My Dog Cant Jump On Couch – Why is That?

One of our readers asked us: my dog cant jump on couch, what could be the reason. There could be several possible reasons, so read on to know all about why this happens.

It can be a cause of worry for the dog owners to see their dog unable to jump on the couch suddenly. The reasons can be many: the dog might be injured, scared, it might have a hip-related problem, or else, your dog might just be growing old.

As a dog owner, you need to figure out whether your dog has an underlying health issue, or is it simply a mental block or something that it is afraid of. Read on to know more about why your dog might be doing this.

Dog Cant Jump On Couch

Why Has My Dog Stopped Jumping on the Bed Suddenly?

Your dog might be in pain. You need to observe closely.

If your dog loves to jump on the bed and has suddenly stopped doing so, it can mean many things. They stop doing so because they are finding it to be an unpleasant experience, and it signals that your visit to the vet is due. 

What do we mean by the unpleasant experience? Read on.

Your dog is in pain 

When your dog is struggling to climb the bed or avoiding jumping on the couch, it is usually because there is some injury or pain that he is dealing with. 

Most pups love to remain active and jump across the house, and thus, it is very typical for the best of them to get injured, sprain a leg, or have cramps while on the run. 

Usually, there is nothing to worry about, and after taking medication or treatment, he would be fine. However, it is best that you do not ignore their pain since it can also be severe. For instance, it could signify the onset of arthritis, intervertebral disk problems, injury in the rear legs, muscle weakness, etc.  

It is best to visit your vet and let them do their job. Your pup will have to go through X-rays and other tests to diagnose the problem, and in case an issue occurs, getting them treated should be your utmost priority.

Dog Cant Jump On Couch

Your pup might be scared to jump

All dogs love to jump and play, but like human beings, even dogs can have traumatic or unpleasant experiences which might cause them to be afraid. 

If we connect your dog’s reluctance to jump on the couch or bed and that too, when he usually enjoys the activity so much, it is generally because of some experience that was scary for him. 

For example, your dog might have been jumping off a couch and landed on the floor hurting itself. Maybe, he was trying to jump on the couch and somehow slipped and hurt his face or felt a sensation in his legs due to the fall. 

If this is the reason for your pup not jumping on or off the bed or couch, you should give it some time, and soon, he will be back to doing his fun job. Remember, dogs learn by association, and if you encourage him to try and jump again, once he feels better, you will see a positive result, hopefully. 

One reason could also be that your dog is afraid of you simply because you have had a bad day and your personality is projecting signs of anger and despair. If that’s the case, the fix is easy: just lighten up a bit, play with your dog and you will find it jumping up and down very quickly.

Your dog is growing old

Most dog owners fear their dogs having a severe health issue or underlying sickness. Unfortunately, many dogs develop specific problems as they grow old, and this can also be the reason why your dog suddenly stopped jumping on the couch. 

Dog Cant Jump On Couch

Since your dog is growing old, it is not necessary that he might have some health issues. Some dogs start losing energy as they get old and would rather sleep or rest at one place than jump over and under the bed. 

As a dog owner, you must also be aware that your dog is not as young as he used to be, and thus, it is on your part to give him all the attention that he needed when he used to jump on the couch to have it. Give them love and affection nonetheless, whether they can jump on the couch for you or not. 

He might have hip dysplasia

It is a common problem in dogs and is more prevalent in big dogs than small ones. In hip dysplasia, your hip joints and bones do not fit in or work properly, which leads to a lot of discomfort in moving, let alone jumping for dogs.

Some of the most common symptoms of hip dysplasia include pain and stiffness in hip joints, reluctance to climb stairs or hop on and off of the couch, abnormal gait, decreased range of motion or activity, etc.

Hip dysplasia can happen to any dog at any age. To prevent this, you can feed nutritious meals to your dog, keep them moving and exercising, and avoid getting them overweight. However, if you find the symptoms relatable to your dog, visiting a vet would be a good idea, we think. 

Dog Cant Jump On Couch

When Do Dogs Learn To Jump on the Couch?

After about 12 to 15 months.

There is no hard and fast rule when dogs learn to jump on a couch or bed. As a dog owner, however, it is your responsibility to know and understand the body and ability of your pup to train them to jump on the couch.

On average, you must wait for your pup to reach at least 12 to 15 months before you set them up for jump training. You must wait a year for your dog to learn to jump because most puppy growth plates aren’t closed until he reaches 12 months of age. 

So, if your pup tries to jump on the couch before he turns at least a year older, there are chances for the plate to get damaged and have long-term effects on him. 

Also, young dogs do not have muscles as strong as adult dogs, and thus, it can be risky for them to jump on the couch before 12 months. Once he completes a year, you can undoubtedly think of training him to jump on and off of the sofas of your home. 

However, do not just go for jump training on the couch – it can be detrimental for your pup’s body to start with it. Instead, you can start with taking them on hikes and helping them jump over a stick or something. Once they become a regular (and sound) at it, you can slowly increase the stakes.        

Dog Cant Jump On Couch


My Dog Can’t Jump on the Couch – Now What?

The good thing is that now you know why your dog avoids jumping on the couch. Whether it is an underlying condition or a scary experience, your dog would need some help to get his lost confidence back, and this is where your role as a dog owner comes in. 

Help him to remove his fear of falling again when jumping on the couch by addressing the same. We can assure you that he will spring back to jumping up, down, on, and off the couch, bed, or whatever it may be. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we answered your query, and if you have more, please write to us so that we can include them in the article.

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