Does Diamond Puppy Food Cause Diarrhea? 6 Reasons Why Puppies Get Diarrhea

If your puppy is not well and you wish to know, does diamond puppy food cause diarrhea, then you will get all the information here.

Diamond puppy food is formulated in such a way that it meets all the nutrient requirements of the puppy. Once given in the correct quantity, the puppy won’t be hungry for a longer time. 

Also, if given in the first year of the development, it will help the puppy maintain overall health. The food also has a good amount of DHA, which is beneficial for the working of the brain and also helps in vision improvement.

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Is Diamond Dog Food Good For Puppies? 

Diamond dog food has been one of the best brands that supply dog food. They run on a motive where every pet or the dog that is sheltered has to receive the best nutritional benefits at an affordable price. 

You can consider it one of the best dog foods because it comes in multiple varieties, which will help you choose the combination that suits your puppy. And the best part is they work to provide and address the nutritional needs of dogs in different stages of their life. 

To understand the goodness of this food to your puppy, read below to know some of the variety they offer:

First, the pet food brand offers the food in dry or canned or Natural options. There is a rating on different types based on the DogFoodAdvisor, where reviews are given by those passionate about pet food. Let us see some of the variety below.

Here is a video which explains the benefits of Diamond Dog Food:

Diamond Dog Food | Chewy

Dry Dog Food

Ingredients for this variety are the byproduct meal of chicken. It means that the leftover chicken waste is picked after the meat of the chicken is already taken from the bone. 

Along with this waste, corn and wheat are added, but it gives less nutrition to the dog. The same goes for wheat, the third ingredient. 

Finally, chicken fat is added to this, and it is beneficial to the dogs as it has omega-6 fatty acid. But to all these, beet pulp and brewer rice are added, which may not suit the dog positively.

Canned Dog Food

The best part about this variety is, it contains lamb, which has ten essential amino acids. Also, lamb broth is present, but this has no nutritional value, but it will add moisture to the food. Additionally, lamb liver is present, which is highly beneficial. To all this, rice flour is added, which is not that beneficial to the dog. To conclude, canned dog food has above average fat content, average protein content, and fewer carbohydrates.

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Diamond Naturals

As the name indicates, it has natural ingredients free of wheat, soy, and corn. Instead of these meals, lamb is added. Along with these, barley which has fiber content is also added. 

But ground rice is also an ingredient in this variety which is not of any use to the dog. The use of natural ingredients makes it the top pick you can pick for your puppy as it has the highest nutritional content that will help your puppy grow strong.

These varieties indicate that dog food formulas vary, helping you pick the right choice for your puppy. This wide variety will help you address and choose accordingly if your puppy has a special diet. 

All of these formulas have probiotics that will help maintain the digestive health of your puppy. The superfood in these pet foods is rich in nutrients making these the superfood for your puppy.

Does Diamond Puppy Food Cause Diarrhea

Why Is My Puppy Getting Diarrhea From His Food? 

Diarrhea in puppies is one of the common problems faced by many puppy owners. There can be many reasons for the puppy to have diarrhea. Some of the common reasons for diarrhea are:

  1. Stress
  2. Bacterial infection
  3. Diet change or food intolerance
  4. Ingestion of foreign bodies, toxins, or garbage
  5. Parasites
  6. Viral infection 

Out of all the above reasons, the most common reason that causes diarrhea in puppies is the intolerance to certain types of food. 

It can also be because of the indigestion of the food taken by the puppy. Diet change can also result in diarrhea in the puppies. You may have to change the puppy’s diet for many reasons. 

It can be because of the vet’s suggestion or lack of stock of your regular puppy food in the store. A sudden increase in the nutritional levels in the food may also lead to diarrhea. Whatever the reasons it may be, the slightest change in the diet will lead to diarrhea in the puppy. 

But, if you have not changed any diet and do not suspect any of the other reasons, then the present food you are feeding the puppy can also be the reason. 

The reason for diarrhea can also be a lack of sensitivity to the present ingredient you are feeding to your puppy. 

When you face any of the issues, and your puppy gets diarrhea because of the food, then meet the vet, who will address this issue earliest.

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Does Puppy Food Give Diarrhea?

Not necessarily, but it is possible that puppy food can give diarrhea during some exceptional cases. Whatever you feed your puppy, it must be apt for its age. 

It can also be a case where you have not noticed the product’s expiration and fed your puppy with that food which may have caused diarrhea. 

Sudden Dietary Changes

There is also a scope where puppy food can cause diarrhea where you had made changes to its food when it grew a little older (still puppy food but the next level based on the puppy’s age). If you suddenly change the puppy food and introduce a new formula of the puppy food in one go, it can cause diarrhea. 

This is because the puppy’s digestive tract must have been habituated to a particular diet, and this change may cause discomfort causing digestive issues and result in diarrhea. So, the change of the diet should be gradual, and the transition of the food must be introduced through a time period. 


Also, your puppy can be allergic to a particular ingredient in the puppy food, which you may not have realized. This allergic ingredient of puppy food can cause diarrhea in your puppy. 

To address the above issues, try adding more of the new formula and eventually decreasing the old formula in a meal to avoid such a situation. Talking to the vet if the diarrhea is persistent will help you understand the issue better and make changes in the puppy food.

Does Diamond Puppy Food Cause Diarrhea

What Puppy Food Doesn’t Cause diarrhea? 

This answer may vary based on the puppy’s diet. So easily digestible foods like a chicken without skin, eggs, cooked oatmeal or macaroni, yogurt, cheese, and white rice are highly beneficial and cause less discomfort to the puppy’s digestive tract, thus not causing diarrhea. 

Does Diamond Puppy Food Cause Diarrhea? No, It Doesn’t

Finally, we would like to recommend diamond puppy food for your puppies. It has all the essential ingredients like antioxidants, omega, a good amount of protein, and fatty acids, which help the puppy grow stronger and healthier. 

It keeps the puppies active all day. It also has a good amount of fiber which will help in the digestive system also. With all the proper and correct formulation, this food can be used for your puppies. If you use this product, do share the review here.