Does Dog Hair Grow Back After Cut

If your dog recently suffered an injury, you might have had to cut their hair to apply medicine. You may wonder: does dog hair grow back after cut? Read on to find out the answer!

Are you afraid your dog’s hair will not grow back after being cut? If yes, then don’t worry too much. This is a common worry that troubles a lot of pet owners. 

Thankfully, the answer to this question is yes, dog hair will grow back after being cut. You will see a change in the length of the hair in just a few weeks after cutting the hair. And within 14 to 15 weeks the hair will re-grow to its pre-clipped length and make your furry friend look as beautiful as they were initially. 

The hair growth varies according to the dog breed as well. In some dogs, this hair growth stage can last for about a month, whereas in some dogs, it can last for about a year. We will discuss in detail dog hair growth further in this article. 

Does Dog Hair Grow Back After Cut

Does Dog Hair Grow Back After A Cut? 

Yes, it does. 

Typically, the hair on your pet dog will grow back after cutting. You will find different dog breeds having different hair growth cycles. If your dog suffers from a scar or injury on its body, then there is potential that the hair may not temporarily grow in that part of its body. 

If the hair follicles underneath the dog’s skin are damaged, this will affect their hair growth. It may temporarily shut down or slow down. It is up to you if you want to let the hair grow again naturally after the wound is better or if you’re going to intervene and perform some steps for improving the hair growth on your pet dog. 

How long does it take for a dog’s hair to grow back after a cut?

The hair will grow back in 14 to 15 weeks

The growth of hair on your dog and their fur depends on external as well as internal factors. Generally, your pet’s dog’s hair will grow back after a cut in 14 to 15 weeks. 

How Long For Shaved Dog Hair To Grow Back?  

It may take anywhere between 3 weeks to 6 months.

The hair takes time to grow back correctly and also depends on whether you have trimmed or completely shaved the hair. 

The hair growth also depends on what cycle their fur is in . It can take longer if the dog is currently in the shedding season. On average, dogs’ fur hair growth cycle varies to nearly 130 days. This number of days can change depending on the breed of your dog. 

If your pet dog is shedding his or her hair, then it might be difficult for them to grow back their hair in a short time. The speed with which your dog’s hair will grow back is related to the health and diet of your dog. 

Does Dog Hair Grow Back After Cut

How Can I Help My Dog’s Hair To Grow Back?

You can help your dog grow their hair back with the following steps. 

  • You can create a feeding program that specially caters to the nutritional needs of your pet dog. You should deliberately include food items that have Omega fats in them. If you are not that well-versed in creating a diet, you can take the help of your doctor for suggestions regarding your dog’s diet.
  • If your dog is fussy and is not eating items rich in omega fats, you ask your veterinarian to add supplements to your dog’s diet. Supplements for omega-3 and omega-6 are readily available in the market. You just need to add these supplements to your dog’s food, and they will get the essential nutrients. 
  • You can maintain the health of your dog’s fur coat by regularly brushing it. With regular brushing, the hair on your pet dog remains smooth and silky. 
  • Instead of using artificial and harmful substances for cleaning and washing your pet dog. You can use natural and herbal cleaners. These cleaners and shampoos don’t hurt hair growth. Oatmeal shampoo is among such natural shampoos that you can use on your dogs. 

Can Shaving The Dog’s Hair Hurt Them? 

Yes, shaving the dog’s hair can hurt their fur. If you shave a dog belonging to a breed that has a double-layered coat, then the new hair will grow back quickly. Firstly the hair on the undercoat will grow first then the hair on the overcoat will start growing. 

Generally, guard hair takes more time to grow, and if you are shaving your dog’s hair to reduce shedding, then shaving won’t help. 

Suppose you feel that even after cutting your dog’s hair, he or she is still shedding their hair. Then this hair loss can be due to hormonal imbalance in the dog. You have to carefully observe the hair loss. 

