Can Dogs Eat Fruit Loops?

Fruits Loops

Cereal, especially Fruit Loops, is a staple item in many of our households, and as we snack away – sometimes right out of the box – we usually see our favourite four-legged friend looking up at us, asking for some of our snack. There are many human foods that are safe for our dogs to … Read more

Can Cats Eat Bologna?

Can Cats Eat Bologna?

Bologna is a tasty little snack that can be delicious on a sandwich or even on its own for a little treat. Like most cat owners, you want to share your delicious treats with your cat who follows you to the kitchen and hops up on the counter, meowing until you give in. There are … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Lunchmeat?

Can Dogs Eat Lunchmeat?

When it comes to cooking, we usually make a little extra for our dogs – especially if we are cooking meat. There are some things we cook that aren’t healthy for our dogs to eat and we need to make sure that we’re keeping our four-legged friends as healthy as we possibly can. If your … Read more

Can You Take a Puppy Home at 6 Weeks?

litter of puppies

Adding a puppy to your family is a really exciting time, and waiting those weeks until you can bring your furry little friend home may seem like you’re waiting forever. Once you have picked out your family’s puppy, the breeder will likely tell you that you can bring the puppy home when he or she … Read more

Can My Dog Eat Ramen Noodles?

ramen noodles

We share so much of our lives with our dogs because they’re always with us, so it makes sense that we would also share our food with our dogs. As anyone who has had a dog before knows, there are some human foods we can give our dogs without issue but there are others that … Read more

Can I Use Cat Litter for Ferrets or Rats?


When your family has more than one kind of pet it makes sense that you want to try and use the same product as much as you can to avoid purchasing a variety of pet products. For those families who have ferrets or rats in addition to a cat it might seem like a feasible … Read more

Can You Flush Cat Litter?

Can you flush cat litter

When you have a cat, changing the litter box is necessary but is also almost always quite unpleasant. When you take out the old litter and put fresh litter in, what do you do with the used stuff? Do you throw it in the garbage? Do you compost it since it’s organic material? It may … Read more

Is Cat Litter Bad for the Environment?

Cat litter box

Using litter and a litter box is part of having a cat, but once your cat has used the litter you have to throw it out so your home doesn’t smell. What happens, though, to the litter? Is it bad for the environment? Does it just sit in a landfill somewhere? Is there a better … Read more

How to Remove Pet Hair From Couches

Remove Pet Hair from Couches

Curling up on the couch with your pet, watching a movie or reading a book is the best way to spend an evening . . . but what about all of that hair and fur they leave behind? We know our pets shed, and we are forever trying to find creative ways to clean it … Read more