Do Dogs In Heat Throw Up?

Do dogs in heat throw up? Is vomiting a normal symptom of the heat cycle in female dogs? Or could it be a symptom of a bigger problem? Read on and learn more about it.

A female dog usually has their heat cycle within a gap of six months every year. You may expect mood swings and gastrointestinal problems during the heat cycle. However, vomiting is not a symptom of heat in dogs.

If your dog starts vomiting, then it is a matter of concern. Your dog can have uterine infections, which may be causing vomiting. Moreover, she can have liver or kidney problems or have eaten something, which might have caused her to throw up during her heat cycle.

It’s best to take her to a veterinary doctor. The doctor will do blood tests to check the count of white blood cells. He will even tell you to evaluate the fecal sample of your dog to know the presence of any parasites. 

Do Dogs In Heat Throw Up

If everything is fine in your dog, then the doctor might also recommend spaying. Spaying will prevent your dog from getting pregnant and reduce the chances of mammary cancer and uterine infections in the future.

Below, I will talk a bit about why vomiting might occur in dogs. We will also discuss the heat cycle in detail. Stay tuned to learn more!

What Are The Symptoms That Your Dog is In Heat?

  • Bleeding from vagina
  • Your dog notices male dogs more and walks with her rump raised
  • Temperature changes
  • Behavioral change
  • Change in appetite
  • Excess licking

As you might have noticed, vomiting is not on this list.

Do Female Dogs Throw Up In heat?

No, they do not. Unless they get pregnant, in which case it might be morning sickness.

Your dog undergoes behavioral changes and mild gastrointestinal problems while undergoing a heat cycle. But if she vomits during the heat cycle, then it is a matter of concern, and you may need to take your furry friend to a veterinary doctor. 

What Might Be Causing Your Dog To Throw Up?

It could be any number of reasons, including Pyrometra or kidney and liver problems.

Your vet will do blood tests of your dog and even analyze kidney and liver. He may even do a test of pancreatitis and take a fecal sample to find the presence of worms. If your doctor finds everything is fine in your dog, then he might recommend spaying your dog after the heat cycle.

However, there can be many potential reasons for vomiting while undergoing a heat cycle. I am listing some of them below.

Do Dogs In Heat Throw Up

#1. Your Dog Can Have Pyrometra

Your dog can have an infection in the uterus called Pyrometra when she undergoes her heat cycle. She has a chance of getting pregnant a few weeks after beginning in the estrus phase of the reproductive cells. 

The white blood cells which usually protect the uterus from infection are absent in this stage. The cervix is also open so that the sperms can enter into the body of your female reproductive tract. So the bacteria present in the vagina make their way into the uterus, causing a uterine infection called Pyrometra.

The bacteria survive and grow in the uterus of your dog if the uterine wall is thick in your dog because of cystic endometrial hyperplasia.

The most common symptoms of Pyrometra are as follows

  • Vomiting
  • Change in temperature
  • Lethargy
  • Excess urination

#2. Your Dog Has Taken Food Which Was Bad

If you have fed your dog something new, her body might not have been able to digest it and ultimately she would have vomited it.

#3. Kidney Or Liver Disease

If your dog has taken something toxic to her or she has become extremely dehydrated, she has chances of kidney failure. Kidney failure results in vomiting because when the kidney does not work, excess wastes will build up inside a dog’s body within a short time.

Do Dogs In Heat Throw Up

#4. Liver Failure

The liver’s primary function is to remove toxins from the body of your dog. But it fails then the toxins start accumulating in the body. Consequently, your dog vomits frequently.

#5. Bacterial Infection

Your dog can have a gastrointestinal infection that causes irritation and pain in your dog’s stomach, which results in vomiting.

#6. Reaction To Medication

Medications have side effects. If your dog is taking medications, it can be a reason why your dog vomits during her heat cycle.

#7. Heat Stroke

If your dog moves in an extremely hot and humid climate, he can vomit frequently.

#8. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes occur during your dog’s heat cycle, which can lead to vomiting.

#9. Your Dog Might Be Pregnant

If your dog becomes pregnant during the first few weeks of the heat cycle, she will have morning sickness, including vomiting. Additionally, she will be lethargic and have sudden changes in her appetite.

Do Dogs In Heat Throw Up

Other Reasons Why Dogs Throw Up?

