Does Blood Kill Sperm In Dogs?

The presence of blood in a dog’s semen is never normal. It can be detrimental to the sperm count. But does blood kill sperm in dogs? Only semen analysis can confirm it.   

Dog breeding is one of the top pet businesses in America, and breeders are earning millions of dollars just by making perfect mating matches among dogs. So, both breeders and non-breeders need to get a semen analysis done of the male dog who is about to become a  stud. 

Only a semen analysis can tell you whether the dog has a low sperm count or infertility. The presence of blood in the sperm is not a clear indicator of anything, and there is no scientific basis to say that blood can kill sperm in dogs. 

Does Blood Kill Sperm In Dogs

A semen analysis will also tell you the exact shape, size, and quality of the sperm in dogs. Thus, if you are looking to breed puppies, you can get an idea about the fertility level of the male dog before you mate the female dog with it.

If you are the owner of a dog whose semen has blood in it, it is essential to get him tested by a good vet. The presence of blood doesn’t always mean cancer or HIV, however, there is a possibility for the same. Sometimes, however, just a week’s rest and medication shall help heal this problem. 

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How Sexually Active Are Male Dogs?

An average male dog attains puberty at approximately 6 to 8 months. However, it takes them to reach sexual maturity at 18 to 30 months. A male dog can usually breed once every 2 to 5 days, which means that he can maintain a good sperm output every day. 

So, what can stop a male dog from breeding? 

Usually, it’s lower sperm count or infertility in the animal. There can be several reasons that can kill or lower a canine’s sperm count, one of them being the presence of blood in the semen.

The common name for this problem is hematospermia or hemospermia. However, one shouldn’t immediately start worrying about their dogs, even if this condition comes up, because there is usually no severe underlying condition. 

Does Blood Kill Sperm In Dogs

Causes of Low Sperm Count in Dogs

Some of the common causes leading to blood in semen include- 

  • Trauma (such as an accident resulting in injury)
  • Extreme sexual activity 
  • Sexual abstinence for a long time 
  • Prostate biopsy 
  • Blockages 

Blood In Semen: What Causes It?

If you notice blood when your dog ejaculates and continues for a week (a week or so), it is advisable to see a vet and explain it to them. It takes a few days of rest to make the problem go away completely. However, bringing a professional’s help and advice is recommended. 


One reason blood can be present in a dog’s semen is due to an infection, and it can be caused by the bacterial presence or sexually transmitted diseases. Talking to your vet about the problem and getting your dog medicated is probably the best thing to do in this case. 


Pyospermia is another condition in which an unusually high number of white blood cells in the semen weakens the sperm and can also cause significant damage to its genetic material. 

Also referred to as Leukocytospermia, more than 1 million white blood cells per 1 ml of semen are produced under this condition, which tends to damage the sperms considering their extraordinarily high number. 

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Does Blood Kill Sperm In Dogs

So, what are the reasons that cause Pyospermia? We have mentioned a few of them below 

  • Infection 
  • Inflammation 
  • Swelling
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Infrequent ejaculation 
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

It is essential to put your dog on medication for as long as your vet deems it proper to normalize the white blood cells count. Usually, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are recommended to treat Pyospermia, but resting and eating well also help as natural treatments for this problem. 

Other Reasons

There are several other reasons for the presence of blood in semen, including tumors, polyps, blood vessels problems, high blood pressure, leukemia, liver problems, blockages in reproductive tracts, etc. 

Does Blood Kill Sperm in Dogs?

If you find blood in your dog’s sperm, you should consider getting a semen analysis to understand whether the presence of blood is killing your pup’s sperm or not. 

In a routine test, your dog will have to undergo tests including semen volume, ejaculation, motility, the color of sperm, sperm count and concentration, libido, etc. There are five critical components of semen analysis

Sperm count

The number of sperm in a single ejaculation confirms the actual sperm count. It is calculated with the help of a microscope at the vet’s clinic to get the correct assessment of the sperm count. 

