Do Dogs Still Bleed After Mating?

Do dogs still bleed after mating? Sometimes, dogs bleed after mating, which doesn’t necessarily mean that she has a problem. 

However, if the bleeding is heavy and continues to be so for several days, call a vet. 

It is not unusual for a female dog to bleed during heat. She has vulvar swelling and attracts male dogs with her enticing odor during this time. However, does this bleeding continue after mating? Yes, it can bleed sometimes because mating might have caused some pooled blood to come out. This is not something to be worried about.

In the initial ten days of a first heat cycle, she is expected to bleed more than usual. During this time, the female tends to be closed to male attraction. Many females even chase away the males to keep their distance from them. 

Only during the next ten days does she open herself to male dogs, and the bleeding reduces further. Read on to learn how bleeding in dogs works during mating season. 

Do Dogs Still Bleed After Mating

Do Dogs Still Bleed After Mating?

Your dog should stop bleeding or bleed in reduced quantity ten days after the first cycle begins in an ideal situation, but this isn’t always the case. Many dogs do not follow this pattern and allow their bodies to go through changes with time.

Typically, the dog comes into heat twice a year for 17 to 25 days, maybe more. The first cycle takes place somewhere between January and March, and the second one takes place somewhere between August and September. 

When the heating season is about to begin, you will notice several behavioural changes in your dog, such as clinginess, restlessness, less tolerance for other animals, licking her vulva more than usual, etc. 

In case you want to have in-depth knowledge about the estrus (heat) cycle, we have broken the entire heating season in the following paragraphs for your perusal.


It typically lasts for 9 to 10 days, during which the dog bleeds profusely. It can be a task to guess the first day of the estrus cycle, significantly if your dog cleans herself well and because initially, the colour of blood is usually pink or yellow. 

During this time, she will urinate more than usual with a strong smell, which attracts male dogs and hints for them to know that the female is in her mating season. Her vulva swells and protrudes. 

If you want your dog to get pregnant, this is a good time, but the drawback is that she chases away any dog that gets closer to her. Thus, your dog will not be receptive to other dogs for the first ten days. 

Do Dogs Still Bleed After Mating


In the second stage, she finally attracts and allows male dogs to mate with. In fact, during this time, she will herself go out and look for a mate for breeding. This cycle is that the female doesn’t have to look far to have a mate since males can smell her from 5 miles. 


In this stage, the female is no longer receptive to male attention. This stage goes on for at least two months, more or less. 

During this phase, her estrogen level of the dog is low, while the progesterone level peaks after a month of the setting of this stage. By the end of this cycle, progesterone level comes down as well. 


This cycle is the space between the beginning of proestrus and the ending of the diestrus stage. Anestrus lasts for about four months, and during this time, the body prepares the uterus for the next mating season. 

There is no more swelling of the vulva, no bleeding, and no discharge. However, you must also know that each dog is different, and thus, there is no straight answer to whether or not dogs stop bleeding after mating. 

Do Dogs Still Bleed After Mating

Does a Dog Stop Bleeding After Mating?

Yes, it’s normally just a small amount of bleeding which will stop in a couple of days.

If the dog is mating during the estrus phase, here bleeding would have already stopped by then. In this case, bleeding might appear to restart because of a pool of blood that gets disturbed during the mating exercise. This is nothing to be alarmed about. As long as the bleeding is not too heavy, you needn’t do anything.

Many dog owners also wonder if their furry friends bleed throughout the healing period? Some dogs experience heavy vaginal bleeding during estrus, while others have little to no bleeding. 

As mentioned already, each dog is different and works by its own body. As long as they are healthy, it shouldn’t be a problem to bleed for more days than what’s typical. 

However, if the bleeding continues even after the estrus without any sign of watering down, it can be alarming for the dog owner. After mating, if the blood remains heavy and read, even after passing ten days to 2 weeks, look for unusual symptoms in your dog. 

Why Is My Dog Still Bleeding Heavily?

However, heavy bleeding doesn’t always mean a serious condition or issue attached to it. Still, it can also mean that your dog might be suffering from a severe health problem, usually, Pyometra or uterine tumor. 


The most noticeable symptom that your dog might be suffering from Pyometra is a light vaginal discharge. If your dog is drinking a lot of water during estrus or has a swelled abdomen, it might mean that she has Pyometra. Antibodies and spaying is the most recommended treatment for this infection.

Uterine tumour 

The abnormal growth of uterus cells leads to the development of this uterine tumor. Some of the typical symptoms of this tumour include vomiting, lethargy, weight loss, pus in the uterus, difficulty in urinating, tender or sensitive abdomen, drinking lots of water, etc. In this case, too, spaying is the ultimate treatment. 

Do Dogs Still Bleed After Mating

My Dog Bleeds When He Humps

It could be a sign of Urinary Tract infection.

It is not normal for a dog to bleed when he humps. Thus, it is essential to learn the reason because he is likely suffering from a urinary tract infection. 

It can also be possible that the tissues of his penis are sensitive, that he got injured at the time of humping, or he has developed some other infection. 

It is, thus, recommended to seek the immediate assistance of a vet and get your pup diagnosed. In most cases, the vet will diagnose him and prescribe some antibiotics to make him feel better, but you can only jump to a conclusion once you visit the doctor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a dog bleed after mating?

Maybe a couple of days, or a week, not more than that.

While a dog usually bleeds for nine days during the proestrus stage, this bleeding stops at the end of this period. During this period she does not want a male’s attention or touch. 

After ten days of the first stage and day one of the estrus stages, she becomes open to male dogs and offers herself for breeding. She usually looks out for a male dog once her bleeding subsides or waters down. Bleeding might happen when she mates because mating will cause a pool of blood to get dislodged and come out.

Can dogs bleed after being bred?

It might happen because the mating might release a pool of blood that was still there in the vaginal tract.

The dogs do not usually bleed after breeding, but if it happens, it is generally because they are still in the heat for a while when the other dog mounts them. 

So, yes, you can expect to see them bleeding for a short while, but this isn’t always the case. Many a time, you cannot tell whether bleeding happened or not, but it is usually dark red.

Will my dog still bleed if she’s pregnant?

You may see a vaginal discharge with a faint pinkish color, but there should not be any blood.

A dog’s pregnancy lasts from 58 to 63 days or more, and during this course, it is normal for them to release vaginal discharge. If it is a pink tint, it is entirely normal, but if it is red, it is a sign that you might be dealing with some pregnancy complication. Call your vet immediately and take your dog for an examination. 

Final Words

It is entirely normal for your dog to bleed during the first ten days of the heating cycle, after which the blood waters down or completely subsides. 

However, if the bleeding continues heavily, there are chances of infection or more severe complications, and thus, should be discussed with your vet. As a dog owner, it can be a task not to be worried about your dog during its mating season, but if you keep an eye on them, it will pass quickly.

Thank you for reading, do let us know how we did in the comments below. You may also want to read about How To Stop Dogs From Mating? And Can A Neutered Male Dog Get Stuck With A Female?