Can My Dog Jump On The Couch After Being Spayed?

In this article, we will answer common question dog owners ask: “Can my dog jump on the couch after being spayed? Post-surgery, your dog cannot jump for at least 10 to 14 days as it will take time to heal completely. Read on to know more.

Unless you have plans of breeding your dog, you might have been told to get a spay surgery done. Getting your dog neutered or spayed means your dog will not be able to procreate. Other than unwanted pregnancies, getting your dog spayed or neutered offers various health benefits as well. 

Many people get spay surgery on their dogs, it is very common these days. Spaying and neutering is good for the dog. However, you need to take care of your pup till it heals completely. Post-surgery, your dog will not be allowed to jump, play, run or be active for around 14 days. 

Can My Dog Jump On The Couch After Being Spayed

You need to limit your dog’s movement and keep him calm. Jumping and running around would rip the stitches, and you will need to take your dog to a vet to get the stitches done again. It can even complicate the problem.

Also, your dog will not be very stable post-surgery and may not be able to balance and may even fall while walking. In this article, let us look in detail at this question: Can my dog jump on the couch after being spayed?

What Is Spaying Or Neutering?

It is a procedure that removes the reproductive organs of your dog.

Before we look into why a dog can’t jump on the couch after being spayed, let us first understand what spaying or neutering exactly means.

Spaying is done for the female breed, and neutering is done for the male breed. A vet removes the ovary, uterus, and fallopian tube from female dogs in spaying surgery. Post-surgery, female dogs will not reproduce and will not undergo a heat cycle. 

When a male dog is neutered, the vet removes the dog’s testicles. Post-surgery, the dog will not be able to breed. Also, in most dogs, you will find a decrease in their breeding behaviors. When a vet goes for surgery, he first examines the dog and does a complete check-up to avoid complications during the operation.

Can My Dog Jump On The Couch After Being Spayed

At What Age Are Dogs Spayed Or Neutered?

Most vets suggest that you should get the surgery at the age of six months and upwards.

Usually, vets suggest spaying or neutering dogs when they are six to nine months old, and dogs can be spayed when they are too young or can even be fixed at an older age. Usually, larger breeds reach puberty much later and can get ‘fixed’ later than smaller breeds. 

There are certain health benefits of spaying dogs as well. When a female breed is being spayed, they don’t have to go through heat cycles and decrease the chances of severe health issues such as pyometra or uterine infection. Male breeds being neutered have fewer chances of suffering from testicular cancer or other health issues.

So Can My Dog Jump On The Couch After Being Spayed?

Your dog should avoid all jumping and physical activities for atleast 10-14 days.

No, your dog is not allowed to jump on the couch after being spayed. A vet usually recommends discouraging dogs from jumping and playing for at least 10 to 14 days post-surgery. 

Your dog needs proper rest and care for a while until it heals completely. After the surgery, a vet stitches the incision, which heals by itself but takes time. If your pup does not take proper rest post-surgery, he may have some health complications. Jumping can cause stitches to break or cause some infection. If the stitches break, they can bleed and might be painful in some cases.

Can My Dog Jump On The Couch After Being Spayed

Your dog might start licking or nibbling the wounded area, and this will increase the risk of infection. You need to make your dog wear an inflatable cone, so he does not touch the wound and make it worse. An inflatable cone will be much more comfortable for your dog, and he will be able to eat, drink and rest easily.

Make sure your dog is comfortable wearing the cone and cannot touch the incision. This will help heal the wound faster.

Don’t let your dog run, jump and limit their physical activity. It may not be as easy as it looks, but it is necessary to rest. This is mainly because there is a risk of incision breaking out and will cause more problems if not taken care of. So you need to keep your dog relaxed and calm for a few days.

What To Do If Your Dog Jumped Post Surgery?

Observe for signs like bleeding or the stitches getting torn.