#1. You Have Given Sweets To Your Dog

Dog loves to eat sweets. But in some dogs, it can trigger vomiting if you give a small bite of candy or any sweet.

#2. You Have Given Some New Food To Your Dog

If you feed your dog something new, she may get excited and vomit.

#3. Anxiety

Older dogs often have to bloat, which can cause extreme anxiety .consequnetly, it leads to vomiting.

Moreover, if you leave your furry friend alone for a long time, she may have separation anxiety which may lead to vomiting.

#4. Playtime

Your dog may get excited while playing tug of war with you and finally throw up. The best thing you can do is stop playing the particular game until her stomach settles down.

#4. Your Dog Is Eating Just Before Her Play Time

If your dog is eating just a few minutes before her playtime, she may throw up. So your dog should rest for a few minutes after eating and then go to play.

Do Dogs In Heat Throw Up

How Can I Care For My Dog When She Vomits?

#1. Give Your Dog Plenty Of Water

If your dog vomits a lot in her heat cycle, then give her plenty of water.

#2. Feed Small Meals

You can feed small meals in the daytime when your dog stops vomiting for 24 hours.

#3. Take Your Pet To Veterinary Doctor

Take your pet dog to the veterinary doctor if the vomiting becomes severe.

Understanding the Female Heat Cycle

Your female dog will have her first reproductive cycle(estrous) when she reaches puberty. A female dog usually attains puberty at around six months of age. 

However, it differs from one breed to another. Smaller breeds may go into heat before they attain six months, while larger breeds may attain their first reproductive cycle when they reach 18 months or two years of age.

Female dogs usually have their heat cycle twice a year. Well, it may differ from one breed to another. The reproductive cycle of your dog consists of mainly four stages.

#1. Proestrus

The heat cycle in your female dog begins with proestrus. The most common signs in this stage are vulva swelling and blood discharge from the vagina of your furry friend.

The proestrus stage continues for almost nine days. The estrogen levels are elevated in your dog. It is the stage in which male dogs are attracted to your female dog.

You will notice various personality changes in your dog. For instance, she will change her appetite, or she will sit in one corner by putting her tails in between her legs.

Do Dogs In Heat Throw Up

#2. Estrus

The fertile period occurs in the estrus stage, which lasts for nine days. Your dog will flag her tails to let male dogs know that she is ready to breed. There is a decrease in vagina discharge. The estrogen levels begin to fall, and the progesterone hormone in your dog’s body begins to increase.

#3. Diestrus

The diestrus phase begins after the estrus phase and lasts for almost two months. Your female can no longer be fertile in this stage. The estrogen levels are low in her body. 

The progesterone levels are high nearly 3-4 weeks after the start of the diestrus phase and decline during the end of the diestrus phase.

#4. Anestrus

The anestrus phase is the last stage of the heat cycle which lasts for almost four months. In this phase, the vulva is not swollen anymore. There is no more vaginal discharge. The body of your dog prepares for the next possible pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Pick Up Dog Poop Without Gagging?

Here are a few ways you can protect your nose when you are picking up dog poop:
1. You can use scented poop bags to pick up the poop of your dog.
2. You can use a long handle scoop to pick up the poop of your dog. It allows you to keep your nose at a larger distance and finally prevents you from gagging.
3. You can allow the poop of your dog to dry first and then pick it up once it has turned white. The fresh poop smells a lot and may prone you to gag. So wait for a few days, at least a week, and then pick up your poop from the backyard.
4. A nose plug or tissue paper can block the smell of the poop of your dog and ultimately prevent you from gagging.
5. You can use freeze spray to pick up the wet poop of your dog.

Why Does Dogs Eat Human Vomit?

Dogs have a good sense of smell. They recognize the food particles in your vomit and start eating them. However, eating your vomit may cause digestive issues like pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach upset, and may have pancreatitis. So it is better to call the veterinary doctor if you find your dog has eaten your vomit and fallen sick.

A Few Final Words

Dogs usually have a heat cycle twice a year accompanied by behavioral and personality changes. But if you find your dog vomiting, you need to take your dog to a veterinary doctor. He will find the root cause of the vomiting and do the treatment accordingly.

Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to explain that vomiting is not normal for a dog in heat, and it could be a sign of a bigger problem. You can address more of your queries to us in the comments section.

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