Do You Tip Dog Groomers At Petsmart

Is tipping your dog groomer a thing? Do you tip dog groomers at Petsmart and other dog grooming salons? Or are they paid for the service so you should not be bothered? Let’s understand their financials a bit.

Pet grooming, especially dog grooming, is a booming business in the US. Dogs love their grooming sessions. They have less hair on their skin, there is no hair getting in their eyes, clean nails, teeth, and so on. Pet groomers treat your pets lavishly. In return, they expect you to tip them at the end of the session. 

Comparably says that the median salary of a dog groomer in the US is $47,084. While top salaries can go ridiculously high, those are celebrity groomers who look after pets of high-end clientele. Glassdoor says Petsmart groomers only get about $13 per hour, which is less than half the median salary across America. 

Do You Tip Dog Groomers At Petsmart

So, yes, you should tip pet groomers for all the extra efforts they take to groom your dog and give the kind of compensation that they get. Dog grooming is not a very high-paying job at Petsmart, and Dog groomers are likely to make 40 to 50% of their income through tips, so you should always tip. 

But Petsmart is not the only grooming service what about Petco? What about dog grooming in general? And what kind of service should you expect from these organizations? We will answer these questions with details below. Keep reading.

Do You Tip PetCo Dog Groomers?

Dog groomers at Petco should be tipped. 

You should tip dog groomers at Petco. Petco groomers are not much better than their counterparts at Petsmart, with average wages at around $18 per hour.

Grooming a dog properly with affection is a time-consuming process, and not everyone can do it. A person has to be very good with dogs to be a good dog groomer. Tipping your dog groomers is a sign that you understand and appreciate the value of their work.

Do You Tip PetSmart Dog Groomers?

Yes, you should tip your PetSmart dog groomer. 

You should tip your dog groomers as they provide you and your dog both with a service. The next time you see your dog groomer at work, try to focus on the work they put in to groom your dog. As we mentioned already, Petsmart dog groomers don’t make a lot of money: just about $13 / hour, so you should appreciate their work by tipping them.

Do You Tip Dog Groomers At Petsmart

Do You Tip Mobile Dog Groomers?

Yes, you should tip mobile dog groomers as you tip any other groomer

Comparably says mobile dog groomers are not much better than peers from Petsmart and Petco these guys make just $22,000 per year, about half the national average.

Your dog’s groomer goes the extra mile to groom your dog. They will do anything to please you and groom your dog. Your mobile groomer will sometimes add in extra services at no extra charge. 

Things like, adding hair conditioner, cleaning and brushing your dog’s teeth, or cleaning and grinding nails are time-consuming and of course, cost them money. They take all the effort for that extra tip. Hence, as a token of gratitude or out of respect, you should tip your mobile dog groomer.

How Much To Tip The Dog Groomer At Petsmart?

Typically, 15-20% of the bill is considered a good tip, just like other industries. A 25% tip is generous and 10% is stingy. Based on the following criteria, you can judge how much you should tip your dog groomer at PetSmart. 

Do You Tip Dog Groomers At Petsmart

The quality of their service

If you want to tip your dog groomer, you should decide on the tip amount by considering the quality of their service. Tipping is a vital part of American culture.

You should tip people who provide other people with some sort of service. Similarly, dog grooming is also a service. Dog groomers are not just providing a service to you, but they also offer a service to the dogs. 

Some dogs are difficult to deal with, especially when the groomer bathes them. Sometimes even the dog owners cannot control their dogs at the time of bathing.

So some dog groomers have to go through all this trouble to take care of your dogs. If you give dog groomers tips, they are incentivized to provide you with better services the next time. 

Their behavior and attitude

You can also take the behavior and attitude of the dog groomer as a criterion for giving them tips. Dog grooming is a professional career and skill.

Not everyone has this skill, as dog groomers have to study the process before becoming certified pet or dog groomers. You’ll also find that some pet groomers even have years of experience in this field. 

Just like every professional wants to be recognized for their work or service, pet groomers are no different. For them, giving them tips acts as a validation for their services. Pet groomers with years of experience can also open their centers and shops for pet grooming. 

Do You Tip Dog Groomers At Petsmart

The deals and offers they give you

Sometimes pet groomers have to deal with very picky customers or even stubborn pets. So these dog groomers try their best to make their services seem lucrative.

For this, they do deserve a tip. You’ll find these dog groomers offering you discounts or other services in combos; this will allow you to save some extra money. You can use and give some of this money to pay your dog groomer with some tips. 

Dog groomers are also typically very passionate about their jobs, and they are also passionate about taking care of pets and dogs.

If they are working passionately:- Dog grooming can be very exhausting at times. Providing this kind of service to dogs requires a lot of effort. Sometimes dog groomers also experience degradation from customers. Tipping them and being polite to them is the least we could do. 

If they go for that extra mile

You’ll find dog groomers that go that extra mile while providing you with their service. You’ll see that some dog groomers wake up early in the morning and work till late at night just to earn that extra bit of cash. Tipping such workers can help them a lot. Some dog groomers also come to your home to groom your dog, so you should reward them with a tip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give tips to dog groomers?

Yes, you should ideally tip 15-20% of the bill amount.
Yes, ideally, you should give tips to dog groomers. However, tipping someone can be pretty tricky. Rewarding someone with some extra money or cash for the service they are providing is an excellent thing. 15% of the total amount is good to start for a tip. 
A 15% tip is reasonable if you feel that the dog groomer did a decent job. If you think that someone went above and beyond, you can even go above the 15% mark. 

Do I tip dog groomers at Petco?

Yes, they make $18 an hour and do a lot of work for that amount.
Yes, you can tip dog groomers at Petco. Although Petco teaches and encourages its employees to not expect or ask for a tip. If a dog groomer manages to get some tips, they can keep that tip for themselves. Petco has also had a recent method for allowing customers to give tips to the employees. Customers can tip money with a paper invoice at the register. 

Why should you groom your dog?

You should take your dog for grooming sessions regularly. This helps your dog to remain healthy and hygienic. Some dogs that are not very fond of taking a bath will also stay clean with regular grooming sessions. 

A Few Final Words

You might wonder whether tipping a dog groomer is the right thing to do, especially if you are visiting a pet grooming salon for the first time. 

If you have a lot of doubts regarding the service and tipping of the dog employees, then one thing that you should immediately know is that these people make very low wages and put in a lot of effort for your pet.

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope that we have answered your questions. If you have more doubts, please write to us in the comments section.

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