Does Dog Hair Grow Back After Cut

If the hair loss is occurring at specific spots on your dog’s coat, then your dog may be suffering from any bacterial infection. Ringworm can also cause a similar hair-losing effect on a dog’s body. 

If your doctor wants to identify the skin infection or problem, then they might need to take some skin scrapings and hair pluckings for testing them. You should not shave off the hair from a dog’s fur as it prevents the cooler air from getting inside their fur. 

Shaving fur on a dog doesn’t protect them from the heat. Instead, your pet dogs are exposed to skin issues that can also lead to skin cancer at some stage. You should not shave your dog’s fur coat even if it gets too hot for them. 

How To Improve Hair Growth Among Dogs? 

Apple cider vinegar mixed with water is a good way to keep dog fur healthy.

You can use some natural ingredients to cover the bald spots on your dog’s fur coat. Apple cider vinegar is one such ingredient, and this liquid has antibacterial properties. Along with proper cleansing, this liquid also has antifungal properties. 

Your pet dog’s immune system will improve massively. The hair growth on your dog will receive a massive boost once you start applying this liquid to their fur. This is a good home remedy for exponentially improving your dog’s hair growth. 

If you think that apple cider vinegar is a potent compound for applying on your dog, then you can mix it with water so that it gets diluted. After diluting it, you can use it in areas suffering from hair loss. 

Does Dog Hair Grow Back After Cut

Some Effective Methods For Treating Hair Loss On Dog’s

You can feed your dog antibiotics if they suffer from any bacterial or fungal infections. You can give these medicines in different forms such as orally, in tablets, pills, and so on. 

You can also use antifungal medication for treating ringworms or yeast infections. Steroids also help hair growth, and hormonal imbalance can be a significant reason for hair loss. So steroids can balance the hormones of your pet dog. 

Answers To Other Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog’s hair grow back after a haircut?

Yes, it should grow back quickly after a haircut

Yes, your dog’s hair will grow back pretty quickly after a haircut. Your dog takes the time to increase its hair and also depends on its breed. Generally, dogs require anywhere from 14-15 weeks to grow their hair back. 

There are some internal factors at play here, such as the genetics and diet of the dog. If your pet dog has a poor diet or genetics, it will take more time to grow hair. On the contrary, if your dog’s genetics and diet are healthy, he or she will have a luscious and silky fur coat.

What dog breeds should not be shaved?

Dogs that are used to living in colder conditions should not be shaved.

Dogs of different breeds have different types of fur on them. Some dog breeds need you to shave their hair or fur, and some do not require you to shave their hair. 

Generally, the dog breeds used to living in the cold should not be shaved. Some of these examples are huskies, terriers, german and English shepherds, sheepdogs, malamutes, and so on. 

Shaving the hair of such dogs makes them vulnerable to potential risks from the weather and the environment. You should also know about the type of coating your dog has before you cut their hair. 

The coat of fur with two layers of hair is called double-coated dogs. These dogs have another layer of hair underneath the top coat of hair known as the guard hair. 

Do dogs’ hair grow back over scars?

Yes, it does. It just takes longer.

Yes, the dog’s hair grows back over scars. But the time taken for the hair to grow back over scars depends on the severity and the nature of the injury or the scar. The main reason why hair growth slows down over scars and injuries is that dogs have hair follicles underneath their skin. 

When dogs suffer from a skin injury, these hair follicles are damaged. When they are damaged, they are not able to produce hair growth. Once the body recovers, the red blood cells regenerate these hair follicles, and they start growing hair.

Final Words

Dog owners are very concerned regarding the fur and hair coats of their dogs as the hair on their fur plays a very important role in their lives. The fur coat not only enhances the look and appeal of a dog but also protects them from the weather and its surroundings. 

If you have had to cut your dog’s hair or trim it for some reason, you don’t have to worry. It will grow back in a few months. Thank you for reading, we hope we answered all your queries. You might also like to read: Will Dogs Hair Grow Back After Scab?