Do Dogs Pee In The Pool?

Swimming is the best way to cool off your dog during the hot summer days. But do dogs pee in the pool like some humans do? Let’s find out.

Dogs love to swim just as humans do. You will find most dogs swimming in dog-friendly pools and beaches during the hot summer days. Swimming is the best way to cool off during summers, and your dog gets some exercise and some fun.

If you are wondering about this question: Do dogs pee in the pool? The answer is yes, dogs do pee in the pool. Most dogs who are too young and untrained do this. 

Do Dogs Pee In The Pool

When you allow your dog to swim in the pool, this does not mean that you will have green water. Your dog may urinate in the pool and add up more contaminants. Also, the bigger the dog, the more amount of chlorine is needed to balance the contaminants in the water. 

So when your dog swims in your pool, add more chlorine, so the water does not turn green when the chlorine is all used in water.

In this article, let us discuss how you can prevent your dog from peeing in the pool and other related questions.

Why Does Your Dog Pee In The Water?

Most dogs pee in water due to excitement, insecurity or because they want to mark their territory. Sometimes dogs may pee in the pool to get their owner’s attention. 

However, it is impossible to stop your dog from peeing in the pool. But you can train them to pee at one place or in the bathroom.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Peeing In The Pool?

One of the best ways to stop your dog from peeing in the pool is to train them not to. You can make your dog learn good and bad habits and reward them for good behavior. 

It is not very hard to house train your dog. When you teach your dog that a pool is not the right place to pee, it will not pee at all.

Do Dogs Pee In The Pool

How To Train Your Dog To Pee At One Place?

Dogs do make a mess when they relieve themselves at any place. If you let your dog pee in the grass, it will cause brown spots and make it look less attractive. You will not like to sit in your yard and spend some quality time if your dog does this every time. So it is essential to teach your dog to pee at one spot or in the bathroom.

#1. Choose A Place 

First, choose a potty spot for your dog outside. Make sure the spot is perfect for your dog to pee and is not very compact. A compact space will be acceptable for a small breed, but larger dogs will need bigger space.

Sometimes your dog will choose its own space to pee and poop when you take them for a walk. If your dog returns to the same place every time to pee, make it their potty spot. 

#2. You Need To Keep The Spot Clean

It is essential to keep your dog’s potty spot clean. You can add a pile in the area to let your dog know its spot while training them. But do not leave a lot of piles in the space. If the area gets messy, your dog will choose to relieve itself somewhere else.

#3. Command Your Dog To Go At One Place

One easy way to train your dog to go in one place is by letting them go on command. Use a leash, take your dog to where you want them to pee, and tell the cue word. Let them be at the same place until it pees, and then give them a treat as a reward. Don’t let your dog explore other areas until it does its business.

Do Dogs Pee In The Pool

Do All Dog Breeds Pee In The Pool?

No, most of the dogs do not pee in the pool. Dogs who have been house trained and know the pool as a play space and fun are not likely to pee in the water.

If you have introduced your dog to a swimming pool at a young age, he must have learned that it is not a potty place. When dogs learn to pee in a particular spot, they will most likely come out of the pool, pee in the grass, and get back to the pool.

Swimming Pool Pet Dangers

Most people love swimming in the pool during summer. But can you let your dogs inside the pool with you? Well, you definitely can. Just make sure the swimming pool is well chlorinated, and do not let your pup ingest water from the pool. 

However, there are some swimming pool dangers that you need to be aware of before you let your dog inside the pool.

#1. Accidental Drownings

It is very much possible for your dog to drown in the pool. Many dog swimmers go inside the pool with ease but sometimes cannot get out of the pool. To prevent this issue, make sure you make your dog learn to swim and safely exit the pool. Make your dog wear a life jacket for safety.

#2. More Bacteria

All pet owners love their dogs. But we also know that they are not clean all the time. The hair, dirt, fecal matter, and pollen will also get in the pool water. Your dog’s fecal matter stuck at their rear will get in the water, and if humans swallow this water, it can cause some health problems. 

Do Dogs Pee In The Pool

One way to prevent the pool from getting dirty is to maintain it and adjust its pH levels. Make sure the filtration system is exemplary and is cleaned regularly. It is advisable to clean the pool after every use.

#3. Skin Irritation

The chemicals present in the pool can irritate your dog’s skin and cause rashes and redness. So make sure the pool is appropriately diluted, so it is not toxic for your dog to swim. 

If you find your dog having some reaction when it gets inside the pool, don’t let them inside the pool for some time and consult your vet for skin irritation.

Some Tips When You Swim With Your Pup In The Swimming pool

  • Trim Your Dog’s Nails. An energetic dog or one who needs your help while floating may hurt you with its nails. So keep your dogs’ nails trimmed when you let them swim in the pool.
  • Use A Life Jacket. Life jackets will help dogs swim better. A tired or nervous dog will swim upright with back legs down and head straight. Dogs with small legs may find it harder to swim than bigger dogs. Here is when the life jacket will be useful for your dog.
  • Dry Your Dog With A Cloth After Swimming. It is better to dry your dog after it swims in water to prevent any skin irritation. Also, avoid using shampoo after swimming.
  • Make Sure Your Dog Does Not Drink Pool Water. Keep a freshwater bowl for your dog outside the pool, so your dog does not drink pool water. Also, take your dog out to relieve themselves as they are likely to ingest some pool water and may need to urinate frequently.
Do Dogs Pee In The Pool

How To Teach Your Dogs To Swim?

  • Introducing Swimming Slowly. If your dog is too young or if you are introducing swimming for the first time to your dog, start it slowly. Walk with them in shallow water and slowly take them inside the pool. They may take time to get comfortable.
  • Do not restrain your dog. Gently hold your dog under their tummy and give them some treats. Let him get inquisitive and pull himself in water to get the treat. When your dog accesses its first few steps on its own, persuade them to take the next step.
  • Let Your Dog Swim With Other Dogs. When your dog sees other dogs swimming, it will gain more confidence. You may like to swim with your dog and find it comforting but watch for its paws. You need to have patience and start very slowly as some dogs do not like water and will take time to get used to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dogs Pee Anywhere?

Yes, unless you train them properly to go in one place.

Yes, dogs often pee anywhere they won’t unless they are trained well to pee in a particular spot. They prefer peeing on grassy spots or near the bush in your yard most of the time.

Is It Rude For Dogs To Pee On Lawn?

Absolutely! It can also cause damage to someone’s lawn.

Yes, allowing your dog to pee on a neat and clean lawn is rude, and it causes brown spots on the grass. The other people or neighbors may not like walking on the soiled lawn.

Can A Dog Pee On My Property?

No, it is not a good idea to let your dog pee on your neighbor’s property.

Infrequent walks, medical issues, or improper training can make your dog pee anywhere. If your dog is too young, you need to train them to pee in a particular spot. You need a lot of patience and time to train your dog.

A Few Final Words

So now you know how to make your dog learn to pee in a particular spot or a bathroom, and they should not pee in the swimming pool now. All you need to train your dog is a bit of patience, time, and a few dog treats to reward them for good behavior.

Thank you for reading, we hope we answered all your questions. If you have more, please drop us a word in the comments and we will get back to you. You might also like to read: How Far Can Dogs Swim? And Can Your Dog Drink Hose Water?