Does Gravel Hurt Dogs’ Paws?

You might have seen dogs chilling on gravel in the summer, but does gravel hurt dogs’ paws? Can it be harmful if you use it for a dog run? Answers to these questions coming up!

We know that pets love to go for walks and run around. But while walking, jumping, or running, they also have to face some injuries or some sort of accident. 

As we humans face a lot of body changes during every season, similarly, dogs’ paws also become dry or cracked during winters. The way we take care of our body, likewise, dogs also need regular care for their paws, whatever season it is.

One of the biggest enemies of dogs is gravel. They get stuck inside the paws of large dogs, and small dogs can choke on them. Hence, you need to be extra vigilant and careful if your dog regularly walks on the gravel driveway. 

Does Gravel Hurt Dogs' Paws

Does Gravel Hurt Dog Paws?

Dog paws are pretty thick, but gravel does hurt them. It can get inside the cracks between their paws and cause injury. Secondly, gravel tends to get hot very quickly, so in the summer it can be very harsh on your dog’s paws.

When you take your dogs outdoors, you should take them on the road with no gravel, or you should observe that no stones or gravel are getting stuck in their paw as it leads to a painful experience for them.

Does Vaseline Protect Dog Paws From Salt?

Yes, it does. Just make sure that it does not have a cocoa butter base.

As we know, dog paws get affected easily, so you should always try to apply Vaseline or any other balms that help protect their paws. 

It helps them by keeping your dog’s paws safe while walking or running in snow or uneven surfaces so that nothing gets stuck in their toes. It also helps in keeping their paw pads drenched. Do note that you should never apply creams that have a cocoa butter base cocoa butter is toxic for dogs.

What Is The Best Ground Cover For A Dog Run?

Pea gravel is a good option. 

Pea gravel is one of the best gravel options for dogs as it does not hold on to your dog’s paws. It is too small to get stuck between the cracks of their paws.

Pea gravel is relatively easy to clean and easily put in place. It is small and can be easily moved from one place to another. Also, Pea gravel helps in better sewerage, it can absorb feces and urine better than other surfaces. It is even good for complete hygiene, as it does not hold up the growth of microbes like other surfaces.

Does Gravel Hurt Dogs' Paws

What Are The Main Causes Of Paw Issues And Injuries In Dogs?


Allergies in dogs can occur for various reasons, like dirty surfaces or contact with chemicals. It, therefore, requires regular cleaning of the paws as it keeps them safe from any sort of allergies. Also, some allergies can be through some food items, like most dogs are allergic to milk, corn, or soy.

Fungal And Bacterial Infection

When a dog suffers from any bacterial or fungal infection, it may experience blisters or discharge of yellow color. It mainly requires bandaging of paws and some antibacterial treatment.

Another sort of infection is caused due to fungus. It causes severe pain and happens in the area around the nail bed. The therapy usually takes months as it requires time to remove the fungus.

Ingrown nail problem

Ingrown nails cause a lot of pain to dogs, and this situation happens when the nails are not cut properly or regularly. The growing nails of your dog can make it difficult for it to walk or run around and sometimes even lead to an infection.

Does Gravel Hurt Dogs' Paws

Why Do Dogs Walk Weirdly In Shoes?

They are just not used to them. With practice and training, they can learn to walk comfortably in shoes as well.

While we humans go out, we always wear our shoes, and it’s a normal part of our living. At the same time, we have observed that when dogs put on shoes, they start walking peculiarly. 

The moment a dog’s feet go into the shoe, it forgets the way of walking or running. They are not able to balance them. The reason behind this is that the dog’s paw pads are one of the essential things for them, which helps them maintain their balance, and it guides them by sending gestures to their brain. 

Also, the shoes make the paws weigh more which eventually limits their motion. Even it is not a regular thing for them, making them feel more unbearable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I protect my dog’s paws from gravel?

Some ways you can try to protect your dog’s paws are:
1. Crop or shorten the hair in the middle of the toes, which helps ward off entangling.
2. Cleaning your dog’s paws: At times, some stones or dirt get stuck on the toes of the dog. So cleaning it with a towel or wipe will make their paws clean and give them relief from pain, if any.
3. Do exercise at a slow pace: If the dogs are not comfortable with long walks or are young, they should be taken on short walks as it would not hurt their paws.
4. Paws should be kept hydrated: The paws usually become dry and crackle, so they should be moisturized regularly.

Are gravel gardens good for dogs?

Gravel gardens can get hot in the summers and the gravel might get stuck in your dogs’ paws.

No, it is generally not considered a good option for dogs as they tend to tear or dig things. It also becomes difficult with dog feces, and even young dogs might take in the small pieces of gravel, which is again harmful to their health.

What is the best gravel for a dog run?

Pea gravel is considered best because of its small size and better sewerage.

It has been observed that most dog owners prefer using grass for their dog’s runs. But using grass makes the surface quite dirty and easily tears out. 

Though it is not harmful to the dog’s paw, it is still recommended to use limestone or pea gravel. They are sturdy and good for dog runs.

Can grit hurt dogs’ paws?

Yes, it can be very painful.

Grit is mostly used in snowy places, and it is found that making your dog walk or run on the grit, which is usually used to unfreeze the snow, can be very harmful to your dog as it causes rashes and blazes the paws, leading to extreme pain for them.

Final Words

Dogs are the most loved animal and care a lot for their owners or caretakers. Therefore, taking their care should be our responsibility. Dogs face many problems in their paws, like infections or issues with nails or even with shoes. 

Hence, you should always keep a regular check on your dog’s paw area as it is something from where dogs’ brains usually receive signals for locating their route.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we answered your queries and if you have some left, do write to us in the comments below. You might also like to read: Why Do Dogs Cross Their Paws?, and At What Age Do Puppies’ Paws Turn Black?