How To Make Dog Nails Less Sharp? 

How To Make Dog Nails Less Sharp

Dogs’ nails can be very painful if they scratch you. This article will show you how to make dog nails less sharp by using the proper methods and tools. Being a dog’s parent is a fantastic job, providing one of the most pleasing experiences in life, but sometimes it’s struggling with sharp nails. Dogs have … Read more

How To Get The Hair Out Of Dog Eye?

How To Get The Hair Out Of Dog Eye

Often after a grooming session, you might find the dog’s a bit uncomfortable due to hair in their eyes. So, how to get the hair out of dog eye? This article will give you the proper technique for eye cleaning in dogs. Dogs are unable to take care of themselves. As a pet owner, you … Read more

Why Is My Dog Shaking After Grooming?

Doggy Styling Grooming 101

It was Fido’s first day with a new groomer. Why is my dog shaking after grooming? The groomer said the session went well, and Fido looks fine too what could be the reason? There can be many reasons, let’s find out. There can be several reasons your dog might be shaking after undergoing a grooming … Read more

Dog Cant Open Eyes After Grooming

Dog Cant Open Eyes After Grooming

My dog cant open eyes after grooming, what could be the reason? This is a very common problem that pet parents face, and the answer is likely that something got in their eyes. But read on, because the other reasons can be more dangerous. The main reason why your dog is not able to open … Read more

Do You Tip Dog Groomers At Petsmart

Is tipping your dog groomer a thing? Do you tip dog groomers at Petsmart and other dog grooming salons? Or are they paid for the service so you should not be bothered? Let’s understand their financials a bit. Pet grooming, especially dog grooming, is a booming business in the US. Dogs love their grooming sessions. … Read more

How To Make Dog Bows in 6 Easy Steps

How To Make Dog Bows

Bow ties and hair bows for dogs are available in many styles. They are also great DIY projects for you! Find out how to make dog bows that make your pet look wow!  Most of us love dressing up, especially during a celebration or the festive season. You could also dress up your pet dog! … Read more