Sperm morphology

A typical sperm has a head with an acrosome (cap), tail and neck. It is a test that decides the shape of the sperm. Only the sperms with all the parts mentioned above are counted during the count.

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Does Blood Kill Sperm In Dogs

Sperm motility

This is the process associated with sperm movement. A microscopic assessment can further evaluate whether the sperms are moving in the forward direction. If they do, they are counted as active sperms. 

Sperm longevity

To test their longevity, the dog’s sperm are refrigerated, ejaculation is extended, and their ability to swim in a warm environment is observed. The last one also helps understand the fertility level of the male dog. 

Presence of RBCs in the ejaculation

The presence of red blood cells (RBCs) in the ejaculation indicates some traumatic experience in dogs. However, trauma is not the only underlying condition that results in the presence of blood in semen. 

It can also happen due to hypersexual activity or total abstinence from it, prostate injury or diseases (prostatic hypertrophy or hyperplasia), white blood cells indicating infections, or in severe cases, cancer, HIV, and other serious issues. 

Once they collect the samples and test them, only then you will be able to find out if the presence of blood in your dog’s semen is killing the sperm or not. It is also essential for your dog to remain calm during the tests. 

Anxiety and irritability can affect the quality of the sperm, so we would suggest you get the test done at home. It will lessen the chances of your dog getting anxious in a new space, and so the quality of the sperm will not deteriorate. 

What should I do to increase sperm counts in my dog?

Even if the presence of blood in the sperm of your dog is lowering their count, you can improve their quality using the following habits- 

  • Protect from higher temperature or extreme heat
  • Treat the bacterial infection or any illness early on 
  • Include/Increase the intake of Vitamin E, D, and C in your dog’s diet
  • Go for long walks with your dog 

The above activities work best when done according to the instructions of the vet and the treatment they suggest. So, make sure that you have discussed the same with your vet before starting with it all. 

Does Blood Kill Sperm In Dogs

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes a dog infertile?

There could be many reasons including the inability to ejaculate or prostatic diseases.

Infertility is the inability to impregnate the female with one’s sperm. There can be many reasons why a male dog is infertile. Some of them include poor semen quality, prostatic diseases, traumatic experience, low sperm count, inability to ejaculate, aggressive or non-receptive female dogs, etc.

Even the physical environment might stop the dog from ejaculating or affect his ability to copulate. Other diseases like arthritis, discomfort in the spine or rear legs, retrograde ejaculation, etc., contribute to a dog’s fertility. 

The dog owner must consult all the problems and health issues of their dogs to understand the underlying cause of their infertility. It can be solved with treatment, therapy, and medication in most cases. 

How long does dog sperm stay active?

Up to seven days.

In a healthy dog, sperm can survive up to 7 days. However, not every dog can produce that healthy sperm. It depends on the quality of sperm and ovulation timing of the female that also decides the active life of sperm. 

It is easier to achieve pregnancy with fewer sperm that can stay active for a long time. Even so, it takes about 200 million motile sperm to impregnate a female at a time. 

How long does dog sperm take to regenerate?

Anywhere between 60 to 65 days.

On average, it takes a dog about 60 to 65 days to produce one sperm cell, and then it takes two weeks more for the sperm to mature. The term used for this process is Spermatogenesis, which is a complete cycle of sperm production and maturation. 

To increase the generation and re-generation of sperms in a dog, you can also rely on specific activities that improve sperm count and shape, such as exercise and getting enough Vitamin C and D, a fiber-full diet, and of course, a happy mood. 

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A Few Final Words

Even though canine sperm is vulnerable to many outside things, its fertility may or may not be affected by the presence of blood. It entirely depends on the reason why there is blood in the semen, and once the test is done, you will learn if it is affecting the sperm count or not. 

Even if there is a presence of blood due to a severe condition, be assured that the medical world has made spectacular advances in recent years. So, all it will take is consistent therapy, medicine, and treatment for your dog to get better in months. 

Thank you for reading, we hope we have answered all the relevant questions. You might also like to read: Can Neutered Dogs Still Ejaculate?