Don’t worry if you find your dog jumping post-surgery. If your dog has jumped once or twice, there won’t be any long-lasting impact. But if you find your dog jumping for a long time post-surgery, there are chances of stitches tearing apart. You need to keep a check on your dog and make sure this does not happen. 

Post-surgery, look at the stitches and see what it exactly looks like. So when you find your dog jumping or doing any physical activity, have a look at the incision and see if there is any gap between the skin. 

Touch the wound and see if it is soft or has a lump. Touch gently as it might be painful after the surgery for some days. If you find any lump or swelling near the incision area, get it checked with a vet.

Can My Dog Jump On The Couch After Being Spayed

How Shall I Avoid My Dog Jumping After A Spay Surgery?

To stop your dog from doing any physical activity such as jumping, running or playing after surgery, you need to keep a check on them all the time. If you are out for work, you can keep them in one room, use a crate or baby gates, so they don’t move a lot. 

And if you are home, you can tie them with a chain so they don’t run or jump when they hear the doorbell ringing. However, limiting your dog’s activity is one of the most challenging parts to do post-surgery. 

Let us look at some ways to keep your dog calm post-surgery

Get Him Toys

One great way to keep your pet active is by getting them some interactive toys to play with. Post-surgery they will get bored doing it if you limit their activity. You will find a lot of toys and dog puzzles in the pet stores and get some for your dog. You can also make some puzzles using things available at your home. 

Let Your Dog Sit Near The Window

Your vet will generally recommend not to take your dog outside for a walk. And being inside the house all day will be very boring. So you can make your dog sit near the window and let him enjoy the view outside. 

Make Your Dog Learn New Things

You need to train your dog from time to time, and teaching them new things will help keep them busy. Making your dog learn new tricks and behaviors is a great workout for them. Just make sure teaching them something post-surgery does not require them to move a lot. 

Can My Dog Jump On The Couch After Being Spayed

Post-Surgery Precautions And Care To Be Taken

After the surgery, it is recommeded to take the following precautions for the well-being and safety of the dogs.

  • Limit your pet’s physical activity for at least 10 to 14 days post-surgery. 
  • Keep your dog in a restricted space for at least a day.
  • Don’t clean the wound or incision post-surgery. Some dogs may have a sticky residue around the incision area. A vet applies an adhesive to keep the wound enclosed.
  • Keep the area dry for at least 7-days after your dog is being spayed. The stitches will heal by themselves, and if they get wet, they will dissolve faster without healing completely. So you are not allowed to bathe your dog.
  • Keep a check on the stitches until it is healed completely. You may find some swelling around the wound, which is common. You can consult your vet if you find anything unusual.
  • Make sure your dog does not lick the incision area. It is better to make your dog wear an E-collar till the incision is healed.
  • Do not give any pain medication to your dog on your own. Consult your vet to prescribe some pain relief medication for your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Dog Go Up And Down Stairs After Being Spayed?

It should be ok to do so after the first day. 

Yes, it is OK to take your dog go up and down the stairs with a controlled leash after the first day of surgery. But make sure you take them slowly and discourage running or any rough behavior.

The first few days after your dog is being spayed are critical, and you need to take utmost care of your dog. Give your dog love and affection, and get him to chew toys to keep them calm and safe.

How Do I Get My Dog In The Car After Being Spayed?

You might have to carry him very carefully, and once home you should avoid all travel for a few days.

Even if your dog is active and energetic after being spayed, don’t let him inside the car freely. You can make your dog sit in a crate and move him gently in the car, and moving inside the car freely might break or tear the stitches.

A Few Final Words

After being spayed or neutered, you need to discourage your dog from running and playing for at least 14 days. You need to take good care of them and keep them calm post-surgery. You can spend some time with your dog, make them learn new tricks, and get the games to keep them busy.

I hope we have answered your question: can my dog jump on the couch after being spayed. The precautions and instructions discussed above will help keep your dog safe and healthy post-surgery.

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