What Color Is Calming For Dogs

What Color Is Calming For Dogs

Can dogs perceive color like humans? What color is calming for dogs? Do colors affect their emotions just like they do for humans? We will attempt to answer all these questions in the article below. Colors can enhance the way you feel, and the same goes for your furry companion. Like specific colors can calm … Read more

Can Drug Dogs Smell MDMA?

Can Drug Dogs Smell MDMA

Airport and Police security forces are getting smarter every day, and so are police dogs. So if you are wondering: can drug dogs smell MDMA? The answer is yes, some of them have been trained in recent years to smell MDMA. Learn more about it here. Drug dogs play an important role in law enforcement. … Read more

Can Dogs Smell Mushrooms?

Can Dogs Smell Mushrooms

Dogs have been trained to smell almost any kind of narcotic or psychoactive substance. But can dogs smell mushrooms? Let’s find out in the article below! Dogs have an exceptional ability to smell things. They explore the world through their sense of smell. These animals have 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose, which is … Read more

How To Get Dog Pee Out Of Jute Rug?

Dog pee is gross! It stinks up the whole house. On jute rugs, it gets into pores and stays there. So, how to get dog pee out of jute rugs? We have explained all the steps that you need to take in the article below Dogs need to be trained well before they are left … Read more

How Long To Keep Dog Off Grass After Seeding?

How Long To Keep Dog Off Grass After Seeding

If you let your dog loose on a freshly seeded ground of grass, you are in for a major disaster. But how long to keep dog off grass after seeding? Is it OK to put grass seeds with dogs nearby? We answer all these questions here. You should keep your dog off the grass for … Read more

​​What Time To Take Dog Out At Night

What Time To Take Dog Out At Night

Taking your dog out for a walk provides physical and mental stimulation. But have you ever wondered what time to take dog out at night? Should you take him out at night at all? Answers to such questions coming up! When people say they need to take their dog out for a walk, they assume … Read more

Why Wont My Dog Walk In Certain Areas?

Why Wont My Dog Walk In Certain Areas

I have noticed that my dog refuses to go to certain streets and neighborhoods when we go for a walk. Why wont my dog walk in certain areas? If this question is troubling you as well, we have the answers for you in the article below. You need to find some time from your schedule … Read more

How To Keep Dog Crate From Moving?

How To Keep Dog Crate From Moving

When I go to bed at night, my pup’s crate is in one corner of the room, but when I wake up it is moved atleast 2 feet away. How to keep dog crate from moving during the night? If you too have this question, read on to know what you can do about it. … Read more

How To Walk A Dog That Is Stronger Than You?

How To Walk A Dog That Is Stronger Than You

Do you have a big and strong dog? Are you wondering how to walk a dog that is stronger than you? Then this guide will help you with your task. Are you worried that your extra furry friend may run away from you during your daily walk and can have accidents? If yes, this article … Read more