Why Does My Dog Like To Lick Inside My Nose?

In this article, I will answer another common question from dog owners: “why does my dog like to lick inside my nose?”. While there are several innocuous reasons, it’s not a practice that you should encourage. Read on to know why.

Every time my dog does it to me, I can’t help but laugh. It’s not just a cute, humorous moment between the two of us; there is a reason why dogs lick their humans’ noses. It might be a sign of affection, playful behavior, or just attention seeking from your pupper. 

However, nose licking might not be a good thing for you or the dog and you must stop your dog from doing it. In this article, I will cover all the aspects of dog licking and why you should stop your dog from doing it. Hence stay connected!

Why Does My Dog Like To Lick Inside My Nose

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Why Do Dogs Stick Their Tongue In Your Nose?

It’s a way to seek your attention, play with you or express their love for you.

Dogs can be seen as an eternal source of joy, pleasure, and entertainment for us humans. Our furry friends are always ready to give us their all in the nicest way possible. 

Even after a hectic day, no man is too tired to relax with his four-legged best friend and enjoy a game of fetch. But something that has been on many people’s minds lately is why dogs do this weird, gross thing where they stick their tongues in your nose.

Taking In Your Smell

First, let’s define what “nose-licking” is: when a dog licks your nose, not at your mouth or eyes, and yet never completely leaves it for long periods. There are several possible explanations for it. Most likely, the dog is taking in the human’s scent. Dogs, in general, have a great sense of smell. A dog licking your nose could be him taking in the smell of you.

Being Playful

Dogs are known for being playful, and it may be seen as nothing more than a fun interaction between the two of you. Think about it: if the dog likes to play with toys thrown at him, why wouldn’t he enjoy playing with his owner? 

His version of fetch could involve you throwing yourself at me and for me to lick your face (and nose) one hundred times or so. He’s just being playful.

Why Does My Dog Like To Lick Inside My Nose

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Expressing Affection

It’s a common type of behavior in domesticated dogs but is also seen in wolves, dolphins, and even monkeys. 

The reason for these dogs sticking their tongues in their owners’ noses varies from dog to dog, but it has been shown that it’s a way to express affection, keep you hydrated, and show how much your smell means to them.

Attention Seeking

While many dogs stick their tongue in your nose now and then, some are more avid lickers than others. This strange behavior is most often observed when dogs are young. 

Their tongue acts as a way to get their owner’s attention, earning them praise and some treats. As dog’s age and become more independent, this behavior is no longer common.

If your dog sticks their tongue in your nose very often, he may have discovered that doing that is a way to get you to pay attention to him. Some dogs have a hard time dropping the habit of sticking their tongues in other people’s noses, even after they’ve been given plenty of practice.

Should I Let My Dog Lick Up My Nose?

The nose and tongue are both a hive of bacterial activity, so your dog licking your nose is not good for either you or the dog.

It’s not uncommon for dogs to lick their owners in the face. But should you let them lick your nose? Well, it may depend on the individual dog, but there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t allow them to.

First of all, saliva is wet and cold and can introduce bacteria into your respiratory system, causing infections or worse. Secondly, the saliva in your dog’s mouth is often not sterile and has been known to cause several infections in people. Lastly, it’s wet, so you might slip and bite your lip.

Why Does My Dog Like To Lick Inside My Nose

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What Should I Do About It?

If you are convinced that it’s OK for your dog to lick your face:

  • You should never allow them to do it if they are sick as slobber may spread an infection like conjunctivitis or eye germs, which spreads quickly. If your dog is in heat or has developed a tummy (gastric) problem, slobber can bring on vomiting and diarrhea.
  • You should never allow them to lick their face if they have an open wound or developing a skin infection.
  • You should never allow them to lick you if they have just given birth to puppies. Since most dogs are allergic to their pups, they are prone to getting infections from licking the mother.
  • You should never allow them to lick you if they have just given birth to puppies.

Many health problems can be spread by saliva, and your dog may be one of them. Having said this, if you do see your dog licking its face or someone else’s, it’s generally OK.

But that’s just what should happen in general since each dog is an individual, there may be other reasons for their behavior.

Why Do Dogs Sniff Ears?

They get to know more about you from your odor.

Dogs are naturally keen-smelling animals, and when they sniff your ear, it is because they are trying to get a better sense of you. 

Dogs, like people, release pheromones as part of their body chemistry; by smelling the inside of your ear, a dog can learn more about you and your personality. Some theories suggest dogs are drawn to the scent gland found in the ear canal.

Why Does My Dog Like To Lick Inside My Nose

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The scent gland is a chemical called a vomeronasal organ found in many animals, including cats, rabbits, and humans. It’s not exactly known how the vomeronasal organ works. Still, it’s believed that these organs play an important role in communication by releasing pheromones that other members of the same species can detect.

Dogs have been observed sniffing at humans’ ears for many different reasons. Some dogs may be simply trying to pick up on your scent, but ear sniffing is a sign of affection for many dogs. Some dogs may also perform this behavior when nervous about entering a new environment.

A Few Final Words

Dogs sniffing ears and licking noses is a common behavior, but why do they do it? One theory is that dogs do it to get a better sense of what their owner likes and dislikes to better cater to their needs. Another suggests that it might just be a sign of affection, and a third says that they are playing in their own way!

Thank you for reading, and while we don’t think anyone has a clear answer for this perplexing behavior, we have tried to give you an overview of all the current ideas that people have. 

You might also have observed other strange and cute behavior such as licking your belly button and nursing on your arm. Read about these behaviors to understand your dog better and be a better pet parent.