Why Is My Dog Suddenly Afraid Of My Room?

Why Is My Dog Suddenly Afraid Of My Room

Why is my dog suddenly afraid of my room? He doesn’t seem to have a problem with anything else in the house, what could be the reason? Here are some answers to this puzzling question. One of the main reasons why your dog is suddenly afraid of your room is an unpleasant experience that your … Read more

How To Keep Dog From Opening Door?

How To Keep Dog From Opening Door

If your dog is opening doors in your house, it can cause inconvenience and can be life-threatening. How to keep dog from opening door? Read all about it in the article below. Dogs always want to explore various things in their environment. In most of the houses, I think there are not many things that … Read more

Why Does My Dog Walk Behind Me?

Why Does My Dog Walk Behind Me

When I take my dog out for walks, he loves to go, but why does my dog walk behind me, instead of in front or by my side like other dogs? The answer to this common pet parent question is coming up in the article below. Your pupper is your best friend. Spending time with … Read more

Why Do Dogs Hate Skateboards?

Why Do Dogs Hate Skateboards

Dogs love to explore the world, but when it comes to skateboards, you won’t find the same enthusiasm. Why do dogs hate skateboards? What’s the reason behind this annoying peculiarity? Find out why, and how you can get your dog to stop chasing them. Dogs are inquisitive creatures; you can find them trying out everything … Read more

Why Do Other Dogs Hate My Dog?

Why Do Other Dogs Hate My Dog

We always want our pet dogs to be friendly and to get along with others. However, dogs often react in a hostile manner and are aggressive towards other dogs.  This kind of behavior in dogs is always associated with their past experiences, possessiveness towards their masters, and when they want to depict dominance.  Dogs’ aggression … Read more

Why Are Dogs So Nosey?

Why Are Dogs So Nosey

Why does my dog follow me around all the time? Do dogs have separation anxiety sometimes? Why are dogs so nosey? Let us find out the answer to this perennial dog owners problem A dog’s curiosity is one of the most endearing characteristics they have. They want to know everything and anything all around them. … Read more

How To Get Dog Poop Out Of A Car Seat?

How To Get Dog Poop Out Of A Car Seat

Cleaning dog poop is quite a daunting task, especially if the doo-doo is in your car. Learn how to get dog poop out of a car seat in simple ways.  Pets are aggressive in new environments and often fear any sudden change in their lifestyles. While pampering your dog can be therapeutic, cleaning their feces … Read more

Should I Spray My Dog With Water?

Should I Spray My Dog With Water

My pup has been very naughty recently, and I am considering spraying water on him for training. But, should I spray my dog with water? Will it help to train him or make him aggressive? I will answer this question for you in the article below It’s not a good idea to spray water on … Read more

Why Does My Dog Like To Lick Inside My Nose?

Why Does My Dog Like To Lick Inside My Nose

In this article, I will answer another common question from dog owners: “why does my dog like to lick inside my nose?”. While there are several innocuous reasons, it’s not a practice that you should encourage. Read on to know why. Every time my dog does it to me, I can’t help but laugh. It’s … Read more

Why Does My Dog Love His Collar?

Why Does My Dog Love His Collar

Why does my dog love his collar so much? Simple, because putting on a collar means it’s playtime or time to go to the park! But there are other reasons as well, and I will explore them all in this post Having a pet is a fascinating moment for every dog owner. Getting new things … Read more