Can Dogs Eat Swedish Fish?

Can Dogs Eat Swedish Fish

Do you love candy such as Swedish Fish and want to share some of it with your pup? Are you wondering: Can dogs eat Swedish fish? Then stop right there, don’t do anything before reading this blog. Does your doggo love a sweet treat and candy more than anything in the world? Does your heart … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Haribo Gummy Bears?

Can Dogs Eat Haribo Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are sweet candies loved by adults and kids alike, but can dogs eat Haribo gummy bears too? The answer is no but read on to know why. Dogs love sweet treats, and Haribo Gummy bears are an explosion of sweetness beyond anything you can imagine. So naturally, dog owners wonder: “Can dogs eat … Read more

Can Dogs Have Honey Roasted Peanuts? 

Can Dogs Have Honey Roasted Peanuts

Dog parents have several questions on their minds: can dogs eat peanuts? Can dogs have honey roasted peanuts? Can dogs eat cashews? Well, don’t worry! All the answers are given below! Who does not like honey-roasted peanuts? No doubt, it is a mouthwatering snack for your dog as well. If you have already tried serving … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Sardines In Tomato Sauce? 

Can Dogs Eat Sardines In Tomato Sauce

We love our dogs and are always worried about what to feed them. For example, can dogs eat sardines in tomato sauce? Is it safe for them? Get your answers below! Sardines are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids and essential minerals and vitamins. If you replace one of your dog’s meals with … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Deer Bones?

Dogs are no longer the wild animals they once were they may not have the stomach for certain things. For example, can dogs eat deer bones? Let us find out what the research says. The ‘paleolithic dog‘ lived in the wild, just like wolves; they would hunt down deer, amongst other animals, to fill their … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Sugar Cookies?

Can Dogs Eat Sugar Cookies

We have all heard that sugar is toxic for dogs, but the latest research says this is not true. So can dogs eat sugar cookies? No, not exactly. Learn why sugar cookies can be harmful to them. Whenever you get or bake cookies at home, its irresistible smell all around the house makes everyone’s mouth … Read more

How Long Does 3Kg Puppy Food Last?

Meta: How long does 3kg puppy food last? It usually depends on how much you feed your dog. For this, consider your dog’s size, ingredients there in dog good, and the dog’s metabolism.  Getting a puppy home is exciting, but it is not an easy task if you own a puppy for the first time. … Read more

Should I Wake My Puppy Up To Eat? No, You Should Not!

Puppy parents get concerned when their puppy sleeps for long and does not eat. “Should i wake my puppy up to eat” is a common query. It would be best if you did not do so. Let’s understand why.   Puppies sleep a lot, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with their sleep … Read more