Why Does My Pet Dog Blow Air Out Of His Nose?

Have you ever noticed your dog suddenly getting spasms of breathing and wheezing? Why does my pet dog blow air out of his nose, you might wonder? We will explore the reasons in the article below.

If your dog suddenly starts making any loud snorting noises, it raises significant concern for dog owners. There is a high possibility that your dog might be getting what is known as reverse sneezing

When dogs blow air out of their noses, it is similar to sneezing. This condition can be triggered by something or irritation, just like sneezing. Your dog might be blowing air out of its nose because of any inflammation in the nose, throat, or even sinus. 

As a dog owner, you might experience that dogs blow air out of their nose when they just wake up after a nap. You will get to know these things further in detail in this article. 

Why Does My Pet Dog Blow Air Out Of His Nose

Why Is My Dog Blowing Out His Nose? 

Reverse Sneezing

It is a common respiratory problem in dogs. It isn’t fatal.

Reverse sneezing can occur in spasms. This condition might sound scary and intimidating, but in reality, it is a harmless respiratory condition affecting dogs. It is quite common in dogs, and in this condition, the air inside the dogs is rapidly pushed out through the nose of the dog. 

Your dog may make some wheezing sounds when suffering from this condition. Many people think that their dog is choking on something like the noise produced by the dogs when reverse sneezing is similar to the sound of choking or gagging. 

Irritant in the nose

It might have something irritating in the nose like dust or pollen.

Your pet dog could be blowing out air from their noses because of some irritant. This phenomenon is very common when your dog has eaten something. Dogs blow out their noses because of any infection in their noses or throat. 

Dogs generally sneeze to remove allergens or irritants from their nose. Some of the common allergens that can cause your dog to blow out their nose are dust, germs, smoke, household cleaners, and so on. 

Why Does My Pet Dog Blow Air Out Of His Nose

Blockage or Allergies

Its nasal passage might have a blockage.

Your dog may be blowing out his nose because their nasal passage may be blocked. Blowing out of the nose is essential for clearing the nasal tract. You should not get confused between a runny nose and a wet nose. 

A wet nose is not dripping regularly. Dripping the nose can be very annoying to the dogs. This leads to the dog blowing its nose as they want to get rid of the running nose. 

Dogs can also suffer from allergies, which environmental factors can trigger. Some of the most common allergens are grass, pollen, and dust mites. Your dog can suffer from a running nose if exposed to irritants. Some of these irritants are vital cleaning substances. Cigarette smoke and powerful perfumes are also among these irritants. 

Dogs suffering from nose or throat infections can also blow out their nose frequently. When certain bacteria enter your dog’s body, these bacteria then attack sensitive regions such as the throat or the nose of the dog. Then these bacteria can lead to upper respiratory issues in the dog. 

In some cases, if your dog suffers from a tooth infection, it can also experience reverse sneezing syndrome. As the mouth and the nose are closely connected, any issue in the mouth also hurts the nose. 

Why Does My Pet Dog Blow Air Out Of His Nose

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do dogs blow air?

Several reasons: allergies, reverse sneezing, stress etc.

Your dog might be blowing out air because of any allergens or irritants stuck in his or her nose. This process of blowing out the air is also called reverse sneezing. Dogs suffering from inflammation and irritation in the nose can often suffer from this condition. If your dog is blowing out air, then his or her breathing pattern is also very likely to change. Most of the time, the irritation caused to the dogs can also be due to the pollutants present in the air.

Why does my dog keep huffing out his nose?

This is likely a sign of reverse sneezing.

Your pet dog can be seen huffing his or her nose regularly because of reverse sneezing. This condition is also known as paroxysmal respiration. In this condition, your dog will pull air into its nose. 

When a dog suffers from a regular sneeze, they make a snorting sound. Dogs inhale air while they are trying to sneeze. Reverse sneezing does not necessarily mean that your dog is in some sort of danger. It is a harmless condition in most cases.

Why is my dog sniffing the air and looking up?

It is likely that he is just curious and has spotted a new smell.

The reason your dog is sniffing the air and looking up while walking can be because dogs are very curious creatures. They habitually examine all their surroundings with their nose and eyes. Dogs prefer to sense everything with their nose as their sense of smell is very strong. 

You can find your dog tracking some source or smell with their nose. Certain scents are very captivating for dogs.

What does it mean when my dog huffs and puffs?

Panting is a sign of stress.

If a dog is huffing or puffing, this could be a sign that your dog is suffering from stress. Wheezing in dogs is similar to panting. Panting is a sign that shows that your dog is either anxious or stressed. 

You can monitor your dog to identify stressors that might be causing distress to your dog. Identifying and removing the stressors can reduce huffing and puffing in your dogs.

Indicator of Stress

Blowing air might be an indicator of stress.

When dogs try to clear their noses, they can look quite similar to when humans clear their noses. Your dog could be blowing out his or her nose or panting because of stress

If your dog continues to blow their nose even after some time, then you should take your dog to the vet then. The vet will adequately examine the dog and assess the situation and identify the cause for your dog to do so. 

A Few Final Words

Seeing your pet dog blowing out their nose can be very distressing for pet dog owners. After reading this article, I believe that you can understand the underlying motives behind dogs blowing out their noses. In serious cases, the best alternative is to take your dog to the doctor.

Thank you for reading we hope we covered everything you came here to learn about! If not, write to us and we will make sure to add it. You might also like to read about: Why Is My Dog’s Nose Running? And Why Do Dogs Blow Bubbles In Water?