Do Female Dogs Have Orgasms?

The sexuality of dogs is a big mystery for most pet parents and even breeders. For example, many ask us: do female dogs have orgasms like humans? Do they hump? We answer all these questions in the article below.

Sexual desires are present in most animals, including dogs. Sexual intercourse or activities related to any form of sex come naturally. However, in the case of dogs, sexual urges are less visible or pronounced. This is not to say that female dogs do not feel the need to act because of those desires. 

Suppose you are thinking of keeping a female dog as a pet. In that case, it is important to understand her sexual desires and behaviors to know what to expect. It will also help you care better for your dog when she is in heat. So keep reading to learn. 

Can a Female Dog Pleasure Herself?

Similar to most animals and humans, dogs masturbate and pleasure themselves. You may notice your dog humping, rubbing against objects, or licking their genitals. This behavior is seen in both male and female dogs. 

It is a common misconception that only intact (not neutered) male dogs masturbate. If you have a female dog and observe carefully, you will notice that she too displays similar sexual behavior. 

However, it is possible that a female dog may not be as aggressive as a male dog, and this means that while she will display such desires, her’s will be less pronounced than that of a male dog. 

Since it is evident that sexual behavior is displayed by both male and female dogs, it is important to understand if they derive pleasure from it. An orgasm is supposed to be a pleasurable climax of sexual acts. 

While it is possible for humans, an extensive study of animal behavior is necessary in the case of dogs. Unfortunately, there is no study, as of now, to suggest that, like most humans, dogs masturbate for sexual pleasure. 

Do Female Dogs Have Orgasms

Do Female Dogs Have Orgasms During Sex?

It is also difficult to understand whether a female dog orgasms during penetrative sex. No evidence suggests dogs receive satisfaction akin to orgasm from any sexual act. Therefore, you cannot determine if your female dog is having an orgasm at any point during masturbation or intercourse. 

It is essential to understand the difference between an orgasm and the culmination of the sexual act. This is important because dogs come into heat which is a specific period during which they have heightened sexual urges. 

Female dogs go into heat once every six months. You will notice more pronounced sexual behaviors during this time, such as humping and rubbing. However, it isn’t easy to understand whether this brings them pleasure. 

All sexual acts of masturbation or intercourse lead to relief. But whether that is akin to what we know as an orgasm has not been determined yet. 

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How Important is Sexual Intercourse and Pleasure for Female Dogs? 

From a psychological point of view, sexual intercourse is important for both male and female dogs. When a female dog comes into heat, it is likely that she will display sexual behaviors and have an inclination towards sexual intercourse. 

Does Lack of Sex Cause Aggression in Dogs?

However, this does not mean that lack of sexual intercourse will lead to aggressive behavior or medical problems. Most pet owners are more concerned about male dogs than female dogs in heat. This is due to the belief that without sexual intercourse, a male dog that has not been neutered will become aggressive. 

The only way to calm him down is by allowing him to engage in intercourse with a female dog. This is not true. While dogs may seem a little testy when in heat, they will not become aggressive unless another factor triggers the behavior. 

This is true for both male and female dogs. Female dogs may not appear testy but will still masturbate to get some relief from the urges. 

Do Female Dogs Have Orgasms

Does Spaying or Neutering Cause Dogs To Stop Having Sex?

While understanding sexual intercourse and pleasure in dogs, it is essential to comprehend that sterilization is not a way of ensuring abstinence. It is a way to control breeding and overpopulation. 

The medical procedure of spaying a female dog will stop the heat cycle, but this will not hurt your dog. So if you have a female dog who has not been spayed, you will notice sexual desires during the heat. 

After spaying, hormone production reduces and stops, eliminating heat and consequent sexual desires. But they may still exhibit some sexual desires for a while. If you choose to spay your dog, it does not mean that you are curbing her sexual instincts or the pleasure that she derives from the activity. 

Spaying stops sexual urges through a very natural procedure. If you do not spay your dog, those urges will remain and be pronounced during each cycle. Spayed dogs will not care for sexual pleasure. 

In contrast, female dogs that have not been spayed will masturbate or engage in intercourse. Neither of these situations is detrimental if there are no pre-existing conditions like urinary tract infections or urinary incontinence. 

How Do You Pleasure a Female Dog?

Dogs, when in heat, tend to pleasure themselves. It is best not to interfere and let them deal with their urges. Any interference, even from people they are closest to, can lead to problems, especially if the dog cannot continue intercourse and masturbation. 

Therefore, if you notice that a female dog is humping, rubbing, or licking, it is best to let them be till they can satisfy themselves. To pleasure themselves, a female dog will hump cushions, rub against logs, or even your legs to feel good and to find some relief. 

Now, you may be wondering why your female dog is trying to pleasure herself even after spaying. As mentioned before, after spaying, the production of hormones like estrogen stops due to the removal of the ovaries. 

Do Female Dogs Have Orgasms

This is supposed to suppress sexual urges. However, your dog may continue to hump, thrust, and lick because she is used to that act. If she displays any sexual behavior, it is because she remembers feeling good. 

Therefore, despite there not being a heat cycle, your dog will continue to pleasure itself. But this behavior will not continue for a long time. After spaying, you might find your dog pleasuring herself for a while before the urges go. 

This is natural, and there is no need to worry unless you notice any odd behaviors like aggression that may point towards medical or psychological problems. 

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Mounting and Humping

Usually, dogs sexually pleasure themselves through mounting and humping. Many pet owners believe that only male dogs hump. However, female dogs too derive pleasure from humping. If a female dog is in heat, she will try to mount a male dog and hump. 

This will also occur during courtship leading upto the heat cycle. A female dog may display this behavior with several “suitors.” During this period, you will also observe flirtatious behavior like licking, bowing, and pawing with ears rotated back and tail up. 

Interestingly enough, two female dogs may also try to mount and hump each other when in heat. This act is to get some pleasure and relief from their urges. It is important to understand that humping is not just a form of masturbation. 

Do Female Dogs Have Orgasms

Mounting, Humping as a Form of Play Behavior

It starts as play behavior in both male and female dogs. Researchers have suggested that this play behavior is in preparation for the heat cycle and consequent sexual intercourse. During the play stage, you will notice two female dogs or one female dog and one male dog humping each other. 

This may happen before reaching the age of sexual maturity and has nothing to do with pleasure. A male dog may also mount and hump a female to exert dominance, while a female may establish social control.

Mounting and humping as a form of sexual pleasure may occur when a dog is excited. In female dogs and male dogs, masturbation becomes a way of dealing with excitement. For example, when your dog meets new people, she may respond to the excitement by getting aroused. 

This is when you notice that she is trying to hump her toys, other dogs, or even your legs. Similar behavior may be seen in stressful situations. When your dog is stressed, she may seek relief and pleasure through masturbation. 

When is Humping Bad?

While a female dog may hump for pleasure, it is important to observe when masturbating—masturbation when stress leads to compulsive behavior. Suppose your dog is compulsively masturbating when stressed or excited, and the sexual behaviors are not occasional. In that case, there may be certain psychological issues that need to be checked and monitored. 

Do Female Dogs Have Orgasms

A Few Final Words

If you have a female (or male) dog at home, you need to know the heat cycles and behaviors. It is necessary to let a dog display sexual behaviors when they feel the urge to do so and not tease them or irritate them. 

Masturbation and deriving sexual pleasure are natural. Therefore, you need to ensure that your dog is comfortable and not scared when in heat or otherwise. Any kind of stress leading up to humping or masturbation can be behaviorally damaging for your dog.

Write in the comments below if you notice any sexual behaviors in your dog or are worried about them for any reason. Don’t forget to ask fellow pet owners and dog lovers to give this a read.