them are bad. Now, if you catch your dog licking another male dog’s weiner, it is entirely up to you to decide whether it is a good habit or a bad habit. 

Your dog may be acting based on its instinct. Whenever they meet a new dog, they will sniff and lick the private parts of that dog, maybe to get their attention, or it can also be to know that dog’s behavior. 

Why Does My Dog Bite His Penis?

You might find it disturbing that your dog is biting his penis aggressively. Pets seldom do this, and there are primarily two reasons behind this. 

  • When there is an irritation in the penile sheath of the dog. 
  • The pet can also bite the penis in case of a penile infection which usually occurs in the urinary tract. 

If you notice your dog biting its penis, it may indicate a urinary tract infection (UTIs). In this case, you need to consult a doctor in the veterinary clinic to remove the root cause of the irritation for which your dog is biting its penis.

Why Does My Male Dog Lick Other Male Dogs Weiner

Why Does My Dog Lick My Penis?

It could just be natural curiosity, but it’s also a symptom that your dog is craving attention.

After bringing a dog as a pet into your home, one of the common things that you might notice in your dog is that it loves to lick everywhere on your body. If this licking is occasional, it might be really helpful for you to form a bond with that dog. 

Continuous licking can prove to be irritating. Maybe you will get frustrated by this activity, but your dog will not understand this frustration of yours. While licking your body, your dog can also lick your penis, and this touch can be really sensual or simply playful. 

This action usually occurs when you are asleep. The possible reasons behind this behavior of your dog are

  • Dogs usually try to understand everything around them by licking the object with their tongue. Licking your private parts is just another way for your dog to explore you.
  • Your pet dog might get annoyed if you do not give attention to it over a long period. A study has shown that male dogs are more attention seekers than female counterparts. Your dog will love to play with you and want the same amount of love that it is giving to you. The male dog in your house can lick your penis or any other body parts to get the deserved attention.
  • All the dogs love to lick their owners, and they cannot differentiate between a good touch and a bad touch. Your pet simply feels happy whenever it licks your body. They simply do it as a way to show affection.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, commonly known as OCD, can be observed in humans and dogs. If your male dog has OCD, then it can repeatedly stroke your penis with his tongue. There is no way you can treat this on your own. You need to take the help of a veterinary clinic. 

How To Prevent Your Dog From Licking Its Own or Other Dog’s Weiner

You can train this behavior out of your dog if it bothers you. Otherwise, you can simply ignore it.

When your dog licks private parts of his own body or any other male dog’s wiener, observe your dog’s behavior very carefully and keep a close look at its interaction with other dogs. 

It might be for a brief period, then it might be just friendly behavior, and there might be no abnormality in it. In case it becomes an obsession, then you should intervene immediately. 

You need to step in immediately and engage him in a completely different activity. An excessive amount of licking can also indicate severe yet hidden medical issues. On the other hand, it might be just a behavioral problem. In that case, there are several ways to stop this thing from happening.

Why Does My Male Dog Lick Other Male Dogs Weiner


This point is related explicitly to when your dog is licking your penis, and at that time, you need to understand that your dog is doing that to get your attention as you might be the only one around it. 

So, if you are getting disturbed by your dog’s licking, then there is a simple way to avoid that: ignoring your dog’s behavior. Just do not react when your dog licks your penis. Simply get up from your position and walk out of place. 

Do not entertain this behavior of your dog. If you do that, he will keep on doing that, and if he does that in front of any other person, you will be embarrassed with this, and that is why we recommend not to give them what they want by ignoring the signals. 

Redirecting Their Attention

Irrespective of whether your dog is licking another dog’s weiner or licking your penis, you can stop this from happening just like you prevent your child from doing something harmful. Yes, you read that right. You need to treat your dog like a child. 

So whenever your dog starts licking any other dog’s private parts or yours, divert the attention of your pet, which is not related to what he was doing. Interactive puzzles can prove to be helpful for your dog to stop doing this activity. If you do this repeatedly, your dog will understand that you do not like what he is doing. 

Make Them Understand

You should not make your dog feel confused if you let them lick your private parts or any other dog’s private parts sometimes and prevent them from doing the same activity some other time. Then your dog will be completely unable to understand what you want. So, as the pet owner, you need to set strict boundaries. 

Make your dog understand you don’t like what he is doing, no matter where and when he is doing that. You can’t communicate with them verbally, so it might be challenging to understand what you want them to do. 

Train them properly and be patient throughout the training period. Show them your affection by other means, such as hugging them or cuddling with them.

Why Does My Male Dog Lick Other Male Dogs Weiner

Rewarding the Dog

If you think that your dog’s licking is a bad habit, you can take the help of reverse psychology. You can choose to reward them when they behave in a good manner. 

This positive method will make your dog understand that when he licks private parts, you don’t like them but reward him when he does something that you like. If you cannot handle the situation on your own, then consult your nearest veterinary clinic.

Can You Circumcise a Dog?

Circumcision is rarely required in dogs and can lead to infections and pain. Neutering, on the other hand is both safe and very good for your dog.

Before we talk about dog circumcision, it is better to understand the procedure of circumcision. It is a procedure in which the skin covering the tip of the penis needs to be removed. No animal needs to get circumcised, this is a religion-related practice that humans have adopted. Only a doctor can perform a successful circumcision, which is true for humans and animals like dogs. 

This procedure needs to be performed right after birth within two days. When your dog grows up, it will be impossible for any doctor to perform this procedure on your dog. However, we would advise against it because it can cause infections and pain later on.

This is a choice, and of course, if you feel that you need to keep the genitals of your dog clean, then you can contact your nearest veterinary clinic to get the procedure done. 

Final Words

Dogs are often considered the best pet you can have in your household. Compared to the other pets that one can have, dogs get familiar with their new home and the owner faster. When your dog becomes an adult, you may notice some weird behaviors in them. You have to be very watchful to take proper care of your pet friend. 

This is a sensitive topic, and you might find it gross, but there is almost nothing wrong with this if your dog is doing it seldom. It might be alarming if he keeps doing that repeatedly. To conclude this article, we can say that there is no need to get overly concerned, but if you cannot handle the situation on your own, take professional medical help.

Thank you for your valuable time and for going through the entire content patiently. We hope you liked it and were able to understand the nature of dogs and the reason behind their certain strange activities. 

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