Will Flexeril Hurt My Dog?

Will Flexeril Hurt My Dog

Flexeril is a skeletal muscle relaxant to help reduce muscle pain in dogs. “Will Flexeril hurt my dog if I give it to him above the recommended dosage? He is in a lot of pain.” We will answer this query from one of our readers here. Your dog may suffer from pain just like human … Read more

Does Blood Kill Sperm In Dogs?

Does Blood Kill Sperm In Dogs

The presence of blood in a dog’s semen is never normal. It can be detrimental to the sperm count. But does blood kill sperm in dogs? Only semen analysis can confirm it.    Dog breeding is one of the top pet businesses in America, and breeders are earning millions of dollars just by making perfect mating … Read more

Can Dogs Have Turrets (Tourette’s)?

Can Dogs Have Turrets

Dogs can have many of the same diseases as humans, including diabetes, heart diseases and neurological problems. Can dogs have turrets syndrome as well? Let us find out! It is highly unlikely for dogs to have Turrets syndrome.  Tourette’s syndrome is a condition in which repetitive body movements can be seen in a person. Another … Read more

Can Denamarin Cause Diarrhea In Dogs?

Can Denamarin Cause Diarrhea In Dogs

Denamarin is a wonder drug given to dogs for liver diseases and to accompany hepatotoxic drugs. But can Denamarin cause Diarrhea in dogs too? Let’s find out! Denamarin is a commonly prescribed composition drug for pets that may cure liver diseases and protect hepatic cells. However, in larger than recommended doses, Denamarin may interfere with … Read more

Do Dogs Have Butt Cheeks?

Do Dogs Have Butt Cheeks?

Humans are not as fond of their behinds as dogs are of their own. You would always find them sniffing around their butts. But do dogs have butt cheeks? What makes butts so attractive to them? Let’s find out the interesting answer to this question. Dogs make wonderful pets and companions. They are truly a … Read more

Do Harmonicas Hurt Dogs Ears?

Dogs seem to always howl when you play a high-pitched instrument like the harmonica. Do harmonicas hurt dogs ears? Is that why they howl? Let’s find out the real reason below. Have you noticed or felt your dog acting strange to some noises? Well, it is a widespread behavior among dogs. Some specific sounds can … Read more

Can I Use Expired Ear Drops On My Dog?

Can I Use Expired Ear Drops On My Dog

If my dog is itching in his ears, can I use expired ear drops on my dog? Let us answer this question in detail and tell you why this may not be such a great idea. Does your dog feel irritation in its ears, and you are unsure if it is an infection? You might … Read more

Will Trazodone Kill A Dog?

Will Trazodone Kill A Dog

Tradozone is given to dogs for anxiety-related issues. But will an overdose of Trazodone be fatal? Will Trazodone kill a dog? Let us find out in the article below. Dogs often suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety. They also suffer from phobias like traveling phobia, phobia of loud noises, or thunderstorm phobia. These conditions can … Read more

Do Dogs Pee In The Pool?

Do Dogs Pee In The Pool

Swimming is the best way to cool off your dog during the hot summer days. But do dogs pee in the pool like some humans do? Let’s find out. Dogs love to swim just as humans do. You will find most dogs swimming in dog-friendly pools and beaches during the hot summer days. Swimming is … Read more