Dog Growls When Lying Down

Your furry friend communicates with other dogs or with you by growling. In this article, let’s find out why dog growls when lying down below. 

Your dog cannot tell you when he is happy or in fear in the form of words. So he uses first his body language to communicate with you. He growls when you cannot understand what he wants to communicate. 

There are numerous reasons for growling. For instance, your furry friend may growl when he is in extreme pain or have a joint problem. He may growl when someone approaches him while eating a food bowl or chewing rawhide bone.

He may even growl while playing with another dog. But it is not a sign of aggressiveness. So you don’t have to worry so much about it. However, I will suggest you observe your dog’s body language because growling can lead to a fight.

You know your furry friend better. Remember, mild growling is not a bad sign. But if you find your dog growling different than usual or showing signs of aggressiveness, then it’s best to take him to a veterinary doctor. The doctor will evaluate your dog and detect whether he has any abdominal or respiratory problems.

The article discusses questions related to the growling of dogs. So keep on reading the article for more information.

Why Does My Dog Growl While Lying Down?

Dogs make a lot of noises. So it’s essential to observe your dog’s behavior to understand what he is trying to communicate to you. 

For instance, you need to find the difference between how your dog growls when he is sick and how he growls while expressing happiness. The difference will stop you from worrying so much and taking the required actions. 

There are several reasons for which you’re your Dog growls when lying down. I am listing some of them below.

#1. Expressing Happiness

We human beings grunt after lying down on a couch or chair at the end of the day. Your furry friend also does the same thing. He makes sweet noise while lying down. It is a sign that your dog is relaxing after moving around here and there all over the day. After some time, you will find that he lay his head down and shut his eyes.

#2. Fear

Your dog may growl while lying down because of fear. For instance, if a person visits your home for the first time and approaches him, he growls because of fear.

#3. Expressing Disappointment

If you find that your dog is growling by keeping his eyes open, it is a sign indicating disappointment. Your dog is either thirsty or wants some more food. It is a hint that will help you decode your furry friend’s emotions.

#4. Natural Thing

You may find your dog growling while shifting in the sleeping position or having a nightmare. It’s completely natural, and you don’t have to worry about it.

#5. Extreme Pain

He may growl while lying down because of Panosteitis if you have a puppy. It is a painful condition that occurs when your puppy’s bones grow at a fast rate. Your puppy will limp in the day to avoid any extra pressure on his legs. However, It will affect your puppy until he is fully grown or until two years of age.

If your dog usually does not growl while lying down but makes it up a habit with ages, then it can be a sign of a medical problem. Your furry friend may have osteoarthritis in which the cartilage which surrounds the joints of your dog becomes thin and wear out with time. Your dog will have a problem getting up and lying down.

Ascites are another reason for which your dog may growl while lying down. It is a medical condition in which fluid starts building up in the abdomen and puts extra pressure on the lugs and stomach. 

Consequently, your dog has difficulty in breathing and may regularly vomit.

Puppies can have ascites because of injuries while jumping over furniture or fences, but in older dogs, it can happen because of heart or liver damage.

If you find that your dog’s stomach is suddenly swelling, then take him to a veterinary doctor immediately. The doctor will find the root cause of Ascites and do the treatment accordingly.

Why Does Dog Growls When I Touch Back Legs?

Your dog may feel awkward when you touch his back legs, and he may growl. However, there can be other reasons, like your dog can have arthritis or severe joint pain in the back leg. 

So he growls when you touch his back legs. I will suggest you take him to the veterinary doctor to ensure whether your furry friend has any medical problem or not.

How To Train Your Dog To Growl On Command?

#1. Find An Object

You should find an object or toy that your furry friend always growls in by seeing it.

#2. Show The Object to Your Dog

Show the object to your furry friend and wait for him to growl.

#3. Treat Your Dog

Try to give treats to your dog as soon as you hear some noise from his mouth.

#4. Use Command

Start using a command growl when your furry friend growls by seeing the object

#5. Repeat

When your dog starts to growl when you use the command, repeat the steps.

Why Your Dog Growls When You Lay Next to Him

#1. Your Dog Is Uncomfortable

Your dog does not feel good when you lay next to him. He is expressing signs of discomfort by growling. You need to respect his decision to be friends for a long time.

#2. Your Dog May Have Medical Problem

Your dog has a medical problem for which he may growl when you lay next to him. You should take your dog to a veterinary doctor. The doctor will examine your dog and provide all the necessary treatments if required.

Why Does My Dog Attack Me When I Lay Down?

Your dog may want you to play with him. So, he attacks you while lying down. The other possibility can be that he doesn’t recognize you when lying down and attacks you.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Why does your dog growl when you pet him in his sleep?

It could be because he doesn’t like your touch or it might just be a growl of affection.

Your dog does not like petting during sleeping. So, he growls at you and may bite you if you continue touching him while sleeping. The good news is that your furry friend is communicating with you and signals that he doesn’t like anyone to touch him while sleeping.
Your dog will growl if you touch-sensitive areas of your dog, particularly his mouth or nose area, during sleeping.
Your dog will sweetly growl if he receives a soft touch in some specific areas of his body. You need to determine which areas will comfort your dog from being touched while sleeping.

#2. Why does my dog growl while resting?

Dogs growl and make noises during sleep, it is normal.

Huan beings make noise when they are deep asleep. They even cry or laugh if they are in their dream world. Dogs are also similar to human beings. Your dog can cry, growl or bark in a deep sleep. If your dog is growling, that does not indicate that he has a bad dream.

If you find your dog growling during deep sleep, then don’t disturb him or don’t try to wake him up. He is in a deep sleep or REM(Rapid eye movement) phase, and waking him up can be dangerous.

#3. Why is my dog aggressive when lying down?

Usually this happens when your dog is afraid of something.

Your dog may become aggressive at night because of several reasons. I am listing some of them below.
Your dog is afraid of something and may become aggressive with your family members whom he doesn’t know.
Serotonin is a neurotransmitter found in dogs that help regulate emotions and the sleep cycle. But when serotonin levels fall, it makes your dog awake and alerts at night. It may make your dog aggressive while lying down, particularly at night.
If your furry friend is old, he may have vision loss, hearing loss, or cognitive dysfunction, which makes him aggressive while lying down at night.

#4. Why does my dog growl when he is lying down?

Your dog growls because of several reasons. 
Poor diet
Improper health
The natural thing for your dog
Expressing happiness
Expressing disappointment

A Few Final Words

Dogs communicate by growling. There can be numerous reasons for growling. It can be a sign of irritation, medical problem, or growl when they meet strangers. However, it’s better to consult a veterinary doctor if you find the growling unusual in your dog.

We thank you for reading this article, and you can ask us any queries related to the growling of the dog in the comment section. You might also like to read: Rottweiler Puppy Growls When Picked Up and My Dog Moans When I Scratch His Ears