Can A Pet Dog Get High By Blowing Smoke In Their Ear?

Can a pet dog get high by blowing smoke in their ear? Yes, and this is something no pet parent should ever do because they don’t just get high marijuana can be toxic to your pooch. 

Getting high can be fun for some people. But it is not safe and healthy for dogs to get high. People that smoke or get high in front of their dogs can inadvertently make their dogs high by blowing smoke in their ears or near their nose. 

Yes, a dog can get high by blowing marijuana smoke at them, but it is something that you should never do because marijuana is toxic for dogs. Dog ears are very different from human ears. Due to these differences, dogs can get high from smoke through their ears. 

Can Dogs Get High From Marijuana Smoke In Their Ear?

Yes, they can get high when you blow smoke at them.

Dogs can quickly become high if someone blows smoke in their ear. Getting high due to secondhand smoke happens only when the two people (or in this case one person and one dog) are very close to each other. Smoke in the dog’s ear certainly qualifies for that.

If you are wondering if dogs can get high, yes they can. If you blow smoke at them, it is close enough for them to inhale it in large quantities. 

Is Inhaling Marijuana Bad For Your Dog?

Yes, THC in Marijuana is toxic for your pet.

Marijuana is known for having high amounts of a compound called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the active compound that gives a feeling of getting high upon consumption. 

THC is a compound that people don’t generally associate with pets. All of us have a feeling that pets don’t do drugs. But this is not entirely true, drugs can easily get into their system via the smoke that enters their air.

This smoke could possibly have large traces of THC. THC is toxic to cats, dogs, and pets in general. This substance will make your pet feel that they are high, and can cause several problems such as nausea and vomiting. Due to this strange feeling they can appear to be dazed, disoriented, confused, and so on. 

Dogs can also suffer from difficulty in walking or even maintaining their balance. THC can increase the heart rate and temperature of the body. Excess consumption of THC by dogs can also lead to some severe cases and deaths. 

What Will Happen If Your Dog Accidentally Gets High? 

You should keep the weed away from your dog at all costs. It is toxic for them.

When dogs inhale marijuana, they can be in serious trouble, because this substance is toxic for them. Dogs can experience many changes in their body when they are high. Some signs that indicate that your dog is high and he or she has taken marijuana: 

  • Agitation
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Lethargy
  • Tremors
  • Low blood pressure
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Abnormal heat
  • No balance. 

Dogs can also suffer from various ear infections if smoke directly gets into their ears. Dogs can also detect the smoke when they are inhaling the air. 

Just like humans inhaling smoke can harm and damage the lungs of dogs as well. If you can observe these symptoms in your dog, you should take them to a doctor for further treatment. 

Smaller dogs are affected more seriously by breathing the smoke in as their ears are much more sensitive than bigger dogs. Blowing up smoke in your dog’s ear can lead to severe infections if you have a smaller dog. 

What To Do If Your Pet Has Inhaled Marijuana?

Treatment may include administering fluids and bringing down the heart rate.

First of all, you need to be very candid with your vet and explain to them exactly what happened. You may feel embarrassed with this situation, but it will be in your dog’s best interest to be candid about things and explain exactly what caused the dog’s situation.

After this, the vet will most likely do a urine test to confirm toxicity and its extent. If found, the vet will likely begin the treatment by keeping the dog hydrated and giving it medicine that will help bring down its heart rate to a normal level. 

If the dog has elevated temperature levels, the doctor might also suggest fever medicines. If it is disoriented or confusing, your dog will be put under surveillance so that it does not harm itself.

In some cases, lipid infusion therapy may help your dog let the THC out of its system faster. If the pet had ingested marijuana instead of inhaling it, the vet might try inducing the dog to vomit or else give him activated charcoal which will absorb the toxins quickly.

Pet Safety in Homes Where Marijuana Is Used

Marijuana is used in two forms: either as a medication in the form of pills, or else inhaled through vapes or in other forms.

For medicinal marijuana, ensure to keep the marijuana safely locked away in the medicine cabinet at all times. Keep this cabinet at a high enough place where the dog cannot reach it.

For smoked marijuana, make sure that you keep your dog out of the room where you are smoking, or better still, smoke outside. Do not let the dog into the room immediately after you are done, and let the air clear out completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Dog Get High When You Blow Smoke In Its Ear?

Yes, dogs can get high if you smoke in their ears or anywhere near their nose. 

Dogs can also get high by ingesting CBDs or Marijuana. If by any chance, your pet dog ingests some THC in the form of weed or marijuana, then you need to take your dog to a doctor. On the other hand, if your dog is breathing in secondhand smoke, you should smoke far away from them.

Can dogs get high from secondhand smoke? 

Yes, dogs can get high from secondhand smoke. 

Dogs are very much similar to humans in this aspect. They can also get high from secondhand smoke. Here, the size of your dog will play an important role. 

Smaller dogs are much more likely to get affected by the smoke, whereas larger dogs will get less affected by smoke. Then the concentration of the smoke also plays a vital role in getting the dog high. If your dog’s exposure is more towards the smoke, then they will get increased.

A Few Final Words

Smoking is as dangerous for dogs as it is for any human. Smoking affects dogs drastically as dogs are more sensitive creatures. They are vulnerable to the effects of drugs and smoking. 

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility not to put your health at risk while smoking. Dogs can even get high if smoke enters them through their ears, so you should smoke in isolation or away from your dogs to protect them. If your dog smokes up, you should take them to a doctor for further treatment. 

Thank you for reading, we hope we have answered all your questions. There are many common household things that are dangerous for your pet, such as rawhide, chocolate and raisins. Do read about these dangers and keep your furry friend